Deep Vault 69

Deep Vault 69


Version: v0.3.0_a2

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Game Info

Name: Deep Vault 69

Version: v0.3.0_a2

Updated: 2024-04-13 11:50:28

Language: English, Russian

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 2DCG, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Humor, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Mobile Game, Parody, Point & Click, RPG, Sandbox, Voyeurism


Deep Vault 69: A Post-Apocalyptic Romp Through Pleasure and Peril

Howdy, vault dweller! You’ve been living a sheltered life in the luxurious confines of “Deep Vault 69,” a haven built to weather the apocalypse in style. Plush accommodations, gourmet meals prepared by gourmet robots, and a carefully curated selection of pre-war entertainment kept you and your fellow survivors blissfully ignorant of the wasteland above. But all good things must come to an end, even an apocalypse-proof paradise like “Deep Vault 69.” A malfunctioning pleasure bot incident (don’t ask) triggered a chain reaction, leaving the vault’s entertainment systems fried and your hormones singing the blues.

Cabin fever takes on a whole new meaning when you’re surrounded by beautiful men and women and the only “entertainment” available is a dusty copy of “Kama Sutra for Dummies.” The Overseer, a surprisingly progressive soul by post-apocalyptic standards, throws up their hands and declares, “Screw it! Time to explore the surface!”

Emerging from the vault door, blinking in the harsh sunlight, is like stepping onto a whole new kind of pleasure planet. Sure, the world is a smoldering wasteland, ravaged by nuclear war. But amidst the ruins lie the remnants of a civilization that knew a thing or two about indulging in the finer things in life. Think abandoned spas with fully functional hydro-massage chairs, or forgotten liquor stores overflowing with vintage aphrodisiacs.

“Deep Vault 69” isn’t just about survival; it’s about rediscovering the lost art of pleasure in a world gone mad. You’ll encounter diverse groups of survivors, each with their own take on post-apocalyptic hedonism. A tribe of Amazonian warriors worships a fertility goddess appeased through ritualistic wrestling matches (clothing optional, naturally). A group of tech-savvy scavengers have repurposed an old pleasure bot into a mobile massage parlor (with some… interesting modifications).

The lines between exploration, exploitation, and erotic adventure blur delightfully in “Deep Vault 69.” Every encounter offers a chance to utilize your pre-war knowledge and vault-honed survival skills. Maybe you use your bargaining power to convince a raider gang to trade their irradiated weaponry for a stash of pre-war pornography. Perhaps you employ your vault-provided combat training to defend a peaceful community of nudists from a band of puritanical mutants with a serious case of body image issues.

But be warned, the wasteland holds more than just pleasure palaces and friendly nudists. Mutant creatures with a taste for the… well, unusual, lurk around irradiated corners. Resource scarcity can lead to desperate measures, and not everyone is down with your “sharing is caring” approach to post-apocalyptic hedonism.

Ready to trade your sterile vault life for a world of post-apocalyptic pleasure and peril? “Deep Vault 69” waits! Explore a world ravaged by war, repopulated by diverse survivors, and fueled by the primal urge for pleasure. Just remember, partner, in the wasteland, even the most innocent massage can turn into a wild ride.



  • What’s new?
  • Completed first chapter for the main quest (+20 artifacts).
  • Event with Dr. Rhonda (+1 scene).
  • Event with Becky (+1 scene).
  • Event with Scavenger Marie (+1 scene + variant).
  • Test run of moving around the open world.
  • Test run of events in the open world.
  • Added West state university location in tex mode.
  • Updated appearance of the Main Character (male version).
  • Updated appearance of Becky Go.
  • Minor GUI updates.
  • Other minor changes.
  • The approximate time of passage is +~ 20 minutes.
  • Added all patrons (Resident+) until today.


  • The basic sprite of Miss Go has been updated.
  • The basic Linda sprite has been updated.
  • The Wipe sprite has been updated.
  • Updated the chibi sprite Wipe.
  • Added a full animated Linda 1 scene.
  • Added a full animated Linda 2 scene.
  • The Strange Store location has been added.
  • The character Asuka has been added.
  • Added the Asuka quest (1 scene).
  • The location of the Destroyed Shelter 67 has been partially updated.
  • The combat system has been partially updated.
  • The VATS system has been updated in battles.
  • The approximate time of passage is +~ 10 minutes.
  • Added all patrons (Resident+) until today.


  • The Masoch-Sacher House location has been added.
  • Added Wipe character.
  • Added a quest with Wipe.
  • Added a scene with Wipe(2 versions).
  • The VATS system has been added as a test in battles.
  • Test location “Destroyed Shelter 67”
  • Added enemy “Zombie”
  • Added enemy “Rat-hamster”
  • Added enemy “Mantis”
  • Added enemy “Overgrown Fly”
  • Updated menu for future version 0.3.0
  • Updated character selection screen.
  • Updated Dr. Hill sprite.
  • The approximate time of passage is +~ 10 minutes.
  • Added all patrons (Resident+) until today.


  • Updated the quest “Mother of twins”.
  • The quest of a young teacher has been updated.
  • Updated the scavenger quest on the surface.
  • New shelter map.
  • Updated locations to explore.
  • Updated enemy sprites.
  • Test launch of the “PC hacking” system.
  • Test launch of the “Crafting” system (at the scavengers).
  • Test launch of the “Orders” system (from scavengers).
  • Partial update of old art.
  • Fixed old bugs .
  • Added new bugs.


  • Updating the quest with Luna. (4 art)
  • Updated Bang scene (1 full animation)
  • Added a scene with Libby (1 full animation)
  • Updated scene with Linda
  • Updated the combat system.
  • – Editing a set of battle cards (in test mode).
  • – Added partner cards (in test mode).
  • – Added items used in battles.
  • Updated character sprites on locations.
  • – Cafe.
  • – Shower.
  • – Exit from the shelter.
  • The approximate time of passage is +~ 15 minutes.
  • Added all patrons (Resident+) until today.


  • Added a Bang quest (3 scene).
  • Updated and added locations on the world map.
  • Updated BILM.
  • Updated the impact of BILM on the open world.
  • Added items of equipment (may they forgive me for temporary placeholders from a famous game).
  • Added a mini-game “Fertilization” (several arts).
  • The gallery has been updated.
  • Some minor fixes.


  1. Updated the main quest (Some scenes).
  2. Added Nikki’s quest (1 full animation).
  3. Updated Libi quest (3 scenes/1 full animation).
  4. The Gallery has been updated.
  5. Added location – world map.
  6. Primary inclusion of BILM characteristics.
  7. An alternate character has been added.
  8. Updated old scenes.
  9. Added a scene to the old content (main quest)
  10. The approximate time of passage is +~ 20 minutes.
  11. Added all patrons (Resident+) until today.

1. Added a quest with Luna. (2 scenes / 2 full animations).
2. A chance meeting with Miss Garvey (Scene 1). – Take a shower at night.
3. Updated sprite – Miss Garvey.
4. Updated the scene with Miss Garvey.
5. Updated the intro to the game.
6. Initial connection and display of reputation with characters.
7. Updated location: Outside in front of the shelter.
8. Added location – Radio room.
9. The Gallery has been updated.
10. Optimized game data: – The weight of the game has been reduced. – The speed of the application has been stabilized (should help for weak devices).
The approximate time of passage is +~ 20 minutes.
Fixed a bug with missing patrons from Boosty.
Added all patrons (Resident+) until today.
Old saves don’t work.Use the “New Content” button at the beginning of the game and you will get quick access to new events ^^

1. Added Jenny’s quest (2 animated adult scenes)
After completing the quest with Jenny, you can play one scene when talking to her.
Another scene becomes available every night at school.
2. The scene with Susie has been completely updated (1 animated adult scene)
3. After completing the quest, Susie can repeat the adult scene when talking to her.
4. Updated the minimap of the vault.
5. Updated the main menu of the game.
6. Test stores are included (at the Old Man’s, Linda’s and Becky’s)
7. Added test animations of two characters (Becky and Linda)
8. Added a gallery with open content from past updates.
9. Inconspicuous technical improvements that will manifest themselves later.
Approximate passage time +~ 20 minutes
Added all patrons (Resident+) up to today
Old saves don’t work.Use the “New Content” button at the beginning of the game and you will get quick access to new events ^^

1. Updated Suzy’s quest (4 nsfw scenes, 1 sfw scene)
2. Updated Becky’s quest (1 nsfw scene)
3. The inventory system has been updated
4. Added a mini-game “breaking the lock” – now you can access some places just by breaking the lock (a test sample in the hero’s room and as Becky)
5. Added the “search” mechanic – now you can search some of the boxes and other places
6. The “My Room” location has been added
7. Updated icons on the shelter minimap
8. Added test items that can be found
9. Minor bugs have been fixed
10. Minor technical improvements have been added.
Approximate passage time +~ 20-30 minutes

1. Added Becky’s quest (2 sfw art, 2 nsfw scene).
2. Added Libi quest (2 nsfw art).
3. Added Old Man Gibson’s quest.
4. Added a mini-game “Cleaning” at Old Man Gibson.
5. The location “in the Vault” has been added.
6. The “Toilet” location has been added.
7. Updated Susie’s quest.
8. Added a mini-game “Workout”.
9. Added a list of active tasks.
– This can be found in “Inventory Button” -> “DATA”.
10. The balance of card fights has been slightly changed.
11. The logic of battles has been slightly changed
12. Added the names of patron in the “More” screen and in the “In the Shelter” location.
13. Fixed errors in the text of the English version [v0.1.0] (Thanks to the user Hrapysha)
– The writing of sounds for the game has begun.
-The duration of the content is +~20 minutes.

Initial Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

1. I will try to focus on romance and adventure in the game.
2. No, I don’t plan to add mutated girls. (Maybe as a joke or an Easter egg, but no more)
3. In the future, with support, I will try to negotiate with a native speaker to help make a good translation.
4. The blonde from the cover will have the opportunity to meet in one of the following builds.
5. I’m going to stick with the vault lore, but I’ll move the beginning of the story forward indefinitely so I can have some narrative freedom :3
6. No incest!
7. Regarding the pronouns of the character. My character Walker exists in a basic and alternate body. Regardless of the situation, he defines himself as “He”. Please stop making this a matter of debate. Thanks for attention.

The game is not part of the Fallout series, but is only inspired by it. Do not look for similarities, but take it as fan fiction or parody.

* The game does not plan a very complex plot. It is designed for recreation and entertainment.
*I’m not a native English speaker. I apologize for any grammatical mistakes made (both here and in the game). I try to get better at this!^^
The game is non-commercial and development is carried out on donations. Thanks to everyone who decided to support the development!


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