Cursed Lands: Story of Aarto

Cursed Lands: Story of Aarto


Version: Ep.1 v0.1

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Cursed Lands: Story of Aarto – Where Lust Fuels the Fight for Survival

Warfare and women – these were the constants in Aarto’s life. As a newly minted member of the Steel Falcons, a notorious mercenary outfit in Cursed Lands: Story of Aarto by DMHator, you weren’t expecting a murder investigation. Yet, here you were, alongside your childhood friend Elara and a grizzled band of veterans, heading towards the opulent city of Luvensberg. Their mission: to unravel the tangled web surrounding the brutal slaying of a powerful baron’s right-hand man.

A City Gripped by Fear

Luvensberg, once a beacon of prosperity, now stood shrouded in an unsettling veil. Whispers of a resurgent curse, a chilling echo of an ancient evil, permeated the air. This wasn’t just about a murder – it was a descent into a realm of primal desires and dark magic. Cursed Lands: Story of Aarto delves into a world where lust and survival are intertwined, where the lines between investigation and primal urges blur in the face of a growing darkness.

The Price of Information

The investigation in Luvensberg quickly becomes a test of not only your combat skills, but also your ability to navigate the city’s underbelly. Shady informants, desperate to trade secrets for a night’s pleasure, become your unwilling allies. Each encounter becomes a gamble – will you offer coin, a seductive whisper, or perhaps a more forceful display of dominance to pry loose the information you need? The deeper you delve, the more the curse’s influence becomes apparent. Strange occurrences plague the city, its citizens succumbing to uncontrollable desires that manifest in increasingly erratic and violent ways.

A Spectrum of Desire

Cursed Lands: Story of Aarto celebrates diversity in both desire and the methods of acquiring information. Elara, your sharp-tongued friend, offers unparalleled combat prowess, but also possesses a cunning mind and a knack for charming reluctant sources. Among the Steel Falcons themselves, you’ll encounter a cast of hardened veterans, each with their own distinct preferences. There’s the stoic leader, who finds solace in a night of fierce dominance, and the playful rogue who prefers a more lighthearted exchange of pleasure for intel.

The Curse’s Allure

The curse that plagues Luvensberg isn’t just a physical threat – it’s a seductive whisper that amplifies your deepest desires. Will you succumb to its allure, becoming another victim of its rampant lust? Or will you use your desires as a weapon, channeling your primal urges into a desperate fight for survival? The choice is yours, and the consequences are far-reaching.

More Than Just Combat

Cursed Lands: Story of Aarto is more than just a dark fantasy adventure with adult elements. It’s a game that explores the complex relationship between desire and survival, where the line between pleasure and pain becomes increasingly blurred. Can you navigate this cursed city, unravel the mystery of the baron’s murder, and perhaps even find a way to break the curse’s hold… all while staying true to your own desires?

Survive the Curse, Embrace Your Desires

Cursed Lands: Story of Aarto awaits, a world teetering on the brink of chaos. Will you succumb to the darkness, or will you become the beacon of hope, wielding your skills and desires to fight back against the encroaching curse?


Episode 1 – v0.1
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1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Hi there! I’d like to share with you my creation, which is this game. It’s in a very early stage, and I highly value your opinion on the overall production.
If you feel like it, please share your feedback here or in the survey included in the game. Best regards and have a great time!


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