From the Eclipse

From the Eclipse


Version: v0.3.5

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From the Eclipse: Where Love and Rebellion Collide

“From the Eclipse” by Erochaser isn’t your typical fantasy romance. Sure, it features a captivating hero and a cast of beautiful women from diverse races – elves with ethereal beauty, alluring beastkin with feral charm, and strong-willed halflings. But the path to love and ecstasy takes a dark turn, forcing you to confront a world where societal rules and forbidden desires clash.

The narrative hinges on a devastating revelation. On the eve of announcing your engagement, you discover your beloved’s family is entangled in an ecliptic deal – she’s destined to be a concubine, enslaved by a vile noble. Determined to rescue her, you’re thrown into a world you never knew existed – a world where magic, science, and technology co-exist, and the lines between law and desire are constantly blurred.

“From the Eclipse” offers a unique blend of rebellion and romance. Your quest to free your love becomes a journey of self-discovery, forcing you to forge alliances with unlikely companions. Will you find support from a cunning elven sorceress, her magic as potent as her loyalty? Or will you seek the aid of a fierce beastkin warrior, her strength matched only by her unwavering sense of justice?

The game’s ecliptic nature extends beyond the political system. As you delve deeper into this fantastical world, you encounter a diverse cast of women, each offering a unique perspective on love and intimacy. Some may choose to follow the established societal norms, serving as captivating companions or potential brides. But others will ignite a flame of rebellion within you, their desires mirroring your own defiance of the law.

“From the Eclipse” doesn’t shy away from exploring the erotic aspects of this world. Your pursuit of love and freedom leads to ecstatic encounters, some fueled by passion and others driven by the need for survival. The choices you make determine the depth of these connections, shaping your relationships and potentially influencing the fate of your rebellion.

“From the Eclipse” isn’t just about rescuing your love. It’s about confronting societal injustices, forging bonds of loyalty with fascinating companions, and discovering the true meaning of love in a world where the line between light and shadow is forever shifting. Are you ready to step into the eclipse, challenge the system, and forge a path to love and freedom, one ecstatic encounter at a time?


• 5 new story events!
• A few minor typos have been fixed.
• 200+ new images, 1 new animated scene.
• Fixed the save file location. Start a new game or move your file from the old one.

• A fresh start, yet the story continues! You will find that you need to start a new game, but this version will start you right at the start of v0.3.4! Smaller download this update! Most repeatables have been carried over (still a few older ones I need to convert and update.)!
• 6 new events!
• Removal of the credit system. This has been hard to balance properly, so it has been removed for now (most likely permanent). I will see how everything goes for now and make changes as I see needed. Anything that required money in past events has been just given to you, and going forward purchases in the auction house will be role play moments.
• Day phase music change. Each phase (morning, noon, evening, night) now has it’s own music, to break the monotony of the old music.
• Time has passed, more to come about this in v0.3.5!
• I will be adding links to v0.3.3, which is the end of part 1, soon,

• The Family Register is here!
• 2 new story events.
• 1 new repeatable event.
NOTE: This update is smaller in content due to the implementation of the Family Register. v0.3.4 will be back to a normal sized update.
NOTE II: The family register still has some work that needs to happen on it, one of those things is moving the menu that pops up in the middle of the screen. I have not had it work successfully yet, but am looking into it. This may take a few updates to correct. Also, I will be slowly adding the rest of the girls to the register every few updates, most of the ones from Chapter 1 are available in the current version.
NOTE III: There is also an issue with the sizing of some of the images in the Family Register, they are too big. I had thought I corrected this already but it was brought to my attention that it is still happening. I will be correcting this for v0.3.4.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

I have split the game at v0.3.4 into a new file. It is supposed to be a fresh start with new save files, but some people have told me that their old saves were showing. Start a new game. Do not load these old save, they will break the game.

This is my first attempt at using Renpy to create a VN and I am learning as I am developing it.

There is no NTR in this game, though the description makes it sound otherwise. Just trust me on this!

The main story is unavoidable, but in the future there will be girls/stories that will be optional. Currently I believe most content is tied into the main story, so not much optional content yet.


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