The Long Way

The Long Way

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Version: v0.05

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Game Info

Name: The Long Way

Version: v0.05

Updated: 2024-04-23 05:11:38

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Group Sex, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Mobile Game, Monster Girl, Oral Sex, RPG, Sandbox, sci-fi, Vaginal Sex


The Long Way: A Cosmic Odyssey of Seduction and Subversion

Forget the straight and narrow path, weary traveler. The Long Way is a twisted, tantalizing journey across 13 galaxies, where your mission transcends mere conquest. Here, the objective is to unravel order, dismantle power structures, and turn the rigid hierarchy of the cosmos into a playground for pleasure.

Within this vast, erotically-charged expanse, galaxies themselves become celestial brothels, teeming with diverse races both familiar and fantastical. Imagine towering, muscular Amazonians guarding crystalline pleasure palaces, or seductive reptilian sirens luring unsuspecting captains into their glistening underwater cities. Every encounter is an opportunity to exploit weaknesses, not through brute force, but through the potent tools of seduction and manipulation.

The Mechanics of Mayhem:

The Long Way embraces a groundbreaking, almost infinite character generation system. This allows for an unparalleled level of customization and ensures each encounter feels fresh and unpredictable. Imagine corrupting a stoic, xenophobic alien leader through carefully orchestrated dominance games, or subtly whispering forbidden desires into the ear of a seemingly unapproachable, power-hungry Warlord Queen. Your weapon is not brute force, but the potent allure of the forbidden, the intoxicating power of seduction.

Weaken the rigid structure of these intergalactic societies by exposing their leaders’ most primal urges. Turn revered generals into whimpering slaves at the touch of a forbidden caress. Unveil the secret kinks of stern religious figures, forcing them to question their faith through the overwhelming power of erotic awakening.

Character Interactions: A Symphony of Seduction:

The heart of The Long Way lies in the dynamic, often hilarious, and intensely erotic interactions between your character, the corruptor, and the various galactic leaders you encounter. Each encounter presents a unique puzzle, a carefully crafted web of seduction where understanding desires, exploiting vulnerabilities, and pushing boundaries become the key to victory.

Imagine manipulating a technologically advanced civilization by introducing them to the forbidden pleasures of touch, or exploiting the repressed erotic fantasies of a hive-mind society through carefully constructed virtual reality simulations. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination, and the outcomes often defy conventional expectations.

Ready to Embark on The Long Way?

The cosmos awaits, a vast tapestry of power, pleasure, and the potential for deliciously chaotic change. Will you become the architect of a cosmic orgasm, weaving a path of pleasure that unravels entire civilizations?

Step into The Long Way and embark on a journey where seduction is your weapon, and pleasure is your revolution.



  • 5 new characters.
  • A new ship.
  • A new planet.


  • Fixed all bugs for new Sandbox/Visual Novel style play.


  • Next event button added allowing game to be played as a visual novel or as a sandbox game.


  • Bjs for Dellane and Uhura
  • Yvette’s second sex scene
  • Initial character interactions

v0.03.1 – v0.03.5


  • A new planet
  • A new character
  • Zeyley’s first sex scene






A new planet
2 new characters
Yvette’s first sex scene
Initial character interactions

Improved navigation
Dellane gets out of her cell
Xena gets a sex scene

v0.00 Demo
Initial Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.


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