Version: v1.2

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Game Info

Name: CaptainVRse

Version: v1.2

Updated: 2024-04-08 11:58:41

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Ahegao, Animated, Blowjob, Cunnilingus, dystopian, Fingering, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Male Protagonist, Milf, Mobile Game, Parody, Romance, Teasing, Virgin, Voyeurism


Step into the shoes of the Captain of the Hyperion as he stars in his own story, traveling through unfamiliar worlds with familiar faces. Acting as a test subject for a new AE experiment to replicate the Elysian Realm, through probably avoidable circumstances the Captain becomes trapped in virtual reality and has to find a way out. Aside from the many obstacles in each world, a wonderful opportunity is presented as all the girls find themselves feeling slightly more lustful.
Become the hero, save your fellow Valkyries, and find a way out of the virtual world.

This is a parody of the gatcha game Honkai Impact 3rd and, in time, will feature many if not all characters from the game.
Despite the obvious lewd contents of the game I’m focusing on a dramatic, thrilling and emotional story.
If you’re just looking for Honkai porn check out my Pixiv instead.


Full Version 1.1
2 Theresa Character Quests
2 Himeko Character Quests
1 Theresa x Himeko Quest
1 Dream Sequence (Bonus Scene)

Full Version 1.1
2 Kiana Character Quests
2 Mei Character Quests
1 Kiana x Mei Quest
1 Dream Sequence (Bonus Scene)

Full Version 1.0
2 Durandal Quests
2 Senti Quests

Full Version 0.9
1 Main Quest
2 Bronya Quests
2 Seele Quests
1 ??????? Quest

Added bug-fix patch

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

This is the Demo version for the game I’m developing, CaptainVRse. The full version, on my Patreon, has more content and will me updated with more chapters than the Demo version. This Demo exists for those who might be on the fence about subscribing, and for those who can’t afford to due to other responsibilities.
I hope you all enjoy the game and please consider supporting.SSS Requested images can be found in the Mega Link


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