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World Tamer: Unearthing Secrets and Yourself in a Town Steeped in Mystery (By Deniam)

The scent of nostalgia hangs heavy in the air, a bittersweet mixture of longing and apprehension. You’ve just stepped back into the town you once called home, a place you fled years ago under a cloud of unresolved questions. Now, a college degree in hand and a heart brimming with determination, you return. Your mission? To unearth the truth about your past, a truth your parents have kept buried for far too long. World Tamer by Deniam is not your typical homecoming story. It’s a captivating exploration of self-discovery, shrouded in the mysteries of a town with a past it desperately wants to forget.

A Town Frozen in Time: A Landscape of Memories and Unease

The town itself is a character in World Tamer. Time seems to have stagnated here, buildings and streetscapes echoing a bygone era. As you navigate familiar yet strangely foreign streets, a sense of unease settles in. Whispers follow you, laced with a mixture of curiosity and suspicion. The townsfolk, a motley crew of individuals with their own secrets and stories, seem hesitant to engage. Yet, within their guarded gazes lies the potential for answers, for fragments of a truth you desperately crave.

Unveiling the Past: Piece by Broken Piece

Your journey in World Tamer is one of exploration and investigation. Every conversation, every dusty attic you delve into, holds the potential to unlock a piece of the puzzle. Was your childhood truly as idyllic as your fragmented memories suggest? What darkness lurks beneath the surface of this seemingly ordinary town? The deeper you dig, the more unsettling the secrets you uncover. Prepare to confront long-buried memories, grapple with uncomfortable truths, and face the demons of your past.

A Cast of Colorful Characters: Each a Key to the Mystery

The townsfolk, though initially wary, are the key to unlocking the secrets of your past. There’s the gruff librarian, a custodian of forgotten lore, her eyes holding the glint of someone who knows more than they’re letting on. The enigmatic bartender, dispensing drinks and cryptic clues in equal measure. And the ostracized artist, whose hauntingly beautiful paintings seem to whisper of a darkness you can almost taste. Building trust with these characters, navigating their unique personalities and agendas, is crucial to your quest for the truth.

World Tamer: More Than Just a Homecoming

World Tamer transcends the boundaries of a simple homecoming narrative. It’s a game that delves into the complexities of human relationships, the burdens of the past, and the courage it takes to confront them. It’s an experience that will challenge your perceptions, force you to confront uncomfortable truths, and ultimately, help you discover who you truly are.

Are you brave enough to revisit the ghosts of your past? Do you have the tenacity to unravel a web of deceit that stretches back generations? World Tamer awaits. Step back into your hometown, but be warned – the secrets you unearth may change you forever.


New Content

  • Emily: Wants to talk about something important,
  • Rose: She’s thinking about your future together,
  • Astra: Turns out she’s even weirder than you thought,
  • Valerie: Take her out on another romantic date,
  • Layla: She’s starting to enjoy making her mother angry,
  • Emma and Ava: Hosting a big group at the bar for the first time,
  • Emma: She finally got the courage to tell you something important,
  • Sarah: Face the truth about your relationship and where to go from there,
  • Pregnancy: You can now get Emily, Rose, Lisa, Astra, Valerie, Layla, Sarah, Emma, Ava, Aurora, and Naomi pregnant. But keep in mind that there’s no belly or pregnancy progression yet,
  • Company: Return to investigate further

Various Bug Fixes and Changes:

  • Bug: The third floor in the apartments now unlocks correctly,
  • Change: Made a few dialogue changes in the early game,

New Content

  • Astra: Talk to her about the elf that visited you,
  • Aurora: Talk to her about the elf,
  • Aurora And Roxie: Invite them both over for some fun,
  • Elf: Who is she and what’s her story,
  • Lisa: She’s interested in showering together,
  • Lily: Visit her with some honesty,
  • Lily: Revisit her for more fun.Various Bug Fixes and Changes:
  • Typo: Fixed a few typos,
  • Update: Made a few hints more descriptive,
  • Change: Changed Site -> Website for the letter quest.

New Content

  • Naomi and Daisy: Visit them for repeatable events with variations.
  • Emily, Rose, and Lisa: A two-day island event, and another repeatable vacation.
  • Sarah: She needs you to do her a favor again, where you finally meet the babysitter.
  • Company: Return to work at the company, trying to find out what they’re hiding.
  • Emma and Ava: Start getting to know the twins and their past a bit better.

Various Bug Fixes and Changes:

  • Change: Gallery now unlockable from the gallery.
  • Change: Updated the gallery and added a tab for side girls.
  • Update: Demoted Hannah and Katherine to side girls.
  • Bug: Fixed the text-overflow error when describing amber and jade.
  • Change: Instead of locking the two potential waitresses when hiring only one, I decided to make the waitress be Nora, and the other two will be introduced as different characters with different backgrounds in the next update.
  • Change: No longer required to go to the gym before going to the fox village.
  • Update: Girls who can’t have the player’s title changed now use the default title set on PC.
  • Update: Fixed events around the house so new players can experience them without skipping.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug with Lisa getting stuck on a quest at 4 hearts
  • Bug: Fixed a bug with Lisa not stopping moaning in the fox village

New Content

  • Ava: Added the gallery.
  • Rose: Go on the long-awaited dairy farm tour.
  • ???: New main girl, added her card and gallery.

Various Bug Fixes and Changes:

  • Bug: Fixed a few UI elements not hiding in some scenes.

v0.3.5 – FARM VISIT


  • Bug: Fixed a few spelling errors,
  • Change: Updated Ava’s hints for work around the bar,
  • Bug: Made it so you can’t untame Ava before learning it from Astra
  • Bug: Made it so the stubborn people who didn’t start a new save don’t have lingering quests
  • Change: Optimized a few things, so the file size went down by ~300MB

New Content

  • Aurora: Reworked her whole story, meeting + 4 visits
  • Emily, Rose, and Lisa: Over 30 new events around the house.
  • Rose: Wants to go on a romantic getaway with just the two of you, added 4 new events early in the story.
  • Emily, Sarah: you can now join them for a chat or more every time she visits.
  • Lisa: Updated meeting scene, added new short dates after taming her
  • Fox Village: Meeting or Taming Layla’s mom, learning about elders
  • Ava: Take her on a date and have fun with her

Various Bug Fixes and Changes:

  • Change: Layla x Lisa and Astra x Lisa now ask for your permission
  • Update: New quest window and quests that guide you through the main story
  • Change: Made a few hints more helpful and/or descriptive
  • Change: Replaced morality with event-based choices, you will be able to decide on each separate occasion where it makes sense
  • Bug: Fixed the bug where the last name didn’t change the company’s name, to change it in an old save, you can do so on the PC,
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where Emily was standing in the kitchen, even though she was in the living room when Sarah was visiting,
  • Bug: Fixed a bug that black-screened Sarah’s first animation,
  • Update: Added centimeters to height on character cards,
  • Update: Added the option to change the Voice’s name on the PC.


v0.1.1 – BAR UPDATE
New Content:

  • Ava and Emma: Their mom’s back, claiming she wants to reconnect.
  • Bar: The bar’s success leads to expansion plans, inspired by its recent positive publicity.
  • Aurora: She returns with a plan to deal with your current situation.
  • Sarah: Talk to her about the ‘secret’ date location she mentioned!
  • Forest: Someone big and lazy can now be found roaming the forest!

Various Bug Fixes and Changes:

  • There is no longer an option to talk to Lisa about Astra for the second time,
  • Can now go on the park date with Emily after asking her out,
  • Made a few hints more descriptive,
  • Working through the night now also triggers night events,
  • Added the option to disable the “player speaking” sound (enabled by default),
  • Fixed a bug where some card outfits didn’t unlock at the correct time.


Initial Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Saves before v0.3.0 won’t work properly.


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