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The Promise

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Version: v0.96

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The Promise: Rewriting Your Legacy, One Choice at a Time

The Promise, by Xagrim’s Gameforge, isn’t your typical life simulator. Sure, you play as a forty-year-old man burdened by a mountain of unfulfilled promises to your family. But beneath the veneer of mortgages and PTA meetings lies a simmering current of desire, a yearning to explore the uncharted territories of your own sexuality.

The Promise transcends the mundane. It’s about confronting your regrets, rewriting your narrative, and discovering a side of yourself you may have never dared to explore. The game presents a world brimming with possibilities, where the lines between duty and desire become delightfully blurred.

The Promise offers not one, but two main storylines: the personal and the global. The personal story is your canvas – a chance to rekindle the spark with your wife, Michelle, or perhaps explore forbidden desires with someone new. Will you succumb to the allure of a younger colleague, her youthful exuberance reigniting a long-dormant passion? Or will you find yourself drawn to a seductive neighbor, the unspoken tension between you finally reaching a boiling point?

The Promise boasts a unique system of hidden stats and corruption levels. Your choices, both big and small, influence not only your relationships with your family, but also your wife’s openness to exploring a more adventurous side of your intimacy. As your corruption level rises, so too do the possibilities for steamy encounters and taboo explorations.

But be warned, The Promise is a delicate dance. While infidelity might offer a temporary thrill, it carries the risk of shattering the fragile equilibrium of your family life. The game doesn’t shy away from the consequences of your choices. A careless affair could lead to a devastating breakdown, while a carefully nurtured exploration of your desires could lead to a deeper connection with your wife, one that transcends the boundaries of vanilla intimacy.

The Promise isn’t just about the choices you make, it’s about the consequences you face. Will you prioritize the promises you made long ago, or will you forge a new path, one fueled by rediscovered passion and a willingness to explore the darkest corners of your own desires? The Promise awaits. Are you ready to rewrite your legacy, one steamy encounter at a time?



  • Spring is in the air, which seems to trigger the naughty side, for some of Landing Citiy’s residents.
  • For those who let him, Jack’s massages seems to be getting more forward by the ‘week’. And what about your wife, is she secretely enjoying this, will this man bring her ‘bad’ side up? And is it normal for a swimming instructor to be massaged by his student? With as they call it in the business: a full body massage? On the other hand, this could make your intimate life with Michelle very exciting. Well, you can hardly call it intimate when it happens in a place where others can see her in public. (Added a new massage for Jack at the public pool with Michelle you can see on Sunday if you are on this route)
  • Speaking of bad boys, or good if you’re lucky. Lisa’s boyfriend is coming to pick her up for a second official date. Fortunately, he knows how to behave at your house. Time for extra instructions. (Added the next visit of Lisa’s boyfriend on Saturday night..based on his personality)
  • Of course there are also the good girls, for example Nina so timid and shy. Although the old neighbor is hoping she can be a bad girl on Monday nights. But we’ll leave that up to you. (Added the next visit of the old neighbor for Nina if you are on this route with optional BDSM Training if you are in for that. )
  • Speaking of bad girls if someone earns a good spanking, then that must be Haley, well spoken figuratively for this route. Nina is the actress and you….. (Added the next steps for Ninas director part on Monday when on that route. Try different positions and options to get the best result until you get the end of this version message)
  • Is there no one for this version who does not suffer from Spring Jitters? Well maybe if you have drunk a little too much different types of alcohol in the local bar.
  • How will Michelle respond if you get home drunk during the working week? Will you be able to hide it from her? And what if it happens during the start of the weekend and she is free the next day? The outcome depends entirely on your relationship. Could that even make her ‘frisky’? Well, so much for not suffering from Spring Jitters. (Added scene for those on the Wife’s Love Route after a solo bar visit)
  • Added new music and sounds
  • Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))


  • Fixed several bugs for the Ninaevents
  • Replaced an incorrect animation for the Events with Michelle and Helene at Helena’s house
  • Fixed some smaller bugs

If your Supervisor keeps raising the goals you might need an extra pair of hands to reach them..and here it is.
Normally, unauthorized persons are not supposed to enter the locker room, not to mention the mine itself. But your supervisor has become willing to make an exception for her own best friend.
With an extra team member, planning shifts becomes that little bit more challenging. Can you keep everyone happy to get the most out of themselves? (Added the next scene at the mine)
Now that you’ve (hopefully) found the best boyfriend for Lisa, it’s time to make clear to him what you do and don’t expect. Will you be able to make him do what you want? It’s taming time.(Added the next visit of Lisa’s boyfriend in which you can opt your preferances depending on the personality.)
If you allowed Jack the swimming instructor to give your wife a breast massage, you would now like to be massaged yourself, in a special way. (Added a new massage for Jack at the public pool with Michelle, if you are on this route. Invite him by visiting the pool on Sunday afternoon.)
With Haley’s help, Nina increasingly pushes her boundaries. But now that you are the director and pulling the strings, maybe you can give her that extra push.(Added the next steps for Nina’s director part (Try out different combinations until you see the end of this version message)
If you’re on the Süecial request route for Nina, Haley will do her best to push Tchanun to his limits with Nina, while you…well, you can only watch. (Added the next step for Ninas on special request route)
Nina and Haley appear to be having a private chat excluding you. About what? You might find out the next Monday. Still the special request route. (Added the optional consequences for the single visits after you finished the special request scene)
Added new music and sounds
Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))
Fixed some smaller bugs

[*]It seems the profession of fashion model does not suit Barbara. So she and Bob came up with a new idea. Maybe you can help them with that too? Bring some cash before you wait for them in the park. (Added the next scene for the alternate route for B&B. To trigger go on a Saturday night to your park bench and relax for a couple for hours)
[*]Trouble finding out which product is on high demand this month? Luckily there is always Lisa, who seems to be rather well informed about popular products, which can be helpful to make a deal with, or maybe…it will just cost you?
[*]The friendly Noëlle will come by to try out your new product. But we’re not sure she understands economic scarcity very well.
[*]The man in suit is always good to spend a few extra Novos on you, but where has he gone? And who is that woman in a dress?
[*]And then the mother and her daughter on their bikes, do they keep driving by or are you able to entice them to buy something from you?
[*]Whatever you decide to do, every choice you make will be remembered by the residents of Landing City when they visit the farm again. But you will find out for yourself in the fourth week of the month with your new product. (Added the next three weeks completing the month on the farm on Saturday (Go to the farm on Saturday to see these various new scenes)
[*]For those on the siblings side: Haley seems to have her own way of helping people push their limits. Who the siblings’ sister will help with that, depends on your previous choice. (Visit the Siblings starting at Nina’s house on Monday nights)
[*]For the Watcher: empathizing with the role of producer, she will give you subtle tips on how to achieve a better end result. You obviously remain the director of what happens on stage. (Added the next steps for Nina’s director part (You can try out several options until you get the end of this version message)
[*]For the Participator: …she will be in the middle of the action..and so will you..but the more options you’ll use, the more her sibling brother will be allowed with Nina as well..(Added the next step for the Participator)
[*]Added new music and sounds
[*]Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))
[*]Fixed a script bug for Nina’s Watcher route by the siblings (Preventing you from reaching the next scene)
[*]Fixed some smaller bugs

[*]For those on the warehouse route, Doctor Conrad Rabiot has arrived at your doorstep to medically examine your wife. Will you do as the doctor orders? Or will you give the doctor orders what to do? (Triggers automatically on a Thursday after the Peters have been to your home)
[*]Have you ever had such a wonderful dream it is almost a shame to wake up? Well you will as soon as the future seems to become just a little brighter for you. Oh, no guarantees about the outcome, it simply depends on your wife’s relationship with you.
[*]Speaking of which, Michelle believes she has found your dream apartment in District 1. Lisa just has to see it all before getting over enthousiastic, literally and figuratively. (Triggers automatically on a Thursday for Warehouse and Sis route as soon as you and your wife have been offered some help in life.)
[*]For those on the siblings side: Tchanun is ready for some real action now, but is Nina willing to engage in this kind of activity?
[*]For the watcher: what positions are you going to maneuver the young African-American into, now that Haley has decided you can ‘play director’ and control the scene?
[*]For the participator: what are you going to do to Haley, now that everyone has joined the scene? Because everything he is allowed to do -with the young African-American- you are allowed to do with the hot ginger.
[*]For the Special Request: he’s starting to settle into his bull role, and his African-American Mare seems to be enjoying every second of it. Hopefully you too, because you can only watch. (Visit the Siblings starting at Nina’s house on Monday nights)
[*]Did you achieve your honey goal on the farm? Well, good for you. This time your Supervisor will come by to discuss the results with you. Don’t be late. (Or actually, take your time because the hour you arrive determines her reaction. “so save first and let’s try all three shall we? SDevil: wink)
[*]Anyway, she’s got a new home made product for you to make profit with. Although that won’t be as easy as it sounds as it’s something customers are allowed to taste first. The good part is you will be able to decide the goal here. The harder you go the more satisfied your Supervisor will be. There might even be a small reward in it for you.
[*]A new product also brings new customers plus some familiar faces and every choice you make can have a positive or negative outcome for your earnings. How to deal with different situations is completely up to you.
[*]Added new music and sounds
[*]Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))
[*]Reworked some variables and scenes for Ninas Watcher route
[*]Fixed some smaller bugs

A seemingly innocent-looking young woman and her not-so-innocent husband are looking for you to make you pay for something. Do you have the courage to meet him after dark? After taking your money the two take you outside of Landing City to a secluded hotel, what will happen there? It seems like there is some sort of meat inspection going on with the young married woman being exploited by a casting director and Co-Producer. Will it have a happy ending? (Added the next three steps for the alternate route for Bob & Barbara )
A Teenage girl with a dark mind is expecting Nina and you to come to her the other two of the siblings can have some fun with her. If you pay them a visit. For the watcher: The once so innocent girl from the Cinema is now at the mercy of the man craving her voloptueus body and the dirty mind deciding how he can use or abuse her tonight.
After midnight your sweet wife can turn into a..Vamp..with a burning desire for..oh, we should not have told you this..please try to stay calm..before things get out of hand. What if the person on the other side of the door is suspecting something and opens it in the heat of the moment? Maybe it’s too late now to run and hide. Or if the one on your side of the door is asking you what the hell you’re thinking off? Do you have the guts to give the right answer?(Added the next three scenes for being caught front of the bedroom door)
It’s payback time and Mister Peter needs you to go to the trouble maker’s house with his wife again. We can promise you one thing it will be your last job as a way or another. Why are you doing this anyway? Maybe it’s not all doom and gloom..At least you’ll get a farewell present..unless you’re really looking for trouble. Then the night might be ending very differently for you. (Added the final scene for the Warehouse route (Repeatable)
Added new music and sounds
Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))
Updated to the latest Ren’Py version
Replaced in the CQM for the Jobs maximum level with maximum wage.
Fixed the bug for the CQM on Android, now the sidebar for the quests should work well.
Fixed a variable bug for Helena in the CQM.
Fixed a bug with Michelle’s Fotoshoot. (Suggest a photoshoot should work now correct)
Fixed some texts displayed incorrectly for Helena in the CQM.
Fixed some smaller bugs


  • Your wife will make her final decision whether she wants to be treated with the unmentionable experiment again or not. Hearing Steve tell her about the potential risks won’t make the choice any easier.
  • Your brother-in-law and sister-in-law can’t wait to see their little niece again, but how will that turn out when they see what’s become of her? And aren’t you to blame for that?
  • Knowing that Lisa is accompanying you can’t possibly mean that you keep meeting your sister-in-law down the hall in the same way, can it? Or does it just increase tension between the both of you? (Added the Final scene for the Sister Visit if you are still on their route)
  • Although Michelle may not have the looks right now, she still loves to pose for the camera, depending on whether she is willing to share herself with the world, or present ‘them’ in the park. Financial encouragement can then be helpful as you can put the money to good use.
  • When dressed for the occasion you might even attract a spectator. A dubious one at that. (Added the the next photoshoots with your wife in the park for the Moneyroute. Trigger at 22:00 in the Livingroom on Saturdays)
  • Does your wife not like you enough or are you not interested in having her model for photo shoots? Then you can now meet the young couple. Simply by relaxing on your park bench during the weekend.
  • The young man likes to show off his lady, it seems, so if you make the right choices, he might just let you into their lives. (Added the the next steps for the alternative route for Bob & Barbara. You can meet them by relaxing a few hours in the park during weekends.)
  • There is always a small possibility that you will be caught if you spy on someone. After all, you can’t look through a keyhole and monitor your surroundings at the same time. But what do you do if you are caught by someone within that environment to whom you happen to be married? (Added the next two scenes if Michelle catches you spying on Lisa)
  • Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))


  • Updated for the latest Ren’Py version
  • Added new music and sounds


  • Fixed a BUG for the CQM on Android, now the sidebar of the characters should scroll
  • Fixed some smaller textbugs for the CQM
  • Fixed some smaller bugs


  • Mister Peter appears to lend a helping hand. Only he’s not a doctor, so what can he do for you? (Added the next step at the warehouse for the mainstory if you are on that route)
  • Remember the promise you made to the old neighbor if he would bring something? Well, he has, but it’s not a present for Nina…rather for…himself.
  • Or The young neighbor can only hope that you will pick him up to use something of high quality on his visit. In any case, Nina won’t help him unwrap. (Added the visit for Nina with the Young/Old Neighbor)
  • Is Lisa enjoying her solo action again? Who put all those thoughts in her head..oh right, it! (Added the last scene where you can watch Lisa at night if she does have a boyfriend. Weekdays at 0:00, during the weekend 7:00 o’clock using the keyhole of her bedroom)
  • But beware of the big bad..Mom? Try not to get caught while she’s fantasizing about her boyfriend in there. (added a surprise RNG based.)
  • Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))


  • Updated for the latest Ren’Py version
  • Added an option for you to decide whether you want Misses Peter to give you a ‘hand’ or not.
  • Reworked and updated the last photoshoots with your wife from the start to create a better experience
  • Added some quests to the CQM:
  • Gloria (complete)
  • Photoshoots with your wife (complete)
  • Bob & Barbara (complete)
  • Added some quality of life pictures
  • Added new music and sounds


  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed some smaller bugs


  • The old neighbor is waiting for an invitation to visit his girl next door, but this time he wants to do more than just watch. You decide what that ‘more’ will be.
  • OR The young neighbor hopes for an invitation to be allowed to visit his girl next door, but this time she wants more than to let him watch. Discuss with Nina beforehand what that ‘more’ will be.
  • For those who walk the cuckold path with the siblings, it is now time for the bull to please his mare. Or was that the other way around? ((Added the next visit at Nina’s house on a Monday evening for these 3 routes))
  • Has Mister Peter agreed to help you and your wife? Then go to his warehouse after sunset to see if he has another job for you.
  • We can’t promise whether it’s completely legal and safe, but you should be able to experience a good night’s sleep at the end of it based on your choice. Although? Nah, we can’t even make that promise to you. ((Added the point of no return mission for the Warehouse route which is the alternative for the Sister visits.))
  • It’s a sultry Saturday night, 10 o’clock your wife is watching television in the living room so the perfect time for.. another photo shoot in the park. Don’t you agree?
  • The perv there certainly does, but don’t worry you won’t find him if you don’t go looking for him. There is also the option to have some just us time with the wife.
  • More is less or less is more, it depends on your wife’s mood and her stats of course. Caring is sharing. The evening can end very pleasantly for you, but please drive home safely. ((Added some new scenes for the photoshoots with your wife at the park, 2 out of 3 routes are completed now))
  • Any Lisa fans out there? Like to keep an eye on her while she’s in her room, by using the keyhole? Then we have good news for you. If she’s got a boyfriend that is.((Added three new solo action scenes when you watch her at night on weekdays at midnight or during the weekend at 7:00 o’clock. They play RNG style.
  • Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))


  • Updated for the latest Ren’Py version
  • Added an option to adjust the textbox’s opacity in settings
  • Added some images to improve the home activities.
  • Added new music and sounds for the ambience
  • Replaced some incorrect images


  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed some smaller bugs



  • A while ago, Michelle indicated that she couldn’t wait to see how the skimpy outfit will look on her. The mail order seemed delayed but now she has received it and is ready to show it off on a Friday night at the park.
  • But if the response isn’t what your wife hoped for, then what will she decide to do during the following week? (Added the final two parts for the park event with Ronny which is repeatable)
  • Ronny also had another request to collect some photos for him, starting with two ladies from the cinema. If you said yes to him, that’s the place to start as a pool paparazzi.
  • If you succeeded, meet him alone in the park on a Friday night to sell the pictures for booty. Then you will receive the following assignment from him.
  • After the fifth it ends with the grand finale, do you believe you’ve got what it takes or perhaps won’t dare to take the challenge..that’s up to you..good luck. (Added the completed Ronny’s Quest for Booty. Location Friday at the Park, Cinema to start)
  • Your farm supervisor has a new product to sell, exclusive on Saturdays. And not only that, she also has a goal of how much Novos you will have to earn in the coming month. Sweet.
  • Minor detail. The local farm is not doing very well with very few customers, luckily a familiar brunette knows a handy trick. If you can find out which product is in high demand that is. It must be one out of three. (Added the follow up for the discount part introducing the Farm economics system created by our Editor and Scene Writer)
  • Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))


  • Added a new tutorial, which explains the new stuff like the CQM
  • Added new music and sounds
  • Changed the cursor for the fishing game for better immersion
  • Updated the fishing game with new images for higher skilled fisherman
  • Changed the cursor for the game


  • Fixed the menu for “preferences”
  • Fixed the blockage where you couldn’t take baths due to the NTD with Lisa “LIKE..EEEEWW”
  • Fixed the Quests in the CQM for Nina (better load an 0.85 save file)
  • Fixed a lot of typos
  • Fixed some incorrect images
  • Fixed some smaller bugs


  • Are you on the siblings’ route? Then you can visit them again in what they call their playroom. The only question is who can play and with whom?
  • If yes are you just a spectator? Then it’s Haley who plays with Nina and her brother joins in to try out her footwork.
  • Or if you want to watch and play, the big brother is happy to encourage you when you team up with his sister and he with what he thinks is your new young wife. (Added the next visit at the siblings’ house for Nina, if you are on one of these routes)
  • If you don’t like the siblings that much and prefer to keep Nina to yourself, that’s also possible. (Adjusted the scenes with mc in Nina’s house so they’re now repeatable)
  • Oh, Mister Peter was wondering if you’re still capable of driving his wife after that little ‘incident’ at his house last time. If you are and didn’t get the trust of your brother-in-law, look him up in his warehouse, will you?
  • And who knows, he may invite you back to his house on your next work evening. Making sure Misses Peter is home too of course.
  • But above all he requires discretion from his what needs to be done no questions asked.
  • The man then generously rewards hard workers… or rather, he lets his wife do that under his supervision. So maybe you are lucky. (Added three new events for those still on the warehouse route)
  • Vanessa could use some support if you have acces to the VIP area and hopes to get it from you…financial support that is.
  • One good turn deserves another, and if you do, you can expect something in return, a special offer for example. What you do with that, well, that’s up to you. (Added the two final events with Vanessa, depending on your descision(s))
  • Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))


  • Added a new tutorial, to introduce you to the CQM.
  • Added a lot of Quests to that same CQM:
  • o Noelle complete
  • o Nina complete
  • o Helena complete
  • o MC some quests
  • o more in progress
  • Reworked the fishing game so you can see some fishs (depending on your skill) and improvement of the immersion.
  • Added new music and sounds, to enhance the gaming experience.


  • Fixed an image for the start up screen which was introduced in 0.85
  • Fixed some smaller bugs


  • Now when you go jogging with your adopted daughter, you can get her into the shape you want by making choices. Her stats of course, we won’t touch her shapes.
  • There is even an old man in the park who likes to watch young women doing exercises. Excellent for increasing one of her hidden stats. And don’t worry, Lisa isn’t romantically interested in anyone looking at her like a piece of tender meat. It will just help her to show more of herself literally and figuratively speaking. (Reworked the Jogging event for Lisa completely and added new scenes based on corruption level for that. Should now be easier to generate Slutiness points if you want even for those using old saves. And it’s repeatable as well.
  • Just when you’re getting used to sharing a shower in the afternoon, you needed to shower alone again. But not anymore, between 16:00 and 17:00 O’clock at least if you managed to make a No Touch Deal. Who’ll come first? (Added the final repeatable scene for Lisa’s shower event which requires the NTD)
  • Haley has new instructions for Nina in their playroom, but whether you are just a spectator or a participant depends on previous choices.
  • For those who like to watch, Tchanun will be the active one from now on.
  • Those who love both will get both. Hopefully this also applies to the sister of the siblings. (Added the next two visits at the house of the siblings with Nina, finished three routes, which are repeatable and two new events for the other still active routes.)
  • Ever heard of the term, it takes two to Tango? Your wife and you are going on another bar date, which will play out completely different for everyone as it is based on previous choices. Will Michelle dance with Greg, Olivia or the somewhat mysterious Man in Red? Or perhaps a combination? And if your wife gets to dance with another man, how far can he go? Until you take action and what about the bar owner?
  • And what will the night bring for the both of you? Do you do everything your wife wants, or do you completely impose your own will on her? A middle way is, of course, also an option. Will this be gentle or rough? That’s up to you..oh and Michelle obviously. (Added the penultimate bar visit with your wife)
  • Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))


  • Added a complete new main menu
  • Added new music and sounds


  • Fixed some bugs with the CQM (Unfortunately works only after starting a new game, but it is not required yet so you can keep playing future updates)
  • Fixed a bug which prevented generating Slutiness points for Lisa
  • Fixed a bug with MC’s Fitness Level, now you can raise it to the right MAX, which will allow new events to trigger.
  • Fixed a bug where you could just see Jill during your jogging route after reaching her Ultimate goal.
  • Fixed a lot of typos
  • Fixed some smaller bugs

For those on the siblings route, both are waiting in their house for your visit. Well, maybe more like Nina than you, but at least you can watch.
Haley and Tchanun (Siblings) give Nina and you access to another room in their house. Can his sister play with her? (Added the next two visits at the house of the siblings with Nina)
Your brother-in-law comes to visit you because he has an important announcement regarding your wife’s cosmetic treatment. Has the man changed his mind?
Lucky for you, he’s also brought his wife, who wants to talk to you privately about what you did or didn’t do during their last visit. She really doesn’t like you, now does she? (Added the fifth visit of Michelle’s sister which will trigger automatically after Stevie’s second opinion at the Clinic)
And during that visit you can just get a new idea for a role play on a Saturday evening at 22:00 o’clock in the living room. In case your wife would like to play doctor. Do we know one?
Or would you rather play yourself as Michelle takes on the role of a relative you don’t have such a good relationship with? That is also possible in the same living room afterwards. (Added TWO of the THREE roleplays in the living room, if you are into this.)
Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))
Reworked the choice menu in the livingroom with your wife on Saturday’s at 22:00 so it’s easier to use while snuggling or roleplaying.
Added sounds of some domestic appliances.
Fixed the bug in the CQM with the double quests (Unfortunately works only with a new game)
Fixed some smaller bugs


  1. Helena would like to see you now that she and your wife have become friends. So visit her house by yourself on a weeknight and see what she has to say. (Added a solo visit at Helena’s house which is after you and your wife have been visiting her together regularly.)
  2. Okay, so your wife likes cosplay and Helena isn’t averse to role-playing. That sounds like it mixes nicely. But what part do you play in this triangle? Or is it already the end of a line? (Added the final visit with your wife at Helena’s house with three different options where one has different outcomes, all three are repeatable. Go to her house after 18:00 to trigger it like the solo visits.)
  3. Speaking about visits. A visit from your sister-in-law does not necessarily have to be negative, after all she is married to a renowned doctor, who may be willing to help your wife with her appearance. And what’s up with that woman? Does she want you to look at her or not? (Added the next visit of Michelle’s sister. Visit number 4 will trigger automatically by the end of the week after you’ve been to the clinic.)
  4. The Fallen Angel is waiting for you in her shelter to fully reveal herself. Hopefully the key is not lost and will still fit. It appears the lady from the shelter has a double agenda, and you first have to return the favor to gain access. It has nothing to do with money this time, well, sort of. But after you’ve managed to unlock the lock, the key will always be there for you. Not for free, of course. (Added the next scenes for the Fallen Angel Route at the park)
  5. Those who follow the route of the golden shower siblings will see that the brother is very charmed by Nina. But does that also apply for you towards his sister? And do you want to watch from a distance or even participate? (Added the next visit to the house of the siblings with Nina) (For the other routes at Nina’s you can expect more in the next updates)
  6. Marcus is looking for a gift to blow the socks off the mysterious blonde date, and it’s not even because of the holidays. Mind your step. Hopefully the errands for a friend helped Marcus score with his date. And if not, it might have helped you to make some extra Novos (Added the fourth and the final errand for a friend, when you visit his News Stand on a Friday)
  7. If your adopted daughter has discovered how to use her well-trained body to make a good impression. Then she will now do that while jogging. Fun to watch in public. (Didn’t trigger before due to the bug for slutiness. Just invite her on a weekday when you’ve skipped work.)
  8. Barowner Dave should have a lot more interesting things to say than just ask you if you want to drink something. That kind of comes with his job description. So we’ve added subjects based on recent events, the 19 Channel NEWS, your relationship with your wife, and other current stats. (When something has happened or to have a chit-chat, visit the bar during opening hours on a weekday to see if Dave knows what’s going on)
  9. Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))


  1. Fixed a gamebreaker which prevented you to raise Lisas slutiness.
  2. Fixed the correct choice variables for the last Nina event visiting the golden shower siblings
  3. Fixed a variable bug with the sister event, so it needs to be replayed once more before you can continue after loading a save.
  4. Fixed some smaller bugs

Unless you only spend time indoors with your adopted daughter, you won’t be able to avoid boy interest and eventually a boyfriend. But what you can do is give her a gentle nudge in the right direction after she’s introduced one. Or in the….opposite direction. ((Added a small cutscene to determine the outcome better. Triggers on Monday after her boyfriend came to dinner))
And if you’ve made her clear her current boyfriend is’nt the one for her, Lisa will be happy to introduce her new one a few week later to you during a nice family dinner. ((Added the next Boyfriend Scene. Triggers on Friday two weeks after the former scene))
If you’ve seen the boss’s wife half-naked in their private pool, how hard is it to keep the focus on the job, or rather, on the road?
Your boss in the warehouse invites you to their house, but not to go swimming in their private pool. Is he suspecting something or is it just a nice surprise? And is his wife even expecting your visit? ((Added new scenes for those who are on the Warehouse route))
One thing is certain, your sister-in-law and brother-in-law are coming over on a Thursday to hear your wife’s big News. But how this goes depends entirely on your previous choices and current stats. It does not necessarily have to be an unpleasant visit. ((Added the 3rd visit from Gabrielle and Stevie. Which will trigger automatically on Thursday morning 3 months are their last visit))
For those on that route you can take another detour to the neighbors’ bathroom. They might introduce themselves this time. And the brother is willing to show even more of himself to Nina. Will you allow this, is that a deal? ((Added the next Golde Shower related scene for the neighbor couple when a detour has been taken on Monday at Nina’s house))
Your wife is preparing for her second visit to the clinic in Niveria. It is important she is well rested. So if your adopted daughter has something to say, it will have to be to be to ((Added the next Scentek scene which triggers automatically two weeks after her first visit to the clinic))
Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))
Fixed some smaller bugs
Fixed a scene for Lisa and her dinner date from triggering if you’re on the park couple route.

Now that you’ve been caught in the public swimming pool for the umpteenth time, Gloria realizes you require special attention. And that’s exactly what you get, but first she needs a comfortable seat.
Do you know the expression feeling whipped? Oh, not yet? Well that will soon change. All you have to do is walk past the lifeguard overly excited again
We think Gloria really doesn’t mind as much as she suggests. She’s even starting to show the signs of a true…dominatrix. Although she is not afraid to reward you for good behavior. ((Added the next three “visits” in Glorias office. If you’ve decided to leave it all to the lifeguard when you had that choice))
There seems to be something missing from Misses Peter’s outfit, but be careful, that woman has the eyes of a hawk .
Mister Peter, trusts his faithful right hand, but who does he mean by that you or his wife?
Oh, there we have it, the man wants a conversation with you with his wife present and not at the warehouse either. Looks like this isn’t going to end well. ((Added the next visits at the warehouse (if you are on this route))
Rebecca always seems to be in a hurry, but if she likes you enough, your boss’s sister will have time for a quick chat this time.
And getting to know her a bit better. Maybe Rebecca isn’t the decent lady you think she is.
For example, does she want to get ogled in her new dress? ((Added the next scenes for Rebecca at the mine (if you are on this route))
Your wife has invited her sister and your brother-in-law to come over for dinner this time. But there’s no worries, as long as your relationship with your wife is good and there are the necessary Novos on your REA, it can be a pleasant visit. (Added the 2nd visit of Michelle’s sister triggers automatically after 12 weeks ingame.)
Marcus and his date seem to be getting more serious because now he’s looking for something to help him get through the night. Do they actually sell that in the shop? (Added the third errand for a friend at the Newsstand on a Friday morning or afternoon.)
Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))
Updated to the latest Ren’Py version
Removed the old stats-system
Removed the Scene Checker
Added a first version of the new Character Quest Manager (CQM) replacing the old stats-system (Click the PDA in the left corner, Thanks to Rodrigo Sarri)
Added the stats for Michelle, Lisa, Nina and the MC(Main Character) to the CQM
Added the Quests for the 4 above based on their available stats
Added the complete Quests for Jenny, Karen and Mia to the CQM
Fixed the sound bug after Lisas’s Bar visit with Candy in the end part.
Fixed some smaller bugs

If you made a bet with the Farm Supervisor last time, now you can try to win it. The prize depends on the result. (Added the end result for those who were lucky enough to get a betting offer. There were three different ones based on the discount after Vanessa’s visit.)
Your adopted daughter is paying you a visit at the farm. But the question is who will be the one paying for that? Lisa is pretty smart. Do you think you can outsmart her?
And if even your wife makes her entrance on the farm, there must be something wrong, right? Family discount, does that actually apply at Jackson’s Field? (Added two more customers for the Saturday at the Farm event)
Bob and Barbara are happy to be invited again. Whatever choice you made. (Added the next event for all three routes with B&B triggers automatically on Saturday )
For, the Cosplay route at the park, your wife worked on her script to give it a more personal touch. (This route ends here, but will be replayable in a future update. The stats determine how the scene goes.)
Have you convinced them your wife is a real model? Then she will give the young model some tips on how to approach an audience. Although you still have to deal with her husband, also known as ‘manager’. (The next week for the model route has been added)
If you lied to them that your wife is active as an actress in erotic films, now is the time to produce new material in a deepfake or with you as an actor playing himself. Do they fall for that? (The next week for the pornstar route has been added)
The Latin Dancer would like to know what you have decided. Can he dance with your wife, now that you know how intimate that will be? And what will bar owner Dave think of this?
It can be a real challenge to avoid drinking too much on a night out, but what if you also have to watch your wife not get drunk? And how does Michelle actually behave if she has or has not had too much to drink?
The old man at the bus stop would appreciate it if your wife kept him some company while waiting for his bus. Will you let him and if so how far can he go? (Added the next Bar visit with your wife including several outcomes. Invite your wife on Sunday at 20:00 o’clock)
If your mc is into BDSM, there’s the option to introduce your wife to it a bit. She might even like it and the good part is, that’s all up to you. If not, your mc will have a nice night too and focus on something we’ve introduced last time. (After the bardate on Sunday night)
Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))
Fixed a bug with a looping sound after Lisa’s Bar event
Fixed some glitches
Fixed some smaller bugs

The ice cream seller has free ice cream for your wife and she pays him for it with an exciting striptease. The young man has trouble keeping his hands off himself, are you going to do something or just let it come to a ‘climax’? ((Added the next event for the Cinema Visits when you are on the vendor route))
The vendor seems to have a decent ‘Calippo’ and has no problem showing it. But will you allow this and what will your wife think of that? ((Added the last repeatable event for the Cinema Visits when you are on the vendor route))
Chris and Ann have one last assignment for your wife. And the good thing is that Michelle doesn’t have to do anything. Sounds safe enough, or isn’t it? ((Added the final event for the Cinema Visit when you are on the Couple route))
Thanks to Lisa, the bar is busier than ever on Saturdays. Is it her youthful charms or is it the Tyrolean outfit? In any case, your best friend Marcus doesn’t know where to look, or rather, is allowed to look. ((Added the next event for Lisa’s Bar event))
Of course, the qualities of her colleague Cindy also have to do with it. And for those who walk her home at night, it’s time to examine them more closely. With a little help from your best friend, of course. ((Added next part with Candy in that Bar event))
Didn’t we talk about a bet last time? Your supervisor does have an idea to keep you motivated not to give big discounts. Are you up to that challenge? ((Added a bet between you and Melanie based on your former result with Dave on Saturday. ))
It seems that the bar owner is fulfilling his promise through word of mouth. But doesn’t the second customer expect more than you can offer?
And speaking of things to offer, try saying no to your third customer. What a bomshell. ((Added 2 new customers to sell to on Saturdays))
Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))
Fixed a bug with the farm selling event (Therefor it had to be reset and starts with Dave)
Fixed some glitches
Fixed some smaller bugs

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, including your wife. How depends on the can be figuratively, but also…literally. ((Added the next event for B&B (all three routes))
For the Cosplay route: Michelle has found a safe location in the park where you can practice her new script, without being disturbed by some pervert. Everyone will be happy with that, won’t they?
For the model route: It’s time for Barbara to take the next steps in the modeling world. Although these are still cautious steps. Oh..and this time do forget your camera.
For the Pornstar route: You did mention your wife is in the bizz, but there’s only one video of her, and you, available. Strange is it not? Maybe it’s time to make, or fake a new one?
From the day she let you ‘voluntarily’ choose a job, your wife been wanting a new wardrobe. And now she has bought some beautiful clothes and is happy to show you. At least if your relationship allows it. (Added an alternate scene exclusively for those not on the Model route or not on the Bob and Barbara route at all and have at least 8000 on their REA.)
If Helena knows you know there are cameras present in the guest room, then you can take advantage of them now, by taking advantage of her, knowing her husband’s watching. Just so you know. Added three new scenes for Helena which are repeatable.
Sometimes you can no longer control that urge and you have to express yourself…to someone. We understand that, but is it wise to choose Lisa herself? Well..time to find out. (Added the final step with Lisas NTD in the shower)
For the farmjob you can now sell your milk and eggs on Saturdays. We bet you can’t do it without a discount. But bet with your Supervisor instead, you might even be rewarded in the future somewhere. (Added the first with a new familiar customer at the farm. Triggers after a month at work on Saturday)
Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))
Fixed some smaller bugs

Normally it doesn’t matter what time you start your job at the Landfill, you will not miss out. But in this case to solve a little mystery it actually does. (Added a complete new side event for the landfill (After you have seen the blonde woman from behind the window it triggers later on a Monday)
Your sister-in-law, who has been supporting you financially, has invited herself to your house to see how her sister is holding on. A fun visit? Well perhaps for your wife. (Added the first visit of your wife’s sister triggering on Thursday after the first 4 weeks) (Leads to the alternate route for the warehouse)
Your wife has an appointment at the clinic, is she really going through with this? There is only one way to find out and that is to go with her. (Added the next step in the Scentek story which automatically triggers on Thursday)
Now that you’ve washed Lisa’s back and front, only part of it remains, and can she wash you completely? Or not? (Added the next step with Lisas NTD in the shower outside the weekend at 16:00 or 17:00 o’clock)
You can head back to the warehouse after dark to receive a new job from Mr Peter if he trusts you enough. Because this time it’s not himself who needs you..but his wife.
Who knows if you do a good job at your new task not only you get lavishly paid but might get to see the inside of the Peter’s private pool as well. And Mrs Peter in bathingsuit. But that’s just a bonus.
Do you like Michelle’s feet? Then perhaps you can handle them while she is handling the dishes.
For those who are not into feet but I like a backdoor entrance you can handle something else while she is doing the dishes.
And for the fans out there following the alternative route of nature..we have something special too. It requires the kitchen with Michelle in it using the dishes and…a bucket (Added some new scenes in the kitchen with your wife (3 possibilities)
Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))
Bug fixing:
Fixed some smaller bugs


  • Your wife is tired of dancing..alone that is..and guess who is the lucky one who has to solve this issue.
  • Dave seems to have made another bet and even though it’s not with you or your wife, he still needs her to win it. But that stays up to you.
  • Arousal now has a major effect on mc’s behavior during the night after the bardate. The higher the hotter the night. (Added the next bar visit with your wife on Sunday evening)
  • Speaking of arousal..Gloria we know as the Life Guard has returned to keep an eye out for men who are a little bit too excited to get in the pool. But the good part is you can decide the kind of sanction. (Added some new scenes with Gloria if you go swimming when your arousal is too high)
  • Hey based on your decision with Gloria you might even make it to the newspapers. And if so you know someone owning a News Stand to talk about it. (Added a scene at the News Stand if Gloria has called the police)
  • The Parole officer plans to impose tougher penalties as well if you continue to fish without a license. So buy one to be safe or keep living on the edge and..don’t get caught. (Added a new scene at fishing if you keep trying this unlicensed.)
  • Swimming with your Daughter is nice and so is taking a stroll or sitting near the pool now, as you have more options to raise her (hidden) stats. (Added options for all bathing outfits to help you max those stats if prefered)
  • For those following assignments with Chris and Ann..they have come up with one involving the Ice Cream Vendor and it is outside the Cinema Hall this time
  • For those who are on the route with the Ice Cream Vendor himself mc has come up with something himself (Added the next part for the Cinema Date with your wife on a Sunday evening)
  • Ever wanted the chance to tell your colleague in the face what you think of him/her? That’s what Nancy is about to have you do with yours this time. Oh and don’t forget the compliment.. (Added the next goal at the mine)
  • It’s nice if your colleagues think you are okay, but if your Supervisor really likes you, you’re in for a great surprise after work. (Added a hot scene if you have at least 6 Nancy points)
  • Rebecca who claims to be your Boss’ sister so Nancy’s aunt is having a break during yours. Will you join her for a chat maybe? (Added the next scene with Rebecca from the mine)
  • Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))
  • Added the ‘missing’ animation for Jill’s other breast in the second indoor session.


  • Fixed a bug with the flowers on the breakfast table
  • Fixed some wrong pictures for Jill
  • Fixed some wrong pictures for the Mine
  • Fixed some variable bugs for the Mine
  • Fixed a bug in Michelle’s bar events, they should work now. (But the latest one will need to be replayed once first)
  • Fixed some smaller bugs


  • We’ve implemented a new system to improve the meagre breakfast with every 700 Novos you put on your REA. (You can keep track of how far you are by having breakfast at 8:00 o’clock)
  • And it’s a little more difficult to escape Lisa’s awareness now when checking her out during this breakfast. (Added more situations for the breakfast peeping thoughts for Lisa)
  • Met the lady in the green dress yet standing near the mine owner? Now we might get to know about their relationship a bit better. (Added the second scene for the unique job event at the Mine)
  • Speaking about the mine. Nancy is back to check if you’ve reached your next goal and make sure there aren’t any slackers.
  • Will she have send you a new selfie? Or is it someone else’s turn to show his colleagues what their wifes look like?
  • You did not follow your supervisor to watch her take a shower last time did you? Because then you will feel the consequences of that this time. (Added the next goal 65 for the minejob)
  • Helena has once again made her private swimming pool available to you. Of course the lady is present herselves too.. Oh, we hope you don’t mind skinny dipping.
  • And you are invited the following week as well. Although this visit has little to do with swimming. Still, things will get…rather wet. (Added the next two visits at Helena with your wife)
  • By popular demand we have added some roleplay where you get to act like Jack would. Behaving just like you wanted him to during the swimming lessons (Added some new action at the Living room with your wife)
  • And some ‘solo action’ with the wife in Cowgirl Position for the fans.
  • Jill has returned for her second indoor training session. Anyone who has completed the first one knows what you are going to do with her now. Oh, do be a little careful with her safety word will you? (Added Jill’s second indoor training)
  • Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))


  • Fixed some bugs with raising Lisa’s hidden stats, so you should now be able to reach maximum level without any problems. (But full work only in 0.76) Our appologies for the former inconveniences.
  • Fixed some smaller bugs


  • It took months of work to restore the mine after that unfortunate incident. Now Landing City is looking for brave workmen. Something for you perhaps? (Added an intro scene for the reopening of the Mine which triggers Tuesday 23-05-2045)
  • After switching jobs at City Hall, if you’re brave enough, it’s time to meet your new colleagues. Well they know each other but don’t know you yet. (Added the first scene for the unique job event at the Mine. Start there at 7 or 8 o’clock)
  • They sometimes say, the first day at work is always the hardest, well make that the first week, it’s like a 7 days job interview. (Added the first week for the job at the Mine. Which is closed in the weekend unlike the other jobs)
  • If you manage to get through that week, you can expect a house call, so make sure your wife and adopted daughter are behaving their best and there is enough food in the house. (Added an event which triggers automatically on your 7th workday)
  • Done all that? Good, then it’s time to earn some gold with your team (Developed a mining system based on stamina and cooperation and added an unique story around it with choices to decide the outcome (Three goals currently available))
  • Helena has decided to help you loosen up Michelle, and being such a decent lady her approach seems to have a positive effect on your wife, or is she mostly helping herself?
  • Well, if the classy lady is doing something not so classy, she can always blame it on her husband. (Added the next two visits at Helena with your wife)
  • If you’re still following the challenges during your Cinema dates, Ann and Christian came up with two very daring ones this time. But will your wife accept this challenge? (Added the next two Cinema challenges with your wife)
  • If you’re challenging the ice cream vendor instead, your wife might be taking advantage to get free ice cream from the young man. But do you really think that’s fair? (Added the next to Cinema scenes for the Vendor while dating your wife)
  • And if you just want to have some fun with the wife, instead of watching the movie with your well spend money, that is also a possibility of course. (Ending the solo route for dating your wife in the cinema.)
  • Last time you were allowed to wash Lisa’s backside, would she allow you to wash her front now? And the choices you made has been remembered by your adopted daughter, just so you know.
  • Oh, if she would, with an emphasis on if, please keep in mind a teenager’s nipples can be pretty sensitive, again, just so you know. (Added the next two scenes with Lisa showers after your NTD)
  • Did you enjoy the swimming lessons with Jack? Nice..And did Michelle enjoy it as well getting his number? Great, then you can now invite him every Sunday for a little swimming fun. (Added a repeatable part for Jack’s storyline to be continued)
  • Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))


  • Added an indication to show you when the Hidden Stats have reached maximum level
  • Updated the Scene Checker
  • Reworked something for the Scene Checker to improve the usability

Bug fixing:

  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed a bug with Lin’s last event, so you can now have more scenes at home
  • Fixed some smaller bugs


  • Some don’t act well in front of the camera, but that doesn’t apply to our good old mc. He doesn’t seem to be himself when he knows someone is monitoring him.
  • They sometimes say make yourself at home. Which Helena takes literally, because it’s her house. But how does your wife react to this? (Added two visits with your wife at Helena’s house (triggers automatically in the morning if you are on this route)
  • You expected Helena to reveal to your wife you’ve known each other for a long time. But it looks like she’s on your side. What else could she do for you? (Added a new dialogue at Helena’s in the evening after the first visit with your wife)
  • Greg is back at the bar either to dance with your wife or a friend to dance with. A nice Latin lady in her early twenties. Will he allow you to dance with her (as well)? (Added the next Bar date with your wife. Sunday at 20:00 o’clock. Living room.)
  • (Added some more fun with your wife in the living room)
  • Bob and Barbara can’t wait to be invited over for another session. What will your wife have come up with this time? (Added the next session visit of Bob and Barbara. Triggers automatically if you’re on the Park Couple route)
  • You cannot wash each other with a No Touch Deal. Or can you? Not with your hands of course..but perhaps there is a way for that. Lisa seems to have found a solution for it. (Added the next shower time, for the NTD with Lisa. 16:00-17:00 o’clock)
  • Depending on the direction you have chosen in this route as you follow it, Nina is slowly introduced to the world of male or female domination. And this time she will tighten or loosen the strings. If you invite the neighbor again.
  • If you take the optional detour route with Nina, you know she has already peed in their bathtub, but the female resident wants to go one step further this time. (Added scenes for two roads for Nina)
  • Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))

Bug fixing:

  • Fixed some smaller bugs


  • Helena would like to invite you again with your wife. The older woman is not going to tell her about your affair now, is she?
  • Your wife has just undressed herself to put on her bathing suit in a room secured by camera surveillance. Whatever you decide, remember someone could be watching. (Added two visits with your wife at Helena’s house (if you are on this route)
  • Greg is hoping for some Dirty Dancing with your wife or at least a decent one, but whether he can do that is up to you. (Added the next Bar visit with your wife)
  • A whole new world opens up for Nina since she’s first been intimate. She has discovered a new position to try. Makes sense to her because she’s only 19, but aren’t you too old for this Kamasutra stuff?
  • You can invite the older or younger neighbor as well depending on your previous choice, not yet for the Kama Sutra, but for some fun.
  • And then there’s the couple expecting Nina and you to visit. At least if you go that route to pee with them. (Added scenes for all three roads for Nina)
  • For those who answered yes or maybe to the special training method Jill had in mind, she is now waiting for you at home. (Added the first indoor mission with Jill (included a small Minigame)
  • Lisa has no trouble showing more of herself now that you’ve closed a No Touch Deal. But does that really have to be breakfast with your wife around? (Added some new scenes at breakfast for Lisa (If you have the NTD with her)
  • Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))


  • Fixed a bug with the last Bar event of Michelle, so you have to play this scene new
  • Fixed some smaller bugs

Installation Guide

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “ThePromise.exe” to start playing.

Developer Notes

Developer/Publisher: Xagrim’s Gameforge Patreon – Discord – Buy me a Coffee – Web –

Additional info

It is made with Ren‘Py and with 3D renders and animations (DAZ3D). The game has an individual main story (The Promise) and a global main story. (But you mustn’t follow it when you didn’t like it). It give much sidestories and smaller events which based on your decisions. It is possible that you close a route or get a different outcome.
Over 11000 images
Over 750.000 words completely proofread by SDevil (95 % of the game)
Animations fo some situations
Two jobs (Waste Collector, Farmer) with unique events, the outcome depends on your decisions and small side events.
Some locations to explore : 3 Districts with townhall, shop, bar, clothes store, cinema, public pool, farm , park and landfill
Depended on your interests and gameplay some hours of playtime.

Android problems

New Fix
Android 1
Backup your save files, theycould be here: 
android/data/<promise save file folder> or here: SD:/Android/data/com.{gamename}.program/files/saves/.
For Samsung you can use this:
1) Connect HP to PC
2) Find under Android/data/tp.ea
3) Save “tp.ea” folder into PC
4) Unplug HP, uninstall old game and install the new game (0.61)
5) Create a new save file
6) Connect HP to PC and find “tp.ea” as per step (2)
7) Delete/Replace “tp.ea” folder with the old one as per step (3)

Android 2

1) Go to settings>app>google play store>disable app.
2) Install game.
3) (Optional) Enable back Google play store

Backup your save files, they could be here: android/data/<promise save file folder> or here: SD:/Android/data/com.{gamename}.program/files/saves/. For Samsung you can use this:
1) Connect HP to PC
2) Find under Android/data/tp.ea
3) Save “tp.ea” folder into PC
4) Unplug HP, uninstall old game and install the new game (0.61)
5) Create a new save file
6) Connect HP to PC and find “tp.ea” as per step (2)
7) Delete/Replace “tp.ea” folder with the old one as per step (3)
Deleted the game and every trace of the game.
Or you can try this first:
How To Fix Android Won’t Download Apps | Technobezz
How to Fix Android App Not Installed Error? (


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