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Version: Tech Demo - 2.7

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Afterparty is a real-time adult game created in Unreal Engine 5​


Tech Demo 2.7
•New title screen
•New character creator environment
•Explorable map with new environments (Beach, trails, community college)
•Ridable bicycle
•Replaced cinematic strand-based hair with card-based hair for a loss in quality but performance gain
•Added Rachel’s second photoshoot
•Added couch handjob animations for Emily
•Added kissing+blowjob animations for Rachel
•NPCs will now move to a designated wardrobe when they change outfits
•New creator and world music
•Changed magazine locations for new map
•Jiggle values can be turned way down now
•Reworked the inventory a bit and NPC outfits
•More items can be purchased at Double Cheeked

Tech Demo 2.6b
•Traveling on a new game before save/loading no longer results in character falling
•Fixed issue of dresses/skirts sometimes clipping through legs (note: does not apply to crouching or sprinting yet, exploring a solution for this)
•Minimum jiggle values reduced for even less jiggling
•Jiggle sliders now show when switching from male back to female in character creator
•Eyes staying closed should happen less often (need to dig into this one more later)
•Expressions in character creator fixed
•Issue of dialogue sometimes being inaudible fixed

Tech Demo 2.6
•New task added for Emily
•New locomotion animations for male/female
•Crouch locomotion state
•Rachel will now physically walk to her room when starting photoshoot (if she is somewhere else)
•Level streaming fully implemented (was using isolated maps previously)
•Added some additional dialogue for John
•Many many bug fixes, including:
•Picked up items get permenantly saved
•Issues of morphs not being applied on clothing equip/unequip have been fixed
•Fixed customized NPC details not getting saved
•Fixed issue where NPCs would fall through ground when interacting
•Fixed issue of NPCs launching the player on collide
•Fixed some issues with the visibility toggle buttons
•Changed scalp material to use alpha mask+dithering instead of translucency
•Fixed issue of NPC head tracking getting stuck in a loop
•Fixed some problems with NPC dialogue cameras
•Fixed John’s schedule
•Fixed some issues when switching NPCs between male/female anatomy
•Mall doors now have collisions
•Task menu correctly updates on task complete
•Player stats like lust are now properly saved
•Affinity actually gets applied to NPCs
•Many more problems fixed and some minor QoL tweaks

Tech Demo 2.5b
•Added notification after receiving Rachel package mission to open location menu
•L key can now open location menu
•Penis morphs don’t reset after equipping/unequipping pants
•Fixed inventory button not working after dialogue
•NPCs that have no dialogue now can’t be talked to
•Magazines and money pickups no longer reset after changing maps
•Loading in the character creator shows correct clothing tabs
•Added clickable close button to Vendor menu in case pressing Q doesn’t work for some reason (always worked for me, but I saw one report of it not working)
•Fixed issue causing NPCs to sometimes be naked on load
•You must now actually give Rachel her package to progress her mission
•Fixed not being able to run up stairs in Lyle’s house
•Fixed some skirt/underwear issues with futa option
•Fantasy menu works again

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run
HELP if game won’t run: Ensure your graphics drivers are updated, and that they are obtained from the official website from your card manufacturer (Updating drivers via Device Manager isn’t always reliable). If the game still won’t run, navigate to “EngineExtrasRedisten-us” and run the “UEPrereqSetup_x64.exe” file.

If the game still won’t or you are experiencing problems and you have successfully played the game before, navigate to the following directory:


And deleted the “Saved” folder located here.


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