NTR Childhood Friend Asuna ~Escape From Hypnosis~

NTR Childhood Friend Asuna ~Escape From Hypnosis~

torino sunakimo

Version: v1.0

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Because of her good looks, lively personality, and kind nature, Asuna is beloved by everyone.
One day after school, she loses the notebook that she needs to use to study for the following day’s test.
Having a hard time finding it even in the classroom, she tells Yuki, who is more than a childhood friend but less than a lover to her, to go home first. Soon, she finds the notebook, but then…
Hanada, a perverted teacher who’s had his eye on Asuna for some time now, drugs and knocks her out.
When Asuna finally awakens, she realizes that she’s in a “hypnosis room” that Hanada created in a basement. She only has a limited amount of time to escape or else the hypnosis will grow stronger and she’ll become her teacher’s sex slave forever…
Will Asuna be able to escape from her teacher’s hypnosis room…?
Or will she end up becoming his sex slave forever…?​

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

This is an easy-to-control escape room RPG!
In this game, you control Asuna as you solve simple quizzes and riddles that’ll help her escape from the hypn*sis room.
There are no troublesome elements such as fighting or leveling up.
Once she’s caught in a trap, it goes straight into an H scene, but as she progresses to another room, the hypn*sis Hanada put her under will grow stronger and the situations become more in favor of Asuna turning into her teacher’s sex slave.
The amount of times Asuna is caught in a trap will change the ending as well.
This is an easy-to-play RPG game that takes into consideration that some players may not have a lot of time on their hands, so a system that allows all H scenes to be instantly unlocked has been implemented. (Playtime is estimated to be around 1.5 hours)


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