Lust Empire

Lust Empire

Fifty Five Games

Version: v0.1.5

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Lust Empire: A Kingdom Rekindled by Forbidden Desires

The once-prosperous kingdom of Aethel stands on the precipice of ruin. A brutal civil war has ravaged the land, leaving Queen Astra with a desperate gamble: a forbidden ritual to resurrect Aethel’s legendary founder, King Darius. “Lust Empire” by Fifty Five Games takes a familiar trope and injects a potent dose of eroticism, creating a narrative where desire becomes both a tool and a perilous challenge.

Darius, the “Lion of Aethel,” wasn’t simply a skilled ruler; he was a man of legendary virility. The ritual to revive him requires not just arcane incantations and potent reagents, but also a living conduit – a woman capable of channeling a specific type of energy: raw, unbridled sexual desire.

Here’s where Queen Astra finds herself facing a predicament. No ordinary woman possesses the raw power needed for the ritual. Enter you – a captivating courtesan known for your prowess in the arts of pleasure. Astra tasks you with a mission – to seduce high-ranking officials within the fractured kingdom, igniting a surge of desire that will fuel Darius’ resurrection.

“Lust Empire” offers a unique blend of political intrigue and erotic conquest. As you navigate the war-torn landscape of Aethel, you’ll encounter a diverse cast of characters, each with their own agendas and desires. A stoic general, hardened by years of battle, yearning for a touch of tenderness. A cunning advisor, cloaked in an aura of mystery, harboring a secret passion. A charismatic rebel leader, fueled by righteous fury, yet susceptible to the allure of forbidden pleasure.

Each encounter is not just a means to an end, but an exploration of desire’s multifaceted nature. Through seduction and intimacy, you’ll not only manipulate your targets but also tap into a wellspring of raw potential that fuels the resurrection ritual. A whispered promise before a crucial political negotiation. A night of ecstatic passion after a daring heist. These acts not only secure your objectives but also contribute to the ever-growing reservoir of sexual energy needed to bring back the Lion of Aethel.

However, “Lust Empire” warns of the dangers that lurk in the shadows of desire. As you delve deeper into the ritual and manipulate others for the sake of Aethel’s future, the lines between duty and personal gratification begin to blur. Will you remain focused on the greater good, or will you succumb to the intoxicating power of your own desires? And what will become of Aethel when the legendary King Darius finally awakens? Will he be the savior the kingdom needs, or will his return unleash a storm of passion that could consume everything in its path?

Are you ready to navigate the treacherous waters of political intrigue and forbidden desires? Can you harness the power of lust to rewrite the fate of Aethel? Then step into the captivating world of “Lust Empire” and prove your worth.


– Completely rework sex scenes for Astra and Lulu.
– New scene (anal) for Stella
– Speed selection in automatic mode
– Transparent Male Character (Base Version)
– More detailed customization of the breasts and glutes
– Extended slapping
– First Person View (Extended Version)
– New hair menu
– 2 new hairs (Base Version)
– Changed and added poses
– 4 new outfits (2 for the Base and 2 for the Extended version)
– Changed and added emotions
– 3 new accessories (1 for Base and 2 for Extended version)
– New eye texture
– Improved clothing materials

-No new story scenes, but big changes to the dialog system
-New emotions for dialogs
-New poses for dialogs
-Skip any scene
-Correction of errors in the text

-Optimization. The size of the game will be smaller
-Survivor mode has been temporarily disabled (full version in 0.2)
-Changed object transparency
-Changing the camera speed in menu
-Сhanging field of view (FOV) with the mouse wheel
-Mouse sensitivity and invert in menu

-Fixed a lot of bugs)))

Initial release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

The game has two game modes – “Story” and “Sandbox”.
3D interactive simulator. Train girls and restore a fallen kingdom.
– Interactable sex scene
– Character customization
– Different clothes, hairs and accessories
– Interactable with character and cloth
– …and much more coming soon.

– Draconite Astra
– Succubus Stella
– Elf Lulu
– Nephilim Ariel (upcoming)
– Feline Felicia (upcoming)
– Blue Orc Mai (upcoming)
– Human Amelia (upcoming)
– Demon Naomi (upcoming)


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