The Incredible Steal

The Incredible Steal


Version: v0.1.6

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Game Info

Name: The Incredible Steal

Version: v0.1.6

Updated: 2024-04-23 15:07:27

Language: English, Russian

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Cheating, Male Protagonist, Milf, Netorare, Parody, RPG, Sandbox, Vaginal Sex


The Incredible Steal: When Superpowers Reignite a Faded Passion

Forget the classic superhero origin stories. SollarMeow’s The Incredible Steal throws you into the life of Bob, a man yearning for the thrill of his former superhero days. Now, stuck in a soul-crushing office job, Bob watches helplessly as his wife Helen, the once-celebrated hero known as “Honeydew,” languishes in domesticity. But a spark ignites when a clandestine organization, the Incredible Stealers, approaches Bob with a proposition both audacious and tempting: they want to awaken Helen’s dormant powers and make her their secret weapon.

The Dwindling Spark and the Allure of Secret Missions:

The Incredible Steal isn’t just about spandex-clad battles and world-ending threats. The game delves into the complexities of a marriage strained by a life far removed from past heroics. Bob juggles his mundane routine with simmering resentment and a longing for the excitement they once shared. Imagine Helen, her once-vibrant persona dimmed by the monotony of housework, secretly harboring a flicker of desire for the action and empowerment her powers provided. The arrival of the Incredible Stealers presents a thrilling opportunity, but also a dangerous gamble – can they rekindle the flame of heroism without jeopardizing their marriage and their daughter’s safety?

Beyond the Cape and Mask: Shades of Gray and Forbidden Desires:

The Incredible Steal delves into the moral ambiguity of the superhero underworld. The Incredible Stealers aren’t your typical champions of justice; their motives are shrouded in secrecy, and their methods blur the line between heroism and villainy. Will Bob choose to support his wife, potentially becoming complicit in their incredible steals? Or will he try to protect Helen, risking the reemergence of a rift between them? The game explores the gray areas of superhero ethics, forcing you to question the true meaning of heroism and the sacrifices one makes for love and a taste of past glory.

Choices that Shape the Fate of a Family and a City:

The Incredible Steal isn’t just about laser battles and rooftop chases. Your choices define the course of Bob’s and Helen’s lives. Will Bob become Helen’s handler, accompanying her on daring missions and rekindling their passion amidst the chaos? Or will he seek to dismantle the Incredible Stealers, potentially driving a wedge between himself and the woman he loves? Every decision carries weight, shaping the family dynamic, the success of the Incredible Stealers’ operations, and the fate of the city they secretly operate within.

Can They Steal Back the Magic?

The Incredible Steal offers a refreshingly complex exploration of superhero tropes through a mature lens. It’s a story of reignited passion, moral dilemmas, and the enduring power of love. Will Bob choose to support Helen, embracing the thrill of the incredible steal and rekindling their marital spark? Or will he prioritize his family’s safety, risking a permanent separation from a woman yearning to reclaim her heroic identity? Step into Bob’s shoes in The Incredible Steal and discover what happens when a superhero marriage gets a second chance, fueled by a daring proposition and the embers of a once-fading passion.


In the new update, there are:
– 145 new pictures.
– 15+ animations.

In the new update, there are:
– 173 new pictures.
– 15+ animations.
– Well, and my attempt at Sound Work…

Was added a couple of new locations, (in particular, please pay your attention to the karaoke…). Also,
– 16 new animations
– 162 new pictures
– Room of Memories ( available in the client for subscribers 10+ ). The room is located in the house on the second floor, in Bob’s laptop.
– Also, added the ability to hide text by pressing the “H” key

– 181 New images
– 13 New animations

– 108 New images
– 9 New Animations

In this version, the characte Mirage has been added to the game.

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