Multiverse Ballance [v0.3.1]

Multiverse Ballance

Rose Games

Version: v0.9.8.3part1 + Halloween Special

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Multiverse Ballance: Seducing Your Way to a Multiversal Encore

The fluorescent lights hummed their monotonous dirge, a fitting soundtrack to your corporate demise. Exhausted, burnt out, you take your last breath – a victim of the modern world’s insatiable hunger for productivity. But before the oblivion of non-existence claims you, a vision unfolds. A stunning succubus, her curves as captivating as her crimson horns, offers a proposition that shatters the boundaries of life and death.

“Multiverse Ballance” by Rose Games isn’t your typical afterlife simulator. Forget pearly gates and fiery pits. Here, your chance at redemption hinges on a single, crucial element – seduction. This succubus, a being of unparalleled beauty and insatiable desire, craves a specific energy: the raw, primal essence unlocked through electrifying sexual encounters. Sign the contract, and you’ll embark on a journey unlike any other – a multiversal odyssey fueled by carnal pleasure.

But this is no mere romp through a cosmic brothel. “Multiverse Ballance” hinges on a delicate equilibrium. To earn your coveted rebirth, you must not only satisfy the succubus’ desires but also maintain the “Multiverse Ballance.” This means ensuring each universe you visit experiences a surge in its own unique form of sexual energy. Whether it’s the passionate fire of a warrior race or the cerebral allure of a telepathic species, you must adapt your approach, becoming a master of seduction across realities.

Cunning and “devilish” tactics are not only encouraged, they’re essential. Utilize your newfound demonic abilities to charm, manipulate, and even bend the rules of reality (within reason, of course) to ensure each encounter is a roaring success. Perhaps you’ll exploit a warrior king’s competitive spirit with a playful wager, the prize being a night of unimaginable pleasure. Or maybe you’ll tap into the telepathic network of a peaceful civilization, weaving a tapestry of shared desires that leaves them breathless.

“Multiverse Ballance” offers a unique blend of strategic gameplay, erotic exploration, and a captivating narrative. Each universe provides a fresh canvas for your seductive exploits, with diverse characters, cultures, and kinks to discover. The more universes you conquer, the more powerful your connection with the succubus becomes. But be warned, the line between fulfilling the contract and succumbing to your own desires is a thin one.

Are you ready to embrace your inner demon, become a master of multiversal seduction, and secure a rebirth of your choosing? Then step into the thrilling world of “Multiverse Ballance” and rewrite your fate.



-New content with Hinata
-New content with Kurenai
100+ renders
10+ animations


-New content with Naruto (fight scene)
-New content with Ino (rude fantasy)
100+ renders
10+ animations

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

The new version always comes out first on the Patreon (after the release of the new version)


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