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Dearth S


Version: v0.0.4a

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Game Info

Name: Dearth S

Version: v0.0.4a

Updated: 2024-04-22 15:51:47

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2D, 2DCG, adventure, Animated, Male Protagonist, Monster Girl, RPG, sci-fi, Simulator, Teasing, Vaginal Sex


Dearth S: A Descent into Eugenic Chaos

Dearth S, the brainchild of developer periodBracket, throws players into a dystopian world grappling with the remnants of a societal collapse. Humanity’s numbers dwindle as a twisted form of eugenics takes hold, with only the so-called “Alpha” males deemed worthy of reproduction. This fuels a simmering rage within the ostracized lower classes, leading to the formation of the radical Alliance.

But the Alliance’s rebellion isn’t fueled solely by resentment. Driven by the Four Great Doctors, a consortium of renegade geneticists, they create the Synonyms: genetically engineered women specifically designed for procreation with a single, predetermined male. This intricate biological bond ensures continued procreation within the lower classes, a defiant act against the Alpha regime’s iron grip.

However, the creation of Synonyms sparks a new level of controversy. The very act that guarantees the Alliance’s survival – procreation with one’s designated Synonym – carries a heavy taboo. Incestuous by definition, it pushes the boundaries of societal norms in this already fractured world.

The Alphas, enraged by this blatant defiance, retaliate with brutal force. The Four Great Doctors, fearing for their lives and the future of the Synonyms, vanish into the desolate wasteland. With their creators gone, the production of new Synonyms ceases, leaving the existing ones as a dwindling, precious resource.

This is where you, a hardened member of the Alliance, enter the fray. Your Synonym, the woman genetically tailored to be your sole means of reproduction, has vanished. The reasons are shrouded in mystery – did she escape, was she captured, or worse?

Driven by a potent mix of desperation and a primal need to ensure your genetic lineage continues, you embark on a perilous quest. Dearth S becomes a thrilling exploration of a world teetering on the brink. Each step is fraught with danger. The Alphas and their enforcers patrol the ruins, searching for rebels and any remaining Synonyms. Renegade factions splinter from the remnants of the Alliance, vying for control and the remaining resources.

But the erotic tension simmers beneath the surface. The bond between you and your Synonym is more than biological; it’s a rebellion against a system built on oppression. Finding her isn’t just about survival; it’s about reclaiming a stolen future, a future where love and desire aren’t dictated by a tyrannical regime.

Dearth S offers a unique blend of dystopian storytelling, erotic exploration, and a desperate fight for survival. Are you ready to descend into this world of chaos and forbidden passion?


v0.0.4a (Alpha) Features :
– Reworked Synonym Artworks : [SR] Aphria, [SR] Quartz, [R] Gray, [R] Sera, [R] Mesmi, [R] Andra, [C] Lia
– Reworked Ability for [R] Gray
– Added New Scenes : Mesmi [Photoshoot], Conri [H Scene]
– New Synonym NPC : Conri (by Patreon Supporter : kskrkgk)
– New Mesmi Story 1 (Chapter 1)
– Improved Images [Characters] [UI]
– Improved Dialogue + Story Fixes
– Regenerated HD AI Backgrounds
– New Map : Lauren Front and Additional Sprites
– Added New Mechanics and Additional Bug Fixes

v0.0.3c + BugFix [v27] (Alpha) Features :
– Finally Actually Playable
– Featured Playable Synonyms : [SR] Aphria, [SR] Quartz, [R] Gray, [R] Sera, [R] Mesmi, [R] Andra, [C] Lia
– Featured 18+ Scenes : Aphria [SR], Quartz [SR], Gray [R], Sera [R]
– Improved Dialogue + Main Story Fixes
– Improved Images [Characters] [UI]
– Memory Gallery to view Synonym 18+ Scenes
– New Gameplay on Enemy Bases and Resource Management Mechanics
– Map Expansion and New Buildings

v0.0.2a (Alpha) Features :
– New Synonyms : [SR] Aphria, [SR] Quartz, [Common] Lia
– (1) CG – [SR] Aphria.
– New Gameplay on Enemy Bases and Simple Resource Management Mechanics
– Map Expansion and New Buildings [Science Labs] [Tunnel Entrance]
– Removed H Scene Stuttering

v0.0.1 (Prototype) Features :
(4) Combat Animations, (2) Synonyms, (1) CG.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Finally the game has reached v.0.0.4a! After this update’s revisions! We can only go forward from here on out!
v0.0.4b will feature : Mesmi Story 2, New Alternate Synonym, and Custom Supporter Synonym!

Join me on Discord if you want to join in on the Synonym creation!


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