Hitomi’s Sick Pleasure

Hitomi’s Sick Pleasure


Version: v0.57.5

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Hitomi’s Sick Pleasure: Where Forbidden Desires Collide

The line between love and lust can be a precarious one, especially when family dynamics come into play. “Hitomi’s Sick Pleasure” by PantsuDelver delves into a complex narrative, exploring the forbidden desires that simmer beneath the surface of a seemingly ordinary family. The story unfolds through the eyes of both Asahi, a troubled high school student, and his mother, Hitomi, a woman yearning for connection, albeit in an unconventional way.

“Hitomi’s Sick Pleasure” isn’t your typical coming-of-age story. Asahi, a young man burdened by the bullying of a neighborhood hoodlum, Hiroto, finds himself isolated and unable to confide in his mother, Hitomi. The emotional distance between them creates a void, a yearning for connection that neither quite knows how to address. Hitomi, sensing her son’s withdrawal, desperately seeks to understand and support him. But her efforts take an unexpected turn, leading her down a path of sick pleasure.

As Asahi grapples with the humiliation inflicted by Hiroto, Hitomi’s concern for her son morphs into something more primal. The vulnerability she witnesses in him ignites a dormant fire within her, a yearning for a connection that transcends the boundaries of mother and child. This awakening desire fuels Hitomi’s Sick Pleasure, a dark secret that threatens to shatter the fragile peace of their family unit.

“Hitomi’s Sick Pleasure” offers a unique perspective swap, allowing you to experience the story through the eyes of both Asahi and Hitomi. As Asahi, you’ll feel the sting of betrayal, the helplessness of being bullied by Hiroto. But you’ll also witness the blossoming awareness of your own burgeoning sexuality, a confusing cocktail of anger and newfound desire. Through Hitomi’s perspective, you’ll delve into the complexities of a mother’s love, the desperate yearning for connection, and the shocking realization of her own sick pleasure at her son’s vulnerability.

“Hitomi’s Sick Pleasure” challenges you to confront the complexities of desire and family bonds. Will Asahi succumb to the anger and humiliation inflicted by Hiroto, or will he find a way to break free and forge healthier connections? Will Hitomi’s sick pleasure consume her, destroying the fragile trust between mother and son? The choices you make, as you navigate the story through each character’s eyes, will determine the fate of this family, rewriting a narrative where love, lust, and forbidden desires collide with explosive consequences. Are you ready to delve into the darkness, explore the depths of Hitomi’s Sick Pleasure, and see where this twisted tale of family dysfunction leads?


-1 new CG(BBC)
-2500 words added
– 60% of the content has been translated into Russian, thanks to Dmitry Osadchuk. He hardly used machine translation, opting to do it manually instead. The translation isn’t continuous, so if you encounter a section in English, it might switch back to Russian after a while.

-5 new CGs with many variations (5 Slave NTR ending)
-12000 words added

-4 new CGs (3 Slave NTR ending/1 BBC subroute)
-1 mini CG (BBC subroute)
~10000-12000 words added. (~8000-10000 Slave NTR ending/2000 BBC subroute)
-Hiroto and some other sprites (bouncer, club background) have been overhauled

-5 new CGs (3 Slave BBC subroute/2 Cuck)
-12800+ words added. (7400 Slave BBC subroute/5400 Cuck)
-Hints system implemented
-“Separated ‘Start/continue’ into ‘To new content’ and ‘New Game’ because some folks weren’t aware of the ‘Start/continue’ function that allows you to jump straight into the new content.”

-4 new CGs (3 Slave BBC subroute/1 Cuck)
-New Hitomi’s outfit
-New Character
-New Backgrounds
-New music and sounds
-12000+ words added. (9000 Slave BBC subroute/3000 Cuck)
-The gallery has been revamped, and now each route is organized separately.
-Additionally, a progress button has been introduced, allowing to track progress individually

-4 new CGs (3 Slave BBC subroute/1 Cuck)
-1 Mini CG (Slave BBC subroute)
-12500+ words added. (9200 Slave BBC subroute/3300 Cuck)
-New Background
-New Body Hair scenes

-8 new CGs (8 Slave/Corruption ending path)
-19000+ words added. (Slave/Corruption ending path)
-Counter how many scenes seen (“Extra”)
-New sprites (pregnant Hitomi)
-New emotions
-New character (Isao)
-Corruption Ending Finished
-New backgrounds

-6 new CGs (6 Slave)
-12500+ words added. (Slave)
-New body hair CG (Wedding)

-6 new CGs (6 Slave/ 1 additional variation to the existing CG in Cuck)
-1 Minig CG (Slave)
-10700+ words added. ( 9700 Slave/1000 Cuck) )
-Save Naming. Although it might block some UI on android, so, you can turn that feature on/off in the options.
-More russian translated text (60%) (Partly by a human, but mostly machine)

-4 new CGs (1 Slave with many variations/3 Cuck)
-2 Mini CGs (Slave)
-7700+ words added. (5500 Slave/2200 Cuck)
-New Hitomi’s Outfit. (Slave)
-Chinese Translation (Machine)
-New body hair CG (cuck/toilet)
-New Background

-1 new CG. (1 Slave with many variations)
-5400+ words added. (3100 Slave/2300 Cuck)
-New Natsuki’s Outfit.
-Full Spanish Translation (Machine with corrections)
-Partly Russian Translation (10%)

-5 new CGs.
-1 new animation
-7200+ words added.
-New Outfits.

-4 new CGs.
-1 new animation
-1 mini CGs.
-13.800+ words added.
-New Outfits.
-New Backgrounds.
-Removed 32-bit support.

-5 new CGs.
-1 mini CGs.
-13.500+ words added.
-New Natsuki’s Outfit.
-New Background.
-Text Speed value is saved after restart.

-4 new CGs.
-2 mini CGs.
-10.000+ words added.
-New character.
-New backgrounds, emotions.

-2 new CGs
-6.000+ words added.
– New outfits for each character.


Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes


If the game somehow prevents you from starting a new game or loading your save by asking you for a code (does not apply to the gallery), then do the following:
Delete “persistent” (in the folder) Users{username}AppDataRoamingRenPyHitomisSickPleasure-1649628230 and in the folder with saves HitomisSickPleasure-0.55.1-pcgamesaves and everything should be fine.
If you are playing on Android, reinstall the game.

I would appreciate it if you could send me a direct message detailing the sequence of your actions in the game before the glitch occurred, as I haven’t been able to replicate this bug myself.


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