Devoted Wife

Devoted Wife


Version: v0.32

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Game Info

Name: Devoted Wife

Version: v0.32

Updated: 2024-04-24 10:00:54

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Cheating, Corruption, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Ntr, Oral Sex, Sexual harassment, Vaginal Sex


Devoted Wife: Where Unexpected Encounters Spark Forbidden Desires

Freshly married bliss takes an unexpected turn in “Devoted Wife” by LoveStory. You and your wife, a picture of marital harmony, find your comfortable routine disrupted by the arrival of a young man. This isn’t your typical marital drama – the young man serves as a catalyst, awakening a secret desire you’ve kept hidden within. But the path to exploring this new facet of your sexuality isn’t without its challenges, forcing you and your devoted wife to navigate a landscape of unexpected desires and evolving boundaries.

“Devoted Wife” isn’t just about sexual exploration. It’s a story about communication, trust, and the delicate dance of married life. The arrival of the young man, adrift and in need of support, reignites a long-suppressed fetish within you. Hesitantly, you approach your wife, hoping for understanding and maybe even participation. But her reaction isn’t what you expected. Her own desires, carefully concealed beneath the veneer of a devoted wife, don’t necessarily align with yours.

“Devoted Wife” throws you into a whirlwind of exploration. Through carefully crafted encounters, you’ll meet a diverse cast of characters who further complicate and enrich your journey. A flirty neighbor, her open sensuality a stark contrast to your wife’s initial hesitance, might offer a temporary escape or a glimpse into a different kind of desire. A seasoned couple, their playful demeanor and uninhibited lifestyle an eye-opener, could provide guidance or a cautionary tale.

As you engage in heartfelt conversations with your wife, exploring her comfort zones and boundaries, a deeper connection emerges. Her devotion isn’t unwavering obedience, but a love that thrives on communication and respect. Together, you navigate the complexities of your desires, pushing boundaries without breaking trust. You discover the joy of shared fantasy, the thrill of stepping outside your comfort zone, and the surprising intimacy that can blossom through honest exploration.

“Devoted Wife” offers a unique blend of character interaction, relationship exploration, and erotic discovery. As you navigate the complexities of your marriage and the desires that emerge, you’ll have choices to make that will shape your narrative. Will you prioritize your own newfound desires, risking your marital harmony? Or will you seek a middle ground, exploring your fantasies together and fostering a deeper intimacy with your devoted wife?

“Devoted Wife” challenges you to rewrite the narrative of marital expectations. Will you succumb to the allure of the unknown, potentially jeopardizing your relationship? Or will you use this unexpected turn of events to strengthen the bond with your wife, exploring a new chapter in your love story together? The choices you make, the connections you forge, and the depths of desire you explore will determine your fate in “Devoted Wife”. Are you ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery, communication, and passionate exploration with your wife?



  • Over 6000 words of new content to enrich the game’s narrative.
  • Improved or added 38+ animations to enhance visual storytelling.

Release Highlights
Enhanced Graphics (Only for latest content):

Migrated all assets to an upgraded system, which required some time for recalibration. However, the results are truly worth it!
We can now render in higher quality while reducing processing time by at least 30%.
New Tools and Plugins:
Added various tools and plugins to the new system to improve animations, renders, and overall game development efficiency
Flickering Issue:
Unfortunately, efforts to remove flickering haven’t been successful. The migration took up a significant portion of our development time, but I’m committed to resolving this issue.
Scene Improvements: Based on your feedback, I’ve been fine-tuning some scenes to ensure a ‘smoother’ experience.


Hey everyone, This is our second update for the month,
You can now unlock all the extra scenes right away with the passcode.
No need to work your way through the story to find them.

Also, I’m still fine-tuning the path and dialogue options,
so they’re not in this update just yet. They need a bit more polish.

And you might’ve seen some flickering in the animations.
I’m on it, fixing them one by one, so hang tight!

And guess what? Our website just got a makeover!

I’ll likely drop some exclusive contents for patrons on there, so don’t miss out.
Plus, keep an eye out for another surprise dropping next week.

New Content

  • 5800+ words added
  • 28+ renders and 23+ animations added

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Thank you for being awesome.

Stay tuned!

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Password: 000888

Developer Notes

(Patreon Notes)

I’m currently working on a path system for the game that will allow you to choose which paths you want to take, and dialogues will change accordingly, making your gameplay experience even more immersive and customizable.
However, it’s a complex feature that requires careful planning and implementation, so I appreciate your patience as I work on it.

How frequently do you update?
The game will receive monthly updates.

What’s the difference between Public (Free) and Patreon versions?
Public (Free) and Patreon versions of my game are essentially the same.
However, as a thank-you to my Patreon supporters, I offer some exclusive perks such as early access to updates, access to development logs and sneak peeks, gallery codes and more.

Early releases and other perks are offered as incentives for financial support.
The reason I am able to dedicate my time to the game is due to the support received from those who financially support the project.


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