Version: v0.10 P1 Public

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Name: Dissonance

Version: v0.10 P1 Public

Updated: 2024-04-25 08:34:51

Language: English, Spanish

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Harem, Male Protagonist, Mystery, school setting, Visual Novel


Dissonance: A Symphony of Reconnection and Desire

L_Elyot’s “Dissonance” transcends the boundaries of the typical visual novel. While it follows the story of Toru Hirai, a young man grappling with the physical and emotional aftereffects of a coma, it delves much deeper, exploring the complexities of human connection and the spectrum of human desire.

Toru awakens in a world that feels strangely unfamiliar. His memories are fragmented, his body weakened. Returning to his hometown of Ametohi, a seemingly ordinary Japanese town, becomes a journey of rediscovery. As he interacts with the vibrant cast of characters that populate his life, a beautiful dissonance emerges. The warmth of familiar faces clashes with the unsettling gaps in his memory. The comfort of routine collides with the yearning for a deeper understanding of his past.

Dissonance isn’t just about piecing together a shattered existence. It’s about forging new connections, some expected, some entirely unexpected. There’s Yuri, his childhood friend, whose unwavering support masks a hidden depth of affection. Dr. Asano, the enigmatic therapist tasked with helping him recover, possesses a captivating aura that stirs a strange attraction. Even strangers encountered in bustling Ametohi cafes or quiet street corners hold the potential for unexpected intimacy.

The game’s strength lies in its ability to explore these connections without judgment. There are no pre-defined paths, no limitations on who Toru can connect with. Will he rekindle a childhood friendship that blossoms into something more? Will he explore a taboo attraction with his therapist, blurring the lines between professional care and forbidden desire? Or will he find solace and passion in the arms of someone entirely new?

Dissonance isn’t afraid to explore the erotic potential of these relationships. Intimacy becomes a language for understanding, a way to bridge the gaps in Toru’s memory and forge deeper bonds with those around him. Consensual encounters, both familiar and exotic, allow him to rediscover himself, his desires, and his capacity for love.

Dissonance is a symphony of memory, desire, and human connection. Will you guide Toru towards a harmonious resolution, or will you embrace the beautiful dissonance of his new reality? The choice is yours. Explore the vibrant world of Ametohi, forge unforgettable connections, and discover the true meaning of reconnection in “Dissonance.”


v0.10 Part 1
4 Main Events
3 Chiyo Events
3 Momoe Events
2 Yuzuha Events

9 Main Events
3 ??? Events
3 Ume Events

4 Main Events
2 Atsuko Events
2 Kaya Events
2 Kyoko Events
2 Nao Events

6 Main Events
2 Minami Events
3 Nadeko Events
2 Rikka Events
2 Suzu Events
A MUCH Needed UI Update (Do Let Me Know If Anything Is Broken With It)

5 Main Events
2 Momoe Events
2 Sayuri Events
2 Yoshie Events
2 Yuzuha Events

10 Main Events
2 Niwa Events
2 Chiyo Events

15 Main Events

6 Main Events
7 Character Events (1 each for Atsuko, Kyoko, Minami, Rikka, Suzu, Ume, Yoshie)
Linear Mode – Can switch between the 2 modes by either accessing the computer on weekend mornings in Sandbox Mode or reaching the end of current content in Linear Mode

v0.2 Public
This update contains 12 main events and 6 character events, one for each of the following characters – Niwa, Nao, Nadeko, Sayuri, Chiyo, and Momoe!

v0.1 v3
Typo fixes
Bug Fixes
City named
Change name feature added

Initial Release.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

A quick warning- This game is going to be a slow burn so this really isn’t the game for anyone looking for a quick fap.

A list of tags that I can guarantee will come in the future:
cosplay, creampie, handjob, incest, loli, masturbation, oral sex, teasing, titfuck, vaginal sex, virgin

A ‘linear’ game mode for those who hate sandboxes and-
Simple cheats to bypass any kind of stat requirement.
Hoping to have these features included by 0.4.


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