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It tells the story of a young writer who, together with her husband, decides to spend a vacation at a resort on the shores of a paradisiacal beach. Our protagonist keeps a secret that not even her husband knows, she is a writer of erotic novels, and she wants to keep it that way for the rest of her life. The problem is that now she is going through a creative block and needs a lot of inspiration to write.

“I recommend not using save files from previous versions.”​


– Bug fixes.
– Retouched and improved images.
– Some new sounds.
– New chapters added to the computer.
– New scene 1: William X Elika.
– New scene 2: Old pervert returns.
They are only two scenes, but very intense, I developed this update in two months…

– Bug fixes. x4…
– Retouched and improved images.
– New final image in the beach scene.
– Continuity of the bar scene (Very hot).


“What’s New
– Retouched and improved images.
– Bug fixes. X2
– Text and grammar correction.
– New scene 1: Culmination of scene “In the sauna”.
– New scene 2: “Deodorant XD”.
– New scene 3: “The secret”.

You can start from the beginning or use the save I added to the game “Do not use old files in this version”.

“What’s New
– Retouched and improved images.
– Error correction.
– Correction of text and grammar.
– Added more chapters in the computer.
– New cover.
– New scene: Correction “The boy will learn a lesson”.
– New scene: Sauna.2 “…..”

You can start from the beginning or use the save I added to the game “Do not use old files in this version”.

“What’s new?”
– Retouched and improved images.
– You can now disable and enable dialogs with the letter “Q” and view images without text boxes.
– Correction of dialogues and retouched scenes.
– Skip intro.
– New scene: Blowjob. “I could not complete a second scene… But I assure you that “Blowjob” is worth two”

Developing a way to visualize the scenes by deactivating dialogues was very complex. Retouching images and scenes as well. I hope you enjoy it, because it took me a lot of work.
I recommend playing TakenoteR 0.5 from the beginning.
See you soon tourists, and thanks for your support

“What’s new?”
– Retouched and improved images (Tanning scene)
– Second part (Tanning scene)
– Masturbation scene “From now on, Elika will not be the same”.
– Implementation of a computer for saving and viewing scenes.

– New sounds, renewed cover.
– Two new scenes: In the sauna, and in the pool, and a Halloween mini event, which is a third scene.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: HNStudy – Patreon – Discord

My first work, I hope you enjoy this story! “I recommend not using save files from previous versions.”


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