Milfs and War

Milfs and War

Star GameZ

Version: v0.06beta

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Game Info

Name: Milfs and War

Version: v0.06beta

Updated: 2024-04-24 09:56:42

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, BigAss, BigTits, Creampie, Femdom, GILF, Groping, Handjob, Lesbian, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Milf, Oral Sex, POV, Religion


Milfs and War: Where Amnesia Breeds Unexpected Allies (and Lovers)

The drumbeat of war echoes across the land in “Milfs and War” by Star GameZ. Two rival kingdoms clash in an epic struggle, leaving villages deserted and menfolk fighting on distant battlefields. But amidst the chaos, a lone figure emerges – you. Stumbling into a remote village nestled deep within enemy territory, you find yourself surrounded by… well, let’s just say the welcome party is unlike any you’ve ever experienced. This isn’t your typical amnesia story – “Milfs and War” throws you headfirst into a world of voluptuous women, simmering tensions, and the desperate search for your forgotten past.

“Milfs and War” isn’t just about regaining your memories. The village you stumble upon is a haven for the wives and mothers left behind by the war effort. These women, the milfs of the title, are as resourceful as they are alluring. The village elder, a woman of undeniable wisdom and captivating maturity, might hold the key to unlocking your past. The fiery blacksmith, her muscles honed by years of toil, could offer a crash course in self-defense and a surprisingly passionate embrace. Even the timid baker, her youthful beauty veiled by a shyness that begs to be overcome, could harbor a secret strength and a yearning for connection that transcends the boundaries of age.

As you settle into the village routine, aiding these strong women in their daily struggles and rediscovering some basic survival skills (think chopping wood, not amnesia clichés), a sense of belonging begins to bloom. You train with the blacksmith, the clang of the hammer echoing the awakening of a primal attraction. You share stories and laughter with the elder, her gentle touch sparking a sense of security and a yearning for forgotten memories. The baker’s shyness melts away under your patient attentions, her innocent sensuality a stark contrast to the harsh realities of war.

“Milfs and War” offers a unique blend of character interaction, exploration, and strategic decision-making. As you navigate the village dynamics and delve deeper into the mystery of your past, you’ll have to make choices that will shape your relationships and determine the course of the narrative. Will you succumb to the allure of these strong, independent women, exploring the passionate connections that blossom in this isolated haven? Or will you focus on piecing together your fragmented memories, using your newfound skills to aid these women and potentially alter the course of the war raging beyond the village borders?

“Milfs and War” challenges you to rewrite the narrative of war and amnesia. Will you embrace the unexpected family you’ve found in this village of strong women, or will you prioritize uncovering the truth about your past and potentially rewrite the fate of the warring kingdoms? The choices you make, the secrets you unearth, and the connections you forge will determine your destiny in “Milfs and War”. Are you ready to step into this world of forgotten memories, captivating women, and the unexpected solace found in the midst of war?


Give it a fresh start
Added Emma quest line
Choose between the two routes (submissive and dominative).
Update some of Evelyn, Anne, Susan, and Rani’s renders.

#Game mechanics
Added energy system.
Changed quest system (don’t think there is a need for a walkthrough, but still provide one later).
Increase the hour by clicking on it.
Added some visual bits

Do a fresh start
Added 1 quest (total 6).
For animation, used animation video in place of the image sequence.
Changed few previous image sequence to animation video.
(The remaining image sequences will be made into videos in an upcoming update)

Added option to sleep outside before becoming the guard.

Do a fresh start
Updated 3 characters Victoria,Rose and Emma and their renders.
-Added 1 quest (Total 5)
-Introduced character susan(Nun) & Anne.


v0.03 Beta
Complete update of the game
-redone all the previous renders
-redone previous quests
-added animation”bits”
-updated map tilesets
-added 1 new quest (total 4)


~60 new renders

Initial Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

This game is currently being developed on a laptop; support it if you can to help in the game’s development.

Future Development:
This game will be big, have lots of characters, and have lots of animations. There will be bandits, elves, demon queen, and many more. It will have a branching story with multiple endings.
There is going to be corruption, exhibitions, training, and much more as the story progresses. You will also have the option with some characters to have a love route or corrupt them.


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To play it on Android use joiplay


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