Version: Ep. 4 Demo

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Version: Ep. 4 Demo

Updated: 2024-04-13 12:57:43

Language: English

Engine: Other

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2DCG, Animated, Cunnilingus, Femdom, Group, Horror, Male Domination, Milf, Pregnant, sci-fi, seduction, undressing, VN, Voyeurism


XENO-INTIM: Where Alien Encounters Get Explicit

Forget your typical space operas. “XENO-INTIM” throws you headfirst into a universe where the final frontier isn’t just vast and uncharted, it’s downright… kinky. This isn’t your father’s sci-fi; here, exploration takes on a decidedly erotic turn, as you encounter a diverse cast of alien beings whose desires are as unique as their anatomies.

“XENO-INTIM” is an anthology series, each chapter a standalone adventure filled with bizarre beauty and forbidden pleasures. You, the intrepid explorer, find yourself traversing a cosmos teeming with sentient species, each with their own unique customs and, more importantly, their own unique ways of expressing intimacy.

Imagine navigating a neon-drenched city on a pleasure planet, its inhabitants – alluring reptiloids with iridescent scales – openly flaunting their desires. Will you succumb to their seductive invitation, exploring the pleasure centers hidden beneath their shimmering skin? Or will you resist, venturing further into the cosmos in search of a more… conventional connection?

The beauty of “XENO-INTIM” lies in its celebration of diversity. Forget the trope of human-alien romance looking like a slightly blue-skinned human. Here, alien bodies are a canvas for the wonders of evolution, with multiple limbs, bioluminescence, and even pheromone-based communication adding an extra layer of intrigue to every encounter.

But “XENO-INTIM” isn’t just about physical exploration. Each chapter delves into the emotional and psychological aspects of intimacy across an alien divide. Will you be able to overcome language barriers and cultural clashes to forge a genuine connection with a being from another world? Or will your encounters remain purely physical, a fleeting exploration of the unknown fueled by raw desire?

The stories in “XENO-INTIM” are as diverse as the alien species you encounter. One chapter might see you locked in a battle of dominance with a warrior race, their submission as intoxicating as their strength. Another might find you nurturing a forbidden romance with a telepathic being, the emotional connection transcending the need for physical touch.

“XENO-INTIM” isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a game that pushes boundaries, exploring the erotic potential of a universe teeming with life. Are you ready to embark on a journey where every encounter holds the potential for mind-blowing exploration, both physical and emotional? Step into the world of “XENO-INTIM” and discover a universe where intimacy takes on a whole new meaning. Get ready for an unforgettable experience – just make sure you pack your spacesuit… and an open mind (and perhaps a few extra supplies…).


Episode 4
«Production of Reality» – Pregnant, MILF, Cunnilingus

Episode 3
«The Crawling Chaos» – Group, Drunk, Femdom

Episode 2
«The War Machine» – Seduction, Male Domination

Episode 1
«Tentacles Longer Than Time» – Voyeurism, Masochism

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Developer Notes

Game on itch.io [full]

In the depths of cosmic indifference, man confronts the abyss of the unknown, forced to acknowledge his own existential insignificance. However, this is not a cause for despair, but an invitation to explore alternative modes of being and thinking.

Different styles (as in “Love, Death & Robots”)
Collection of unique stories (as in “The Twilight Zone”)
Own soundtrack
Philosophical concepts
Hand-drawn digital art

#1 «Tentacles Longer Than Time» – Voyeurism, Masochism
#2 «The War Machine» – Seduction, Male Domination
#3 «The Crawling Chaos» – Group, Drunk, Femdom
#4 «Production of Reality» – Pregnant, MILF, Cunnilingus

H. P. Lovecraft, N. Land, G. Deleuze, speculative realists


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