Hokkaido Fox

Hokkaido Fox

White Zap

Version: v0.5

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Hokkaido Fox: A Wandering Soul’s Search for Forbidden Redemption

Neither the pearly gates of heaven nor the fiery depths of hell have opened their doors for you. Stuck in a purgatory of your own making, you drift between realms, a nameless soul seeking answers. “Hokkaido Fox” by White Zap throws you into this existential limbo, offering a unique blend of self-discovery, erotic exploration, and Japanese folklore.

A single beacon cuts through the endless gray – a dilapidated shrine nestled amidst the snow-capped peaks of Hokkaido, Japan. Whispers carried on the wind speak of a slumbering spirit, a Kitsune, a fox spirit with potent magic and a penchant for bargains. This becomes your sole hope, a chance to unravel the mystery of your purgatory and potentially forge a new path.

But the Kitsune of Hokkaido isn’t a benevolent deity. “Hokkaido Fox” delves into a world where desire is the currency of existence. To awaken the spirit and learn your fate, you must participate in a series of rituals, each one fueled by a specific type of erotic energy.

As you delve deeper into the secrets of the shrine, you’ll encounter a captivating cast of characters. A stoic Kitsune priestess, her eyes holding the wisdom of ages, yet yearning for a connection that transcends time. A mischievous Kitsune familiar, playful and eager to test your limits. A traveling scholar, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a hidden longing for forbidden knowledge.

Each encounter offers an opportunity for erotic exploration and self-discovery. Through intimate shared experiences, you tap into the wellspring of desire that awakens the Kitsune’s power. A night of passionate connection with the priestess unlocks the power of selfless devotion. A playful exchange with the Kitsune familiar sparks a surge of innocent curiosity. Even heated debates with the scholar ignite a fiery intellectual passion.

“Hokkaido Fox” isn’t just about unlocking the secrets of the shrine. It’s a journey of self-reflection, a chance to confront your own desires and understand how they shaped your fate. Were you a soul consumed by righteous fervor, or did your journey lead you down a path of unbridled hedonism? The answers lie within the rituals and the connections you forge along the way.

However, the Kitsune’s power comes at a price. The more deeply you delve into the world of desire, the more you risk losing yourself in its intoxicating embrace. Will you maintain your focus, seeking your redemption? Or will you succumb to the allure of the Kitsune’s magic, forever bound to the shrine and its rituals?

Are you ready to explore the depths of your desires, confront the mysteries of your past, and potentially forge a new future? Then embark on a pilgrimage to Hokkaido and discover the secrets held by the “Hokkaido Fox”.


This is the finale for Akemi whereby you will listen to her about what happened to Yuriko and her when they were kids.

Added new character: Akemi
Added new character: Yuriko
New background music
New Title Logo

Added new character: Jezebel. New events for Kaori.
New title screen picture added.

Added new character: Kaori

Added new characters: Natasa, Misty, Rain, Kenji, Fumiko.
Torture Room added.

Added new characters: Ikemba, Taro, Misty, Mikaela, Jezebel, Crystal, Icy, Satan, Eve.
Added GPhone function.

Initial release.

Added new characters: Suzume, Manko, Akemi. Added titles.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

[Power System]
Choose between 5 Powers that change the flow of the game or add some spice to your encounters with the girls!
– Big Dick (Patreon Exclusive)
– High Potency (Patreon Exclusive)
– Mist Devil (Patreon Exclusive)
– Gold Finger
– Looks Upgrade

[GPhone feature]
Receive messages with the people you have built a relationship with.



14 Girls are available
There are 14 different girls to choose from as of now [ver. 0.35], each with her own personality and desires. Figure out what path you need to take to complete the whole gallery, some pictures will be unlocked only with very specific paths.

Characteristics: calm, friendly, curious
Mikaela is God’s right hand, she obliges every command, even if not always willingly.
Characteristics: conceited, tsundere, competetive
She has taken the role to become the next Satan but since she is a half-breed between a human and a devil she does not possess the same amount of potency. In fact her potency is the lowest among the devils.

Characteristics: closed-off, introverted, shy, very protective
The oldest sister of the 3 Devil’s in hell was chosen as the next heir in hell. Her troublesome past with her mother makes this task almost but impossible, not that she ever wanted to be next Satan in the first place.

Characteristics: Horny, optimistic, fun, airhead
As the youngest devil sister in hell she always had to come second between her and Jezebel. Despite that and their different fathers they both have a good relationship with eachother. However Crystal is realizing that she needs to her own thing and get out of her sisters shadow.

Characteristics: dangerous, manipulative, horny, evil
The ruler of the underwold, Satan himself. She gives the player additional powers that change the flow of the game. Gaining her favor however is not an easy task.
Characteristics: cautious, deceptive, sensitive
Eve is one of the angels who work along side God.
Characteristics: paranoid, insecure, mentally ill, unpredictable
Rain has been in the redlight-business since she was 20 years old, despite her age she still maintains a somewhat youthful look to her and keeps customers coming. Her poor upbringing and difficult family ties made her runaway in the hands of Yakuza which used her as a prostitute.
Characteristics: ambitious, confident, deceptive, playful
Natasa came originally from eastern Russia to Tokyo to start her modeling career. She hasn’t been scouted by any modeling firm yet, so she has to make ends meets somehow until her great breakthrough in the modeling business.
Characteristics: evil, deceptive, calculating, intelligent
The infamous Mist-Devil only shows herself to High Potency targets to suck their Potency out of them. This in turn makes her incredible powerful so watch out, she will try to take over your potency by any means necessary.
Characteristics: horny, playful, optimistic
Joy works in a convenience store in Japan. Originally from the Philippines she sends back remittance to her family.
Characteristics: playful, outgoing, intrusive, gossipy Potency
You will be greated by Fumiko, the hotel receptionist when entering Kabukicho’s Grand-Hotel. She loves to gossip and eavesdrop, so be careful which girl you bring up to your room and what you do to her.


Characteristics: driven, blunt, confident
Tomoko works at a model agency in Minato. She scouts for new talents and deals with the paperwork inside the agency. Quite the work’o holic who doesn’t really have time to socialize with anyone. Company rules strictly forbid her to have relationships with the male models inside the agency.

Characteristics: elegant, confident, extroverted, drinker
Life of Luxury has always been her priority, though something seems to be missing. All the wealth her boyfriend provides does not make her happy anymore.
Characteristics: Otaku, kind-hearted, loyal, clumsy
Kaori is a Shut-In NEET that only leaves the house for groceries. Even going to an Anime-Convention is difficult for her as she shuns any kind of social contact. Though hard to befriend, once broken through her hard shell she becomes the most loyal companion one can imagine.


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