Into The Nyx

Into The Nyx

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Version: 0.20R1

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Game Info

Name: Into The Nyx

Version: 0.20R1

Updated: 2023-06-08 08:38:37

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Big Ass, Boobjob, Handjob, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Point and Click, PUZZLE, Sandbox, sci-fi, thighjob


At the dawn of the 26th century the last hope to prevent the extinction of mankind lies lost and adrift on the star-ship Artemis. At least until your cryo-pod malfunctions and they wake you up that is. And let me tell you, Cryo-Interruption Trauma is a first rate bitch! Imagine being in the middle of the deepest, greatest sleep of your life and having someone douse you with ice water, blast air horns in both your ears, blind you with old time flash photography, warm you back up with a flame thrower, and then kick you in the groin so hard you feel like your testicles are in your throat! Slight disorientation my ass! But oh well, most of it goes away pretty quickly. And now I’m here, and they tell me that locked within my genomes may be the keys to saving life as we know it. Who knows, maybe I’ll be a hero, or make some new friends. If nothing else It should be one kick ass adventure. What the hell, It’s not like I’ve got anything better to do. So yeah, lets go


We have further refined the gameplay mechanics based on your feedback. Your insights and suggestions have played a crucial role in shaping this update.
One of the most notable additions to this version is the expansion of the storyline. We have carefully crafted an intriguing new chapter that will take you deeper into the world of Into The Nyx.
To enhance your visual experience, we have rendered an assortment of 388 stunningly detailed CG’s. We understand that your feedback is important in our continuous improvement, and we eagerly await your thoughts on version 0.20.

Game Content:
80 stunning new renders with one 1440p res multi-frame animation
Multiple new events with multiple characters.

New Features:
Updates Sandbox location expansion
Added support for wide camera animations
Menu updates so it’s less intrusive

General Stats:
~1,756 dialogue blocks
~430 photo-realistic images

Backend Changes:

Bug Fixes:

Breaking Changes:

Knows Issues:

Other Notes:

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Cheat code is made public in few days or get it here.


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