Version: v0.2.8

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Game Info

Name: Transportal

Version: v0.2.8

Updated: 2024-04-26 08:21:14

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: MacOS, Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, adventure, Ahegao, Corruption, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, prostitution, RPG, Transformation


Transportal: A Journey Through Identity and Desire

Transportal, the brainchild of developer LilySauce, is more than your average VR adventure. It’s a transformative odyssey that plunges you into a world of self-discovery, erotic exploration, and the thrilling uncertainty of a shifting identity.

You begin as a college dropout, adrift in a life that feels like a bad fit. When a friend offers you beta access to a revolutionary VR experience, you’re presented with a tantalizing proposition: play a hyper-realistic game, but in a woman’s body. Transportal isn’t just about donning a digital avatar; it’s about inhabiting a new reality, one that challenges your preconceived notions of gender and sexuality.

Transportal throws you into a series of unpredictable “Realities.” These aren’t sterile virtual landscapes; they’re vibrant, immersive worlds that blur the lines between fantasy and something altogether more real. As you navigate these realities, you’ll encounter a diverse cast of characters, each with their own desires and agendas. Transportal celebrates sexual exploration from a submissive perspective. Prepare to encounter dominant personalities who will awaken desires you never knew you possessed. Transportal isn’t about power struggles; it’s about surrendering to new experiences and exploring the depths of your own sensuality.

But beyond the physical thrills, Transportal delves into the complexities of identity. With each new reality and each encounter, you’ll find yourself questioning your own sense of self. Will you remain tethered to your past identity, or will you embrace the possibilities that lie dormant within you? Transportal is a game that challenges you to confront your deepest desires and explore the exhilarating potential of transformation.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery? In Transportal, the lines between reality and fantasy blur, and your sense of self will be forever altered. Step into the unknown, embrace your deepest desires, and discover who you were always meant to be.



Lewd content:

  • Added a new sex scene involving a tentacle monster, which is accessible via a book you can obtain at the City of Four’s Library only when you’re in a Solo Party. (No art yet though)
  • Added a small (but still lewd) scene that’s only accessible depending on your in-game Content Settings.

Story content:

  • Added a new Main Story cutscene in the Inn with your party members.
  • There’s also a new Main Story cutscene with Jen, back at the lab.
  • Added an “IRL Hangout” scene with Seth at a local bar… You end up getting a bit tipsy.
  • There’s a new story/lore scene with Damien and Corey (Damien’s roommate), followed by an “IRL Hangout” scene with Damien (chilling on the couch playing games).
  • Added a short meetup scene with Jen at the cafe, where you have an unusual interaction with Amy (Damien’s coworker).


  • There’s a new investigative Solo Quest at the Adventurer’s Guild, which earns you a brand new Non-Combat Skill.
  • There’s a new combat-focused Full Party Quest at the Adventurer’s Guild. Sends you to a new area which contains a new enemy type as well as several fancy new equips.
  • You can now unlock access to the Lewd Tome in your apartment in “IRL”.
  • You can now work for money at the “IRL” Library during the Daytime, but it’ll take up a Time Slot.
  • You can unlock the ability to swap between a Full Party and a Solo Party at a certain location.

New Options:

  • There is now a proper “Instant” text speed in the Options menu. (Disabled by default)
  • A controller Option exists for people using PS5 controllers (this isn’t perfect, but it’s there)


New Additions:
– Added a miniboss to the intro part of Western Forest.

– Added an Options setting which defines if the protagonist is attracted to men or not. This option can disable or alter scenes.
The game also checks with you about this when you start a new game.

– Added an Options setting which allows for faster text skipping (Off by default).

– Added a way to reject the innkeeper earlier in the conversation if you want to.

– Adjusted the way interrupting the fairy boss while she’s concentrating works.
It should be clearer now if it was successful.

– Adjusted + added dialogue just after entering the City of Four.
(Should require a new playthrough if you’re past that point.)

– Moved around some objects in the Western Forest, including trees, and the green teleporter.

– Added a little disclaimer to when you get the Dive skill letting you know that it doesn’t have a real use yet.

– Adjusted the balance of the fairy boss’s special attack, as well as the harpies’ special attack.

– Buffed Seth’s taunt skill a bit, and added clarity to its description (and tutorial) about how it works.

– Buffed the damage on Damien’s “Slash” ability a bit.

– Changed the wolves in the Western Forest so that the amount of them gradually increases as you get further in.

– Fixed the fairy boss shuffling around the party’s “Face” images when using the “Spirit Away” skill.

– The player can no longer use the game’s custom keybinds in order to softlock the game in a bunch of places. :)

– Prevented using the keybinds to open menus where you’re not meant to be able to (like during cutscenes).

– Prevented somehow sneakily opening the chest behind some wolves in Western Forest while up on the cliffside above it.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Note About OS Versions

The Non-Windows versions are UNTESTED.


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