Gotoubun Honeymoon

Gotoubun Honeymoon


Version: v0.2

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Name: Gotoubun Honeymoon

Version: v0.2

Updated: 2024-04-26 09:24:22

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, Windows

Genre: 2DCG, Cheating, Humor, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Oral Sex, Parody, Romance, Vaginal Sex


Gotoubun Honeymoon: A Tropical Paradise Where Forbidden Desires Bloom

The scent of plumeria blossoms hung heavy in the air as Fuutarou Uesugi, his face etched with a nervous excitement, helped his newly minted wife, Itsuki Nakano, out of the seaplane. Their whirlwind romance, chronicled in the legendary Nakano Quintuplets saga, had finally culminated in this long-awaited honeymoon on a secluded tropical island. But beneath the surface of paradise, a storm of unspoken desires brewed, promising a honeymoon unlike any other.

Gotoubun Honeymoon delves into the unexplored territory of the Nakano sisters’ feelings after Fuutarou claims victory in the battle for their hearts. While Itsuki basks in the blissful ignorance of a new bride, her sisters – Ichika, Nino, Miku, Yotsuba – grapple with a truth they can’t deny: their feelings for Fuutarou haven’t simply vanished. Confined to the idyllic yet isolated island resort, these unresolved emotions simmer, threatening to erupt into a passionate and potentially destructive storm.

The isolation of the island becomes a potent aphrodisiac. Gone are the pressures of school and societal expectations. Bikinis replace school uniforms, and days are spent lounging on pristine beaches, the rhythmic caress of the waves a constant reminder of the untamed desires simmering beneath the surface. Innocuous games of beach volleyball escalate into suggestive displays of athletic prowess, each bump, set, and spike a thinly veiled battle for Fuutarou’s attention.

Yotsuba, the ever-optimistic youngest sister, finds herself thrust into the role of reluctant guardian. Determined to preserve her sister’s newfound happiness, she becomes a watchful eye, a mischievous imp attempting to deflect her sisters’ advances without shattering the fragile peace. Yet, even Yotsuba can’t deny a flicker of longing in her heart when Fuutarou’s gaze lingers a beat too long or his touch lingers on her skin just a touch too intimately.

Gotoubun Honeymoon transcends the standard “fan service” tropes often associated with erotic visual novels. It delves into the complexities of polyamory and explores the emotional fallout of loving the same person. Will Itsuki, secure in her marital vows, be able to handle the revelation of her sisters’ lingering desires? Can Fuutarou navigate this emotional minefield without jeopardizing his newfound marital bliss? And what about the sisters themselves? Will they succumb to their forbidden desires, or will they learn to find solace and acceptance in the love they share for each other and their sister-wife?

Gotoubun Honeymoon is a visual novel unlike any other, offering a tantalizing glimpse into a world where love knows no bounds and desire burns with the intensity of the tropical sun. Are you ready to embark on this forbidden journey of love, lust, and sisterly possessiveness?


This version resumes what was seen in the previous scenes, Nino wants one last chance to get closer to Fuutarou, going so far as to ask Miku for help, who accepts on the condition that she can’t cross the line with him. Will she be able to contain her impulsive and crazy love?

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Developer: ElWorser7u7 – Patreon –


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