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Conquest & Desire: Where Dungeon Delving Meets Forbidden Pleasures

Ellabelle’s Conquest & Desire isn’t your typical dungeon crawler. Sure, it boasts seven sprawling labyrinths teeming with monstrous adversaries and glittering treasures. But beneath the clatter of steel and the growl of beasts lurks a world where conquest takes on a decidedly more… carnal connotation. Conquest & Desire is the spiritual successor to Alchemy Quest, but instead of brewing potions, you’ll be brewing a potent cocktail of desire and dungeon domination.

The game unfolds with a tantalizing branching narrative. You, the intrepid explorer, delve headfirst into the depths of these mysterious dungeons, each one harboring its own secrets and a bewitching guardian. These guardians aren’t your typical fire-breathing dragons or hulking cyclopses. They are alluring women, each with their own captivating story and a unique set of desires. A seductive succubus might guard the fiery depths of the Molten Chasm, her power escalating with every stolen kiss and whispered promise. A stoic warrior queen might preside over the crystalline halls of the Frost Keep, her lessons in combat punctuated by moments of intense physical intimacy.

The key to conquering these dungeons lies not just in brute force, but in understanding the desires of these alluring guardians. Will you exploit their vulnerabilities to secure victory, or will you forge a deeper connection, unlocking their true potential as allies (and perhaps, lovers)? Conquest & Desire offers a rich tapestry of relationships to explore, each encounter a step closer to unraveling the mysteries of the labyrinth and unlocking the secrets within yourself.

But Conquest & Desire isn’t just about one-on-one encounters. The game boasts a diverse cast of characters beyond the dungeon guardians. A band of adventurous rogues might offer assistance (and companionship) for a share of the spoils. A wizened old sorceress might dispense cryptic advice in exchange for a… “personal favor.” The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination (and stamina).

Conquest & Desire offers an unparalleled level of customization. Hundreds of unique skills allow you to tailor your combat approach to suit your playstyle. Discover powerful spells that cripple your foes, or hone your blade to become a whirlwind of carnal conquest. The loot system is equally diverse, offering not just potent weapons and armor, but also tantalizing trinkets and artifacts that enhance your… performance in the heat of battle (or the throes of passion).

So, are you ready to delve into the depths of desire and conquer the very dungeons that seek to conquer you? Download Conquest & Desire today and embark on a journey where every encounter is a thrilling mix of combat, seduction, and self-discovery.


Added new girl: Della the Drow
Added new dungeon: The Dusklands
Added new Class: Windwalker
Added a turnorder to order

Adds an entire new dungeon and another girl to interact with.
New enemies added that pose a unique challenge.
New lewds added to old content.
Evoker and Paladin class works slightly different now.

The biggest changes is that there is a stash available to make item management more streamlined and there’s some bonus lewd art interspersed in dialogues if you pick the right options.

Hey, the 0.2 patch added a lot of missing content and fixed a lot of the stuff people found annoying to deal with.
New lewd scenes have been added to all available characters. +1 secret bonus.
Special encounters have been added to dungeons above difficulty 1.
The second chapter of the story have been added.
Due to complaints you can now give 1 gift per day to each girl, instead of 1 total.

Initial Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

If there is is something specific you’d want see added in future versions I’d love to hear your suggestions at Discord


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