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Light-Space Love: Unraveling Forbidden Desires Among the Stars

Forget the sterile sterility of traditional space exploration games. Halftilt’s Light-Space Love throws you into a universe teeming with fascinating alien species and the exhilarating task of interspecies procreation – with a twist. As Captain Linessa Star, you lead Repopulation Colony: Deep Six Nine, a pioneering Federation outpost dedicated to assisting endangered Xeno species, not just through technology, but through the most intimate act imaginable: Light-Space Love.

The Allure of Intergalactic Intimacy:

Light-Space Love isn’t your typical space opera. Here, the mission extends far beyond conquering planets or battling alien invaders. The Federation’s revolutionary genetic technology allows humans to form deep bonds with Xeno species, forging connections that transcend language barriers and ignite a fire of interspecies desire. As Captain Star, you’re not just a leader, you’re a pioneer of love, tasked with recruiting Xenos into your colony and fostering a vibrant melting pot of interspecies relationships.

A Memory Lapse and a Colony in Disarray:

The story takes a captivating turn when Captain Star returns from a year-long diplomatic mission with a significant portion of her memories erased. Unsure of what transpired on the alien world, she must embark on a dual quest: rebuild her shattered memories and revitalize her struggling colony. Was her memory loss accidental, or was it a deliberate act to conceal a forbidden love affair? The answer lies amidst the stars, waiting to be unearthed.

Unlocking Worlds and Unraveling Secrets:

Light-Space Love unfolds across a vast and diverse galaxy. Each new alien world you visit isn’t just a recruitment opportunity, but a potential key to unlocking your missing memories. Imagine encountering the Sytharians, a race of tall, blue-skinned humanoids with a culture that celebrates uninhibited physical expression. Picture the Avali, avian-like creatures known for their telepathic abilities and deep emotional connections. Every species offers a unique opportunity for interspecies romance and a new piece of the puzzle.

Beyond Duty: Love, Lust, and the Power of Choice:

Light-Space Love delves into the complexities of interspecies relationships. Will you approach your mission with a clinical eye, prioritizing genetic compatibility? Or will you allow your heart to guide you, pursuing genuine love connections across the boundaries of species and culture? The game explores the emotional and physical aspects of love in a diverse and liberated way, catering to a wide range of desires and fantasies.

Ready to Embark on a Light-Space Love Journey?

Light-Space Love is a refreshing departure from traditional spacefaring games. It’s a captivating story of love, loss, and self-discovery interwoven with the exploration of interspecies intimacy. Will you prioritize duty and repopulate your colony, or will you succumb to the allure of forbidden love and unlock the secrets of your past? Step into the shoes of Captain Star and embark on a light-filled journey through the galaxy, where every encounter holds the potential for love, lust, and a future bathed in the warm glow of interspecies connection.



  • New Game Mode – Martial Training
    • Adds the Martial Training game mode which can be unlocked in the Ka’Lik’s dojo on Ukka’Kizz.
    • This game mode is a “Rock, Paper, Scissors” based game mode with a few lewd twists.
    • This game mode introduces our first implementation of an “upgrade system” for a game mode.
  • Linessa will now be shown on the map – she will be near the entrance that you’ve just come through.
  • Added new locations to Ukka’Kizz, such as the Ka’Lik’s Dojo and the Sensor Tower.
  • Finished the mission-line for Episode 1, this mission ends after Linessa confronts the Ka’Lik; you can continue playing afterwards.
  • Added a new animation for when male enemies ej*culate by themselves during Diplomacy.
  • Increased the chance for a character in a specific position to perform a skill related to the position they are in (e.g. a character having oral s*x is more likely to use the Oral S*x skill).
  • Added the Bl*wjob position to the Blowj*b skill in Diplomacy.
  • Linessa can now gain funding for her station if she loses her match during the Gro’n Gala-Kor tournament.
    • You can now throw your match before the battle begins if you’ve been approached by Vaxus with his offer.
  • Added a feedback button to the end of each game mode and Diplomacy encounter. Please give us feedback, I’d love to hear it to see how I can improve Light-Space Love!!!
  • Added a music stinger to the end of Diplomacy encounters based on how the encounter ended.

Arcade Changes

  • Added the Martial Training game mode to the arcade.
  • Added scaling enemies to the Random Encounter, now enemies within the Arcade and Simulation will scale to the player’s level and be more durable as a result.

Misc. Changes

  • Added a Log to track console errors that may have occurred; this logfile is added to the save folder location.
  • Updated the status effect manager to function similarly to other managers.
  • Updated sound effects, such as the teleport, button click, male enemy ej*culation , etc.
  • Changed orgasm cut-in for female enemies.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with updating old saves, allowing you to start a new game with your character’s current progress.
  • Fixed a stealth bug where clicking on a door multiple times increases the stealth difficulty.
  • Normalized volume for hypnotize sound effect.
  • Fixed map unlocks on the Kardassimin Prison waypoint.
  • Dialogue scenes should no longer fade in if the screen is already black/faded in.
  • Fixed the attribute buttons in the attribute assignment window.
  • Usura’s dialogue in the upgrade section (not yet implemented) should now work when you click on her.
  • Added placeholder character sprites to characters that were missing sprites.
  • Fixed the calculation for enemies or players saying something during Diplomacy, game over or a game mode – previously this dialogue was playing much less (or not at all) due to the calculation being reversed.
  • Fixed an issue with additional turns while using the Sensual Diplomacy Context where the turn manager would get stuck if an enemy had an org*sm during their turns.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tournament Game Over event might freeze towards the end of the encounter.
  • The exhibitionist skill and player nudity tracking has been fixed – sometimes during Diplomacy, the character sprite and animation would not match the player’s clothing state.


  • Save Update feature is getting players soft-locked when choosing the option to restart the game.
    • If you updated your previous save, do not overwrite or delete it if you wan to keep your progress, once version 0.45 is released and this issue is fixed, you should be able to update your broken save.
  • Losing to Alliqua in the boss encounter is causing the screen to go white and crash.

Hey there, Halftilt here with a changelog on what to expect in Phase 4 of the Episode 1 update. This changelog applies to the current version that is being released on SubscribeStar and Patreon — with plans to release on the 2nd of February publicly for all.

Gameplay Changes
Gro’n Gala’Kor Game Over

  • Added the playable Game Over for the tournament (Gro’n Gala’Kor) when Linessa is defeated in the tournament.
    • Linessa must satisfy the audience upon her defeat.
  • Added the start of a new mission-line, allowing Linessa to meet the Ka’Lik if she chooses to lose 5 matches in a row instead.

Save Versioning

  • Added save versioning. When you try to load a save from a previous version, you’ll be prompted to update your save, which will keep your level and skill progression.
    • You can either start a new game with your current progress or start from a determined point (starting just before the latest content).

Additional Changes

  • Game Over scenes are now skippable if you press the ESC button; but only if you’ve completed a Game Over scene once.
  • Added a load screen before starting the game instead of waiting on a blank screen for the main menu to load.
  • Fixed load time on start up, the game should load much faster now on mobile and PC.
  • Changed the soundtrack for Repopulation Colony: Deep 69.
  • The random encounters in the Holo-Dick will now use scaling enemies (these enemies will grow stronger as you increase your level).
  • Added new enemy types.

Arcade Changes

  • Added the new Game Over scene when Linessa is defeated in the Gro’n Gala’Kor.
  • Added logic to the Arcade to allow the player to unlock scenes upon visiting them.
    • The Trial of Piety & first Game Over must now be unlocked before being accessible in the arcade.

UI Changes

  • Removed remaining text that referred to Indecency, everything should reference L.O.V.E. now instead.
  • Removed some typeahead text, and increased type speed in some menus.

Misc. Changes

  • Added an Expression’s Manager class, which will be used in future game modes and game overs to manage Linessa’s expression.
  • Added a Cum Manager class, which will be used in future game modes and game overs to manage cum on Linessa.
  • Rebalanced pleasure damage.
  • Added a new Kiss Cut-In for Lizardmen enemy types.
  • Added an enemy type data manager, this will keep track of different enemies during an encounter, related to their unique dialogue and genital color – this will be used in future game modes and game overs.
  • Changed audio pre-loading, now instead of loading all the audio at the start of the game, audio and soundtracks will be loaded into memory as needed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where enemy orgasms aren’t being tracked in Diplomacy and other game modes.
    • Known Issue: Some sex skills and partners are not being tracked properly.
  • Fixed issue in Clothing Replicator that allowed Linessa to remain undressed.
  • The Kissing Captain skill should now apply the Captivate effect properly on crits.
  • Updated mobile data import scripts – sometimes the game would freeze if the files weren’t referenced properly.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

What is Light-Space Love?
Light-Space Love is a table-top inspired RPG, it’s dialogue driven and doesn’t have any combat, instead problems are solved with the use of your character’s skills, dialogue choices and actions you take. Light-Space Love also has some breeding and reputation management systems as well.

You play as the alluring Captain Linessa Star, Commander of the repopulation colony known as Deep Six Nine. All sex scenes are played out via dialogue with different branching paths based on your character’s skills and choices. Some sex scenes are also integrated in unlockable mini-games (or side jobs) that can be help to advance your character, build your reputation and grow your colony.


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