Valor and Glory

Valor and Glory

Leopold Visette

Version: 0.3.5 Citizen

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Game Info

Name: Valor and Glory

Version: 0.3.5 Citizen

Updated: 2023-06-03 13:47:23

Sexual Orientation: Gay Games, Lesbian Games, Shemale Games

Language: English

Engine: Unity

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2DCG, Animated, combat, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Furry, futa/trans, futa/trans protagonist, gay, Lesbian, Male Protagonist, monster, Monster Girl, Oral Sex, Rape, Strategy, Turn based combat


The game takes place in the world of Euthoria, a country ruled by counts that keep their subjects ‘safe’ from the creatures of the lands. Raised by nuns, trained by pitiful master and blamed for a crime that you didn’t commit, you now find yourself with nothing to your name. No other way, you must steel yourself for the world around you, or submit to its way of living.​


New features:

New character: Naenai the dark vendor
– She’s located in The Droned Maid
– Come with some stories to flesh out the character
– Sells a number of spells
New spells:
– Dark bolt: Shoots dark energy to hurt the opponent
– Life tap: Exchange hp for some mp encountered earlier
– Leech: Damages the enemy and heals you for an amount of the damage
New scenes:
– Moohmin on top. Defeat the moohmin to unlock
Scenes that have received new animations:
– Bandit win scene
– Bandit backdoor
– Drunken oaf win scene
– Moohmin oral – female player
– Moira sneak time (keyframes only)
– Moohmin tribadism (keyframes only)
– Symph fun under table (keyframes)

Fixed an issue with the fyron on top scene not being unlocked for herms

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run


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