Pokémon ‘H’ Version [v0.14A]

Pokémon ‘H’ Version

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Version: 0.385A

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Game Info

Name: Pokémon ‘H’ Version

Version: 0.385A

Updated: 2023-05-25 13:22:21

Sexual Orientation: Furry Games

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Bestially, Exhibitionism, Female/Male domination, Male Protagonist, Parody, Pokemon, Relationship/Dating sim, Straight, Trainer, Turn base combat, Yuri


Old school Pokemon game with a perverted twist! You play as Caleb, a senior Field Researcher and Pokemon Trainer as you traverse the Sinova Region to train a new lab-created Pokemon while uncovering the conspiracy of Team Creation; a cult of deviants hell-bent on restarting the life cycle of all living things. Features a narrative-based Romance system (akin to a dating sim) for your Rival and fellow field Researcher, and a pet system that allows you to raise certain Waifumons (for naughty reasons), and many, many quests and events!


Build 0.385a [20/5/2023]

Bug Fixes and Misc changes.

– A bunch of bugfixes for Goblin’s side quests mod.
– Fixed grammatical mistakes.
– Some collision issues.


– More Sonia content (rejoice)
– More Asha content (talk to her in the beachside cafe top floor, ask her out for a date)
– New Special Event Mon Drakaiden is here! (CGs are unlocked in the gallery after you catch her, since your Goblin Chief insists that her scenes be unlocked in her future side quests.)
– An entire freaking mountain + a couple of side quests.
– More Suzume content (Challenge her again, but this time in the Mountains.)
– Team Rocket is back under new leadership(to be revealed). They now run an under-the-counter poaching syndicate that you can (optionally) participate in. (Nobody ever said that Caleb was a saint.)
– Another few new Side Quests for your waifumon, courtesy of Gobbo Chief man.
– Misc fixes here and there. Do tell us if we missed anything.

In the next update, it will be a slightly smaller one that focuses mainly on the 4th Gym, as well as two new outpost/towns that connect to the Mountain. Vaporean is also finally making its appearance in-game! (you asked for it boyos)

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

1. Aside from the CGs/sex scenes already planned, everything else will be determined by patrons. Such as your favorite pairings, waifumons, sex positions, etc.


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