Parasite Black

Parasite Black

Damned Studios

Version: 0.148

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A full grown, dim dream grown-up sandbox game set in Mirnos, a world under the savage surge of a hazardous, unusual race known as the Demorai. Naturally introduced to the Kingdom of Alderay, you’re sent on a self destruction mission that ought to have cost you your life. All things considered, you’ve been honored with another opportunity… Or on the other hand rather reviled. Be that as it may, with your newly discovered “gift”, you may simply have the option to change the tides of war and save the domain from the grasp of the Demorai!


0.148 TECH BUILD! (Available to Infantry Knight and above!)
Please read before playing: All tech builds focus on improving the general gameplay/technical under the hood aspects of the game. The focus is NOT on adding new content to the game … That will be the next build.
With that said, the lewd scenes in the prologue have been re-done … Check em out…
0.148 changelog:

– removed a 9-page limit on saves

– added a load button to the save screen

– new hospital background

– new novaras smithy background

– new arlena bedroom background

– new nijah prologue missionary anims

– new kiara prologue cowgirl anims & narrative

– new kiara prologue bj anim

– ridiculous amount of typos fixed (hats off to Ivann for the majority of these, AGAIN)

– new inventory system

– inventory & battle item tooltips

– in battle, every char now has a unique item belt

– container system (just mc’s chest at home atm)

– skill & status effect tooltips in battle

– battle now has a text-based log

– in battle, if there’s only 1 player side character, auto-selection happens – fixed adara double-blushing occasionally

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Hello everyone!
We are Damned studios, an independent team of many talented people from different countries working together on an ambitious adult gaming project called PARASITE BLACK that we want you to be a part of!

Our hard-working team is comprised of:
Our hard-working coders LaCroix and Koustucha!
Our Incredibly talented artists! Stanivuk, Dy_Gusa, Eclipse and Leksa!
The ever-charming writer Lostraven!
Our wonderful musician Kaizeron!
And JIM! Our PR Manager!
Parasite Black we think and hope is going to be one of the most exciting, mature Adult games available, but we can ONLY continue to work on it with your support!
But not to worry, we’re not going to ask you to just trust us on faith!
We have an entire full build available here for the Prologue section of the game that we think you guys are going to LOVE!
Join us on discord, or better yet support us here to grab dozens of fantastic perks and goodies!
The team wishes to thank you wholeheartedly for playing our game,
WelcomeTo Parasite Black


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