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Name: Wishes

Version: v0.91

Updated: 2024-05-13 16:39:33

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 2DCG, Anal Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex


Wishes: Where Classrooms Become Cauldrons of Curiosity

Another monotonous school day. Textbooks felt like bricks, lectures droned on like a broken record, and the fluorescent lights hummed with an oppressive energy. You doodled absentmindedly in your notebook, daydreaming of anything more exciting than dissecting a frog (though come to think of it, with the right partner, even that could be… interesting). Suddenly, a glint of gold caught your eye. Nestled beneath a dusty stack of textbooks on the forgotten shelf, a small, intricately carved lamp shimmered like a forbidden promise.

This wasn’t your average school supply. Unlike the sterile ambiance of the classroom, this lamp pulsed with an energy that sent a thrill down your spine. Memories of childhood stories whispered of genies granting wishes, but this lamp held a different allure – an allure that went beyond three fleeting desires.

Thinking back to “Wishes” by mushi (but with a decidedly more academic twist), a mischievous glint sparked in your eyes. Maybe this lamp wasn’t about grand wishes for wealth or power. Maybe it was about unlocking something far more forbidden – the desires simmering just beneath the surface of this seemingly ordinary classroom.

With a silent prayer to the gods of mischief (and maybe a touch of nervous excitement), you surreptitiously slipped the lamp into your bag. The afternoon dragged on in a blur, each stolen glance at the lamp fueling your anticipation. Finally, the bell rang, a glorious symphony announcing your escape from fluorescent purgatory.

Back in the privacy of your room, you examined the lamp closely. The intricate carvings seemed to writhe and shift under the moonlight, whispering promises in a language only your most primal desires could understand. With a shaky breath, you brought the lamp to your lips and blew, a plume of shimmering purple smoke erupting from the spout.

But instead of a booming voice promising wishes, the smoke coalesced into three distinct figures. There was Akane, the aloof student council president, her normally stoic expression replaced by a flicker of something decidedly more… playful. Beside her stood Kenji, the star athlete, his sculpted physique radiating an unspoken invitation. And finally, there was the new librarian, Ms. Lee, her normally stern demeanor replaced by a knowing smile and an aura of forbidden knowledge.

These weren’t your typical classroom wishes. These were embodiments of your deepest desires, the fantasies you harbored about the seemingly unapproachable people around you. The genie’s offer was simple – explore these desires, indulge in the forbidden fruit hanging just out of reach. A shiver of excitement ran down your spine. This classroom, once a place of stifling routine, was about to become a cauldron of exploration, a playground where the lines between student and teacher, athlete and admirer, president and… well, you get the idea, all blurred into a haze of delicious possibility.

The lamp, it seemed, wasn’t about granting wishes. It was about granting experiences, about transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. So, the question remained: which forbidden desire would you explore first? The choice, as they say, is yours. After all, in the Halls of Desire, even the most repressed student can become the master of their own erotic education.



  • We’ve added voice-acting for the Harem route, not to mention some scenes that appear just before.
    (+5k voice-acting!)


  • +8k words
  • New HAREM Route! (True Ending #1)
  • 4 High-quality new animations!
  • including 14 animated variations


  • Luna has a new, improved design (PC version only)
  • Luna’s new scene is dubbed

Luna’s new design is not included in the mac/android versions. I’ll add that for the next version.


  • When cumming on Ashley’s face, the semen appeared on her ass. When cumming inside her, the semen appeared on her face. This bug has been fixed.
  • One ending with Ashley didn’t count. There are now 11 endings (8 Regular, 3 Premium).
  • Animations are a bit better.

“v0.80 Release”:
– Introducing Luna, our new, cool boss for you and Diane.
– +2 real H-animations featuring Luna.
– +4k words added
– a few bugs fixed

“v0.75 Release”:
– New audio!
– New scenes with Diane are dubbed!

“v0.70 Release”:
choice: “Let me think about it” (Harem route) ->
– Diane’s quizz – Diane’s bench scene – Diane’s kiss – Diane (blowjob scene) +6k words
+PREMIUM Diane (anal scene)

“v0.6 Release”
– New important choice: “Let me think about it” (Harem route) ->
– Ashley’s new scene
– New character: Teacher
– 13 new illustrations
+ 4k words

“v0.35 Release”
– Page VI of the gallery has been fixed.
– Diane’s scene is dubbed, you can finally hear her delicious and sexy voice!
– a few modifications for Elizabeth’s scene, slightly improved animation

“v0.30 Release”
– Diane scene on the table (not dubbed in this version)

“v0.20 Release”
New scene with Elizabeth:
– totally dubbed
– blowjob scene
– anal scene
– somehow “animated”

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: Mushi Patreon – SubscribeStar – Discord – Itch.io – Newgrounds

Game is still in progress!
Support us on Patreon if you wish so.


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