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Hypnosis Reimu: Where Innocence Meets Forbidden Desires

Pyon-Pyon-Pyon’s Hypnosis Reimu delves far deeper than your average hypnosis simulator. Sure, you take control – not of a faceless subject, but of the captivating Reimu Hakurei, shrine maiden extraordinaire. But unlike the traditional methods of channeling spirits and vanquishing yokai, here you wield the power of suggestion, unlocking hidden desires within Reimu’s seemingly stoic exterior.

Hypnosis Reimu offers a unique blend of strategy and seduction. Through a series of daily and training commands, you slowly chip away at Reimu’s defenses, planting the seeds of suggestibility within her mind. These commands aren’t just mundane chores; they’re carefully chosen to nudge Reimu towards a specific path, one of four to be exact.

The first path, “perception alteration,” offers a playful exploration of shifting realities. Imagine Reimu seeing you as a powerful youkai lord, her normally sharp focus replaced by a mesmerizing awe. Perhaps you could convince her to see the world through a more sensual lens, her once-pristine shrine transformed into a canvas for forbidden desires.

The second path, “sexual prostitution,” is a bold exploration of submissive desire. Through carefully worded commands and a touch of hypnotic manipulation, you could awaken a yearning within Reimu, a yearning to fulfill your every fantasy. Imagine her, the revered shrine maiden, transformed into a willing servant, her unwavering faith replaced by a fervent devotion to you.

The third path, “obedience to commands,” caters to those who crave absolute control. With each hypnotic suggestion, Reimu’s free will loosens, replaced by an unwavering desire to obey your every whim. Imagine her, the once-independent miko, reduced to a loyal puppet, her every action dictated by your whispered commands.

The final path, “lover,” takes a more intimate approach. Here, the focus shifts from dominance to a gradual blossoming of affection. Through gentle suggestions and shared experiences, you could cultivate a deep emotional connection with Reimu, her initial wariness melting away as she succumbs to the power of your hypnotic charm.

Hypnosis Reimu offers a captivating journey of exploration, both internal and external. As you delve deeper into the hypnotic arts, you’ll not only unlock the secrets of Reimu’s desires, but also confront your own motivations. Will you exploit her vulnerability for your own gratification, or will you forge a genuine connection built on mutual trust and desire? The choice is yours, master hypnotist.

Are you ready to embark on a journey where suggestion becomes seduction and the lines between reality and fantasy blur? Download Hypnosis Reimu today and discover the depths of desire that lie dormant within the heart of the shrine maiden.


v1.13 (Apr/04/2024)
Bug fixes

v1.12 (Apr/03/2024)
Bug fixes

v1.11 (Mar/12/2024)
Bug fixes

v1.10 (Mar/08/2024)

v1.05 (Dec/13/2023)
Bug fixes

v1.04 (Dec/12/2023)
Bug fixes

v1.03 (Dec/09/2023)
Bug fixes
Content added

v1.02 (Nov/28/2023)
Bug fixes
Content added

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Seduce the shrine maiden of paradise!
A hypnosis simulation game with Live2D!
With the ability to hypnotize, you succeed in hypnotizing Hakurei Reimu, who you admire.
Develop Reimu’s body and make her yours by deeply hypnotizing her.
[Game Overview] – A hypnosis simulation game in which you hypnotize Reimu by executing daily commands and training commands . – You can ultimately choose from four types of hypnosis: “perception alteration,” “sexual prostitution,” “obedience to commands,” and “lover.”
– Operate using only the mouse. [CG content, etc.],
– All standing pictures and training scenes are Live2D animation compatible,
– Standing picture variations,
– Clothes, (normal, underwear, nude),
– Breasts (small breasts, normal breasts, large breasts), Futanari〇Breastmilk, etc.
– Training scenes
〇Approximately 30 types of commands,
– Variations similar to the standing pictures〇Training scenes are almost fully voiced [Credits]
– BGM Ibiza ( https://twitter.com/Ibiza_toubu )
– Voice (Hakurei Reimu) Hiyori Aoi Yuka ( https://twitter.com/yukanyan2525 )
– Others Sanpyon ( https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/8314 )
– Translation (English) DLsite Works Translation Service ( https://www.dlsite.com/home/circle/translation )
– Translation (Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)) GT Japanese-Chinese Translation Chen ( https://twitter.com/GT_Translate )
– This work was created with great influence from the era series created by Circle Baku and the eratoho series created by volunteers.
[Latest version] 2024/04/04: Product version (ver.1.13) released For detailed corrections, please see the article in Ci-en below. https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/8314/article/1004764


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