Spirit Harem

Spirit Harem

VGB Studio

Version: v1.0

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Game Info

Name: Spirit Harem

Version: v1.0

Updated: 2024-04-24 08:59:01

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 2DCG, AI cg, Big Tits, Cosplay, Creampie, Fantasy, Harem, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Oral Sex, Spanking, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex


Spirit Harem: Where Every Flower Blooms and Every Spirit Desires

Forget the desolate wastelands or zombie apocalypse narratives. “Spirit Harem” by VGB Studio throws you into a world bursting with life, albeit in a rather… unexpected form. This light-hearted visual novel offers a unique blend of character-driven story, erotic encounters, and a dash of world-saving responsibility, all wrapped up in a package overflowing with charming spirit girls.

“Spirit Harem” isn’t your typical isekai adventure. Here, you’re not a battle-hardened warrior or a chosen one with a destiny. You’re just an ordinary guy who finds himself transported to a vibrant realm where the spirits of all living things reside. And wouldn’t you know it, these spirits manifest as absolutely adorable girls! From the playful spirit of a mischievous squirrel to the alluring embodiment of a majestic oak, prepare to be surrounded by a captivating cast of characters, each with their own unique personality and… well, let’s just say a fondness for physical affection.

But this idyllic world isn’t without its challenges. A mysterious force has thrown the spirit realm into disarray, disrupting the natural flow of energy that sustains the human world. Here’s where you, the unlikely hero, come in. By building strong relationships with the spirit girls, you can tap into their power and restore balance to both realms. Think of it as a win-win situation – you get to forge deep connections with these captivating beings, and in return, they receive the emotional nourishment that fuels their existence.

“Spirit Harem” offers a diverse range of interactions that go beyond the standard visual novel fare. Sure, there’s plenty of vanilla and explicit content to explore, but the heart of the game lies in fostering genuine connections with each spirit. A playful banter with the energetic cat spirit could morph into a heartwarming conversation about her anxieties. A quiet study session with the wise spirit of an ancient tree might blossom into a passionate exchange of knowledge and affection. Even a seemingly mundane task of tending to the spirit garden with the shy flower spirit could spark a surprising intimacy, fueled by your shared love for nature and a growing emotional bond.

“Spirit Harem” challenges you to explore the power of connection and the beauty of diversity. Will you focus solely on the physical aspects of your relationships with the spirit girls, or will you delve deeper, cultivating genuine affection and understanding? The choice is yours, but one thing’s for sure – in the world of “Spirit Harem”, every spirit desires a connection, and every flower blooms with the potential for love, passion, and the power to heal a world in need. Are you ready to embark on a heartwarming adventure, build your harem of captivating spirits, and rewrite the destiny of two realms in the process? Step into this world of magic, desire, and heartwarming connections, and discover the true meaning of a “Spirit Harem”.


Initial release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Game is a full remaster of a previous game Kudamono Girls we released but was unfortunately too cute and funny for major platforms. Full redo of all existing art assets with a new style and updated AI models. Some major additions to story, new scenes and technical improvements are planned. Story and major character arcs will be largely similar with some writing improvements. All character art is AI CG but we hope to distinguish ourselves by having a very high quantity of good art assets. Well over 100 unique cgs and sprites in the current release and we plan to have several times that before full release.


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