You Are My Treasure

You Are My Treasure

Little Black Book Entertainment

Version: Final + DLC

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Game Info

Name: You Are My Treasure

Version: Final + DLC

Updated: 2024-04-24 08:18:46

Language: English

Engine: Other

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2DCG, adventure, AI cg, Big Ass, Big Tits, dating sim, Female protagonist, Humor, Lesbian, multiple endings, Romance, Teasing


You Are My Treasure: Love and Plunder in the Tropics

Nassau, 1720. The Caribbean sun beats down on a town teeming with pirates, rum, and secrets. Captain Carmen “Cards” Rodriguez, once a terror of the high seas, has been reduced to a shadow of her former glory. A disastrous encounter with the Royal Navy left her crew scattered and her beloved ship a smoldering wreck. But Carmen, a woman known as much for her cunning as her swordsmanship, isn’t one to give up easily.

Whispers in the taverns lead her to an intriguing proposition – a chance to reclaim her lost fortune and forge a new legend. But this isn’t your typical buried treasure hunt. “You Are My Treasure” by Little Black Book Entertainment throws Carmen into a world of high-stakes piracy with a decidedly erotic twist.

The opportunity lies with the mysterious Governor LaMar, a man with a reputation as ruthless as it is alluring. LaMar possesses a treasure unlike any other – a hidden island rumored to hold a legendary aphrodisiac, a substance capable of igniting unimaginable pleasure. However, this island is shrouded in danger, guarded by monstrous creatures and rival pirates all eager to claim the prize for themselves.

To secure LaMar’s backing and a chance at the island’s bounty, Carmen must embark on a series of daring missions. But here’s the catch – LaMar has a particular…preference. He desires a crew not just skilled in combat and plunder, but also adept at the art of seduction. “You Are My Treasure” offers a unique blend of strategic ship battles and crew management, with a heavy emphasis on the latter.

Carmen must assemble a crew as diverse in their skills as they are in their desires. A stoic first mate with a talent for swordplay and a secret yearning for dominance. A nimble navigator with a knack for picking locks and a playful streak a mile wide. A gruff bosun whose booming voice hides a surprisingly gentle heart. Each crew member has their own story, their own desires, and their own way of expressing themselves.

Fulfilling LaMar’s desires becomes an integral part of Carmen’s strategy. By fostering trust and intimacy amongst her crew, she not only strengthens their bond but also unlocks a potent synergy that fuels their performance on the high seas. A well-timed caress before a daring raid, a shared night of passion after a hard-won victory – these acts not only build morale but also tap into a primal energy that enhances their combat prowess and cunning.

“You Are My Treasure” isn’t just about reclaiming lost riches. It’s a story of a woman rebuilding her life, forging a crew bound not just by loyalty but by a web of desire, and navigating the treacherous waters of love, lust, and high-seas adventure.

Do you have the cunning to assemble a crew as skilled in seduction as they are in plunder? Are you ready to set sail on a journey of love, treasure, and untold pleasures? Then set your course for “You Are My Treasure” and rewrite your pirate legend.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

– A swashbuckling tale of friendship, fortune and yuri (lesbian) romance.
– Afro-Caribbean inspired soundtrack
– Beautiful anime style art
– Multiple endings
– A chance to visit Davy Jones’s Locker and work on the Flying Dutchman (Though you probably won’t want to.)


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