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Body Pay

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Body Pay: Where Pleasure Fuels Progress (and Pays the Bills)

The year is 2067. The world faces a double-edged sword – a plummeting birth rate and a crushing burden of household debt. Desperate for a solution, governments around the globe have implemented a radical new program: Body Pay. “Body Pay” by Cheese Burger Studio throws you headfirst into this controversial new world, where intimacy is no longer just a personal act, but a way to contribute to society and alleviate financial woes.

“Body Pay” isn’t your typical social commentary. You are a young Japanese citizen, chosen to participate in a test bed for the Body Pay system. Implanted with a bio-chip that tracks your… ahem… physical activities, you can now earn credits for every intimate encounter. But this isn’t just about mindless gratification. Body Pay promotes healthy relationships and emotional connection, rewarding acts of love and intimacy far more than fleeting flings.

The ethical implications hang heavy in the air, but the financial incentives are undeniable. With mounting debt threatening your future, every passionate encounter becomes a step towards financial security. But “Body Pay” offers more than just a way to pay the bills. It’s an opportunity for exploration and self-discovery.

As you navigate the complexities of this new system, you’ll encounter a diverse cast of characters, each with their own approach to Body Pay. There’s your childhood friend, a playful soul who sees Body Pay as a chance to explore intimacy in a safe and supportive environment. Your stoic co-worker, burdened by a mountain of debt, might surprise you with a hidden desire for passionate connection. Even a seemingly uptight neighbor, struggling with loneliness, could become a valuable companion, your shared participation in Body Pay forging a bond deeper than mere financial necessity.

“Body Pay” challenges you to explore the intersection of pleasure, intimacy, and societal responsibility. Will you succumb to the allure of easy money, embarking on a series of fleeting encounters to maximize your earnings? Or will you seek out meaningful connections, forging relationships that not only pay the bills but enrich your life in unexpected ways? The choices you make will determine how you navigate the world of Body Pay, rewriting the narrative of intimacy and financial security in a world desperate for solutions. Are you ready to embrace this controversial new system and discover the true potential of “Body Pay”?


Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

[About Game]
Body Pay is a casual puzzle game where you pay for products brought by supermarket customers by pressing the appropriate control keys.
As you move up the stage, overcome the increasing number of products and customer interruptions to achieve the target score and continue your secret story with the girls.

Full voices and sexy images and animations of four female characters with each charm are available.

Body Pay has a total of 4 attractive characters.


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