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A World Adrift: Where Lust Fuels Survival in a Decaying Paradise

Forget the grand narratives of post-apocalyptic wastelands. LutholianDev’s A World Adrift throws you into a world teetering on the brink, a once-thriving civilization slowly succumbing to a mysterious decay. Resources dwindle, hope fades, and amidst the ruins, a new reality emerges – one fueled by raw desire and the desperate fight for survival. A World Adrift isn’t your typical RPG; it’s an exploration of humanity’s primal instincts in a world adrift.

A Landscape of Decay and Unquenchable Desires:

A World Adrift isn’t just about scavenging for scraps and battling mutated creatures. The fading world becomes a potent backdrop for the exploration of human connection, where survival hinges on forging alliances and exploiting opportunities. Imagine encountering a hardened warrior, her imposing physique belying a yearning for solace and a touch of tenderness. Picture a cunning merchant, their wares as diverse as their desires, offering both pleasure and peril in equal measure. Every encounter is an opportunity for survival, and sometimes, survival comes wrapped in the thrill of forbidden desire.

More Than Survival: Power Plays and Erotic Agendas:

A World Adrift delves deeper than the base need for sustenance. In this decaying world, power takes on a new meaning. Factions vie for control of dwindling resources, while individuals use their skills and desires to secure their place in the hierarchy. Can you leverage your charm and seduction to manipulate a powerful warlord? Will you exploit the desperation of a starving community to secure your own advantage? The game throws you into a complex web of power plays, where sex becomes a weapon and desire a bargaining chip.

Choices that Shape Your Fate (and Your Pleasure):

A World Adrift isn’t just about combat and resource management. The game emphasizes the impact of your choices on the narrative and your character’s development. Will you succumb to the allure of fleeting pleasure, sacrificing long-term security for a night of passionate abandon? Or will you forge strong, mutually beneficial alliances, building a foundation for a future in this adrift world? Each decision influences the story, unlocks unique encounters, and shapes the nature of your relationships, both platonic and explicitly erotic.

Embrace the Depravity or Fight for a New Dawn?

A World Adrift offers a refreshingly uncensored look at the human condition in the face of impending doom. It’s a game that explores the interplay of survival, power, and raw desire in a world on the brink. Will you descend into the depravity of this decaying world, or will you rise above, forging connections and seeking a glimmer of hope amidst the ruins? Step into the world adrift and explore the dark underbelly of humanity’s struggle for survival, where lust is a weapon and desire a currency for a future yet to be determined.




  • new weapons: Stone Wood Axe, Wood Club
  • renamed weapon “Axe” to “Wood Axe”
  • consumables can have an effect assigned to them, all consumables(in other words, the health potion) converted to use magicEffects now.
  • consumables can be set to be able to be used in combat or not.
  • new Consumable “Bandage”. It functions as a more common out-of-combat potion. It will have different functionality later of boosting passive health regeneration.

Magic Effects

  • implemented “MagicEffects” system. Basically a unified way for things(spells, consumables, enchantments, whatever really) to change a player or npc. Right now it only supports changing stats and the like, but it is primed to be extended to things like body transformatives once that content is implemented.

Events and Exploration

  • new events: An Odd Noise (catch a brigand in a compromising moment), A Dropped Bag(yey, free bandage)
  • Vixsya’s first encounter event is no longer repeatable.
  • moved some code checking if an event met the requirements to appear from Region to the event itself.
  • events that give items now once again properly add them to your inventory

Factions and NPCs

  • Ilchex gatherers can now spawn with Stone Wood Axes
  • Ilchex Warriors, Uchiz Warriors, and Vagrants of the Knife Scouts can now spawn with Wood Clubs
  • when a faction’s name is known, it will be used by for generic npcs of the faction instead of the more generic name. (Tribal Goblin becomes Uchiz or Ilchex, Forest Brigand becomes Vagrant of the Knife)


  • When you ask Vixsya about them, you now gain knowledge of the Forest’s name, the names of the two goblin tribes, and the Brigands.
  • Vixsya’s “Ask about the Goblins” dialogue option now gives you knowledge of both Ilchex and Uchiz’s names instead of you needing to ask about each specifically.
  • Vixsya’s dialogue event no longer crashes the entire game


  • Built a some of the quest system framework
  • Questlog implemented, it can be accessed from the camp menu.
  • Some overarching main story quests.

Dialogue System

  • dialogueConversations can now have and be loaded from individual files instead of just the single big one. Really great stuff from an implementation and debug standpoint.
  • the initialText is also fed through the parser now like dialogueOptions are.
  • dialogueOptions can be disabled.
  • dialogueOptions now can be set to only be available once per conversation.
  • dialogueOptions can grant knowledge of a faction or region’s name
  • improved the way dialogue options can add knowledge. Its still super scuffed, but now its a lot less scuffed. As an added bonus, they can add multiple knowledges from one option now.

Knowledge System

  • Implemented the “Knowledge System”. The knowledge system is basically a way for the game to track what a player character “knows”. Currently, its incredibly scuffed, but it works. In the future other game systems like quests or dialogue will be able to check it to expand or restrict options based on what you know about the world. Mind you, its not too fancy!


  • non-combat use consumables are no longer displayed in the consumable list.
  • when a region’s name is known, it will appear in the explore menu, the travel menu, and the combat scene instead of the more generic name (The Forest of Tulor vs The Forest)
  • made it so mousing over a vital’s(health, stamina, etc) bar will give you the more accurate decimal value as “current / max” as opposed to the old way of having to mouse over the current number to see its decimal, and then having to mouse over the max to see the one it has.

“Text Parser”

  • can now decide between “is” and “are” depending on pronouns. (“you are hungry”, “he is hungry”)
  • can now decide between “were” and “was” depending on pronouns. (“you were hungry”, “he was hungry”)

Save and Load

  • player’s knowledge saves and loads.
  • added temporary code that in the event the player had seen the Vixsya conversation and the save does not have knowledge in it will add the knowledge the player should have gotten. This is for compatibility with prior versions and will be removed after the next public update to avoid cluttering the save/load system up.


  • changed a lot of the file loading to use a generic function.
  • a bunch of other little optimizations and super minor code improvements that I didn’t think to write down.


Vixsya has been added! Vixsya is our first named/unique character to be implemented, and now she is available in the public version! This is the first conversation/encounter with her, expect to see more of her down the line(and of course ways to …not…). As of this update, her conversations is roughly 2700+ words and the design document for it is about nine pages long.

Expect to be able to learn a more about the immediate setting of the Forest, its inhabitants, and a bit about the regions outside of it as well from the conversation with her.

Dialogue System

  • implemented it.
  • dialogueConversations are now loaded from files
  • some tweaks to how dialogueConversations and dialogueOptions are implemented, they weren’t quite functioning in practice the way I intended.
  • dialogue functionality is now accessible in a fully working state in-game.(being able to start combat from it, for example)
  • created “dialogueStats”, which is basically eventStats but for dialogue. It records: what conversations the player has seen, how many times they’ve seen them, what they chose to say, and how many times they said it.
  • lots of improvements to how dialogue works in general.
  • Dialogue system now uses the text parser.
  • dialogueConversations are now loaded as needed as opposed to all of them on game launch.

Events, Encounters

  • Started the Explore/Travel/Events overhaul.
  • general improvement on how events and the options from them are handled internally.
  • You can now choose to travel to a newly discovered region, or instead remain in the current region.
  • You can choose whether or not to take the items found in an item discovery event.
  • Slightly altered the text of the “Grave of Green” event to reflect the ability to NOT take the potion.
  • Combat no longer returns you to the camp, but instead to the region explore menu.
  • exploreEvents activating dialogue are now implemented.
  • can now have “factionDialogue” type events similar to “factionCombat” events that generate a faction member to interact with for a dialogue encounter.
  • remade the “faction_combat_forest_goblin_ilchex_gatherer” event as “faction_dialogue_forest_goblin_ilchex_gatherer”, now when encountering tribal goblin gatherers it doesn’t have to end in a fight. Some text is still placeholder.
  • eventStats now records how many times the player took an item from the event.
  • reworked how exploreEvents are disabled(think one time events, or discovering a new region). Now it uses the eventStats.
  • updated Ilchex gatherer dialogue event to use the parse upgrades
  • the explore option in the region menu now takes 1 hour of in-game time.

World and Regions

  • current_world vs just referring to world. Not likely much will come of this for now.
  • worlds can have a timeScale assigned to them.
  • regions can now have locations and connectedRegions assigned to them.
  • No longer builds all the events for a region on loading the game, instead only when the region is relevant.

Inventory/Equipment System

  • Reworked how the equipped section works in the code. No real change from this to the end user.
  • Unequiping a weapon now equips the character’s race’s “natural weapon”(generally, fists). Previously, the weapon slot was set to null, and requests for a character’s weapon would check to see if the slot was null and if so return the natural weapon. This doesn’t really change how the end user experiences things.


  • The “Description” Section in the PlayerInventory screen no longer exists. You can now see the item’s description by mousing over its name.
  • Mousing over the item’s name in the equipped section now shows the item’s description.
  • Some tweaks to the PlayerInventory screen UI in general.
  • Inventory Screen is no longer opaque, helping visibility of the options.
  • Options Menu is no longer opaque
  • Camp UI now hides itself when inventory or Options menu is open. Main Menu UI hides itself when Options Menu is open.
  • Sex Scene no longer has its own background that is set based off of the current region. Instead the Combat scene UI hides itself, allowing us to use the combat scene background for it.
  • renamed explore option in the camp into “travel”
  • the exploration events from the explore region now pop up their own little window instead of appearing in the region’s window.
  • disabled combat scene having its own background, now it uses the region’s background(it just set itself to be the same as the region’s anyways.). Disabled, not removed. I’d like to preserve the ability to have a different background for battles in the future.

Text “Parser”

  • upgraded the text parser to better handle modifying verbs based on pronouns when multiple actors are part of the parse.

Sex System

  • Every turn during sex passes time by 5 seconds.
  • updated sex action text to work with the parse upgrades

Save/Load System

  • Saving the game no longer records exploreEventsOneOffSeen. Loading a save no longer loads exploreEventsOneOffSeen. Instead, if the save file has it and eventStats has no record of the event, a new entry recording the event as having been seen once is added to eventStats.
  • dialogueStats is saved and loaded.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

On the tag list, or ambition/scope of the game:
The planned tag list may understandably provoke concern for the viability of the game’s development. And, yes, I do want to do a lot. And yes, we are all all too familiar with the parable of a software developer with big ambitions reaching the sun and coming crashing back down to reality with nothing but empty promises and an unfinished product. I can’t say anything to disprove that that won’t be me, no excuses we haven’t all heard before.

What I can say this:
My approach to development is the iteration of simple systems that work. I have no intent of making a giant interlocking mousetrap of game mechanics on the first pass. My approach is complexity and depth through simple systems interacting with simple systems, not a grandiose system I can never realistically complete.

On the AI CG:
At this time, the game uses AI-generated images for backgrounds. Why? Because I can’t afford an artist. It has its drawbacks, but its an excellent way for me to make the game feel a little more lively than staring at a document. At this time, I have no plans or intent to use AI art for character portraits. It isn’t very good at that so far, and I also want to minimize its use in the game for now. AI art is a fluid and controversial topic, and I feel that at any time storefronts or payment processors may make decisions that require me to strip it out of the game. If it becomes financially feasible to do so, I would love nothing more than to commission art or even hire a dedicated artist to replace it with art that more accurately matches my vision of the World Adrift, but I’m not making promises that that will ever happen.

NTR in A World Adrift:
A World Adrift is not an NTR game. There is not going to be a bait and switch somewhere down the line where all of a sudden we have entered the NTR zone and all that happens now is watching other people fuck your companions. However, the exact definition of NTR seems to be somewhat contested, so I will quickly discuss some matters and plans about the game’s future in that regard.

  • Currently there are no plans at all for npcs cheating on the player to be a system in the game. Maybe at some point, but there are so many more impactful and valuable systems I would prefer to implement instead that I can’t imagine when I would find the time to make something like that a priority.
  • The player will be able to assign their slaves or workers or what have you to work as prostitutes. This would be entirely optional, and likely similar to the implementation of similar systems in the games mentioned as inspirations to A World Adrift.
  • At least one planned unique npc/potential companion is slated to start the game as a sex worker. Odds are very good(in other words, all but certain) that you will not be subjected to seeing them at work on anyone but you.
  • At some point or another, it may make sense to have an option to offer your companion for sex to achieve whatever goal or another. This will never be mandatory. There will always be other reasonably accessible alternatives(in other words, you don’t have to min max to avoid having to cuck yourself). Such options even appearing would be able to be disabled in the settings. No exclusive content would ever be locked behind such a thing.
  • NTR may play a role in some Bad Ends down the line. I don’t know though, it’d be minor enough that it would be easy to strip out and just avoid the problem in the first place.

A last general promise in this regard: NTR will never be a primary focus for A World Adrift. If it is ever implemented in some capacity, it will be optional, avoidable, have a menu option to just straight up disable seeing it, and be clearly signposted so no one stumbles into it by accident.


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