Unveiling the Unknown

Unveiling the Unknown


Version: v1.0.0

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Unveiling the Unknown: Beyond the Doors of Desire

Lily, a captivating soul with a secret veiled in mystery, finds herself heir to a sprawling manor. This wasn’t just any inheritance; it came with a devoted staff – a team of beautiful, talented maids. Each woman, from the stoic head maid, Agatha, to the bubbly flower girl, Iris, possessed a unique charm and a deep loyalty to their new mistress.

The manor itself was an enigma, a labyrinthine maze of opulent rooms and hidden alcoves. Whispers of a forgotten past and a powerful lineage swirled within its walls. But the most intriguing aspect of Lily’s inheritance lay not in the opulent furnishings or the devoted staff, but in the ornately carved double doors at the heart of the manor.

These doors, known as the “Doors of Desire,” were rumored to unlock a realm of untold pleasure. They stood as a silent invitation, a test of Lily’s own desires. “Unveiling the Unknown” isn’t just about exploring the secrets of the manor; it’s about Lily’s journey of self-discovery.

Behind the Doors of Desire lay a series of “Unveiling the Unknown” chambers, each a tableau of erotic fantasy. These weren’t dungeons in the traditional sense; they were immersive experiences designed to explore Lily’s deepest desires. One chamber might recreate a bustling marketplace filled with alluring merchants, each offering a different form of sensual pleasure in exchange for a specific action. Another could be a whimsical dreamscape where Lily takes on the role of a powerful queen, commanding her loyal subjects (the maids, naturally) in a playful exploration of dominance and submission.

The “Unveiling the Unknown” experience is a two-fold journey. The visual novel aspect allows you to build relationships with the maids. Each interaction, from a shared afternoon tea to a whispered conversation by the fireplace, unlocks a facet of their personalities and their desires. Lily, navigating her own complex emotions and the expectations placed upon her, can choose to pursue a deeper connection with any one of the maids, exploring love, lust, and everything in between.

However, the true “unveiling” happens within the chambers. The maids, no longer mere servants, become active participants in Lily’s fantasies, their skills and personalities adding a layer of depth and diversity to the experience. Agatha, the head maid, with her unwavering devotion, might become a fierce protector in one chamber and a dominant mistress in another. Iris, the bubbly flower girl, could be a playful tease or a passionate confidante.

“Unveiling the Unknown” is a celebration of desire in all its forms. There are no wrong choices, only explorations that lead to a deeper understanding of Lily herself, her heritage, and the power she holds within.

Are you ready to explore the “Unveiling the Unknown” chambers? Embrace your desires, forge meaningful connections, and rewrite the erotic narrative within the walls of the manor. Unleash your true self and discover the pleasure that awaits you!



  • Added Beatrice and Seraphina’s postgame hangouts. +2 Sex Scenes +4 CG
  • Added Octavia’s third and fourth hangout. +3 Sex Scenes. +4 CG
  • Added Lilith’s second hangout. +1 Sex Scene +2 CG
  • Added Lady Balethorn’s second hangout.+1 Sex Scene +2 CG
  • Overall +10,000 words.
  • Added a way to replay the final battle through Seraphina’s hangouts.
  • Added a new outfit for Lilith with three styles.
  • Added a way to teleport to the other manor in your bedroom
  • Added a % Completion tracker to the guidebook menu button.


  • You can now replay the finale fivesome scene.
  • Fixed Mirabelle and Ophelia’s Succubus outfit having a blank spot at the nipple.
  • If you ambush an enemy and one-shot it, they will be left with a minimum of 1 HP.
  • Fixed Juggernaut’s “New Dungeon Plus” and name in the Castle Garden not being the correct. Also fixed a typo in her name in the Forest.
  • Adjusted “Perform 200 reactions” to 100.
  • Adjusted “Reach Floor 250” to Floor 200
  • Adjusted “Defeat 100 Bosses” to 60 Bosses.
  • Cheats Menu Updated


  • Added the Final Battle! +2 Sex Scenes. +3 Sex CG.
  • Added Octavia’s second hangout. +1 Sex Scene +2 Sex CG.
  • Added new outfits for Seraphina, Emi, Hazel, Ophelia, Mirabelle, Lilith and Lily
  • +29,000 words (271,000 total)


  • Events that Heal HP now increase your Maximum HP too
  • Ice Wall now only melts after the enemy has attacked, effectively making it last +1 turn since the last patch.
  • When you take damage with a shield active, the damage number appears blue and over your shield instead.
  • Rebalanced Tinker’s E. Crystal to Emerald trade. It no longer always costs 1 E. Crystal and you now get fewer Emeralds.
  • Reduced +% ATK buffs in the dungeon
  • “Feast” Golden event: Gain 0-100% Max HP -> Gain 25-75% Max HP
  • “Altar” Event -> If Heat is over 2, you can now offer gold to lower heat.
  • “Campfires” -> If Heat is over 2, you can now perform a short rest at a Bonfire. Short rests lower heat but heal less.
  • Added a new, distinct sound for when your shield breaks.
  • Added a unique sound and game over effect when you hit 0 HP.


  • Improved the clarity on Bubble Barrier’s tooltip
  • Fixed spells that don’t pass the turn temporarily letting enemies live with -ve HP.
  • Fixed the Market having incorrect buy/sale values during your first visit.
  • Fixed Octavia’s hangouts being playable even at night time.
  • Fixed “Resist the Temptation” event showing an incorrect value of lost gold in the textbox.
  • Fixed “Blessing of Magic” from a gold event giving you x25 Elemental Damage.
  • Fixed “Pure Heart”‘s tooltip incorrectly saying 25 instead of 50.
  • Hazel’s fourth hangout now requires Seraphina’s fourth hangout.


  • Combat log is now draggable in addition to scrollable
  • All upgades with 50+ or infinite levels now have a +5x purchase button appear if you can afford it.
  • Added an erect variation of Lily’s office attire


  • Fixed Hazel’s final hangout requiring two more Seraphina hangouts than necessary
  • Fixed the potion event not showing the first four possible options
  • Fixed Demon Encampment offering tons of MP on the MP potion.
  • Spells no longer glow if you don’t have them, but you can still get reactions from these.
  • Entering nothing on the market screen no longer results in a crash
  • Various small fixes


  • Added additional measures to prevent a crash regarding Lady Balethorn’s name.
  • When choosing a dungeon floor, leaving it blank sets you to floor 1 instead of crashing the game.
  • Fixed minimap blocking the Juggernaut hangout if you chat to her first.
  • Fixed an issue where some players were dealing negative damage.


  • Fixed some issues for new save files in this update.


  • Added Octavia’s first hangout. +1 Sex Scene. +2 Sex CG
  • Added Beatrice’s final hangout. +1 Sex Scene. +4 Sex CG.
  • Added Lady Balethorn’s optional hangout. +1 Sex Scene. +1 Sex CG
  • Added Juggernaut’s optional hangout. +1 Sex Scene. +1 Sex CG
  • Added Kaya and Tsu’s Sex Events. +2 Sex Scenes. +2 Sex CG
  • Added the final City “Explore” event.
  • +14,000 words (242,000 tot.)
  • Added a new “Office Formal” outfit for Lily, it’s always available.
  • Ophelia and Emi now have alternative morning event dialogue if you’ve had sex with them.


  • +30 Events. Every Biome now has a Biome-Unique Positive Event, Neutral and Negative Event. Yes, even the super secret biome.
  • +1-2 New Options for all existing Events.
  • New Elemental Attacks System: Through some events, you can gain elemental damage on your attacks that proc reactions.
  • Doubled enemy base HP and heat HP scaling.
  • Reduced enemy heat ATK scaling.
  • Bubble Barrier now deals 0.4x less damage but provides 10% shield per turn it has left..
  • Spells now include a calculation of how much approximate damage they’ll deal in their tooltip.
  • Included a “next attack” damage prediction under your ATK and enemy ATK. (Only appears when your damage isn’t equal to your attack)
  • If an enemy can kill you in a single hit, their ATK icon is replaced with a flashing skull
  • Everyone 100 floors, enemies gain +50% to their base stats.
  • Reaction States no longer reset between battles
  • Spells that don’t immediately do damage (Pain and Fire Storm) no longer consume a turn.
  • Enemies no longer stay alive for an additional turn after being killed by a counter.
  • Added a small combat log to the “movement” screen so players can read how the last enemy died.
  • For increased visibility, active elements have an animated glow
  • Sewer ambushes no longer pierce shields
  • Added additional information for some of the current events.


  • Added outlines to damage numbers
  • Added some light hangout requirements to some morning events with Mirabelle and Hazel.
  • Fixed a bug that caused every attack to critically hit. (How did no one notice?! Lmao)
  • Fixed “The Safer Path” breaking expeditions if purchased when they’re already ready and changed the UI to show the correct amount of days when bought.
  • Fixed Katie’s guidebook achievement being unlockable early
  • Fixed “Sloppy Toppy” being available one event early
  • Fixed spells that don’t deal damage showing damage numbers.
  • You can now lose your virginity to city girls
  • Typo fixes

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: TwistedScarlett60 – Patreon – Twitter

I’m extremely excited to release what should be my best game yet. Unveiling the Unknown builds upon my previous games in every way, with better audio, better art and animations in and out of sex scenes. While MG1K was very much a quantity over quality game, Unveiling the Unknown prioritizes quality above all else.
Now that the foundation of the game has been built, updates will come hard and fast. I will drip feed new mechanics, new content and new upgrades with a release schedule that aims to release something every 2-4 weeks.
I wholly welcome any and all critique as always, let’s temper this game together into something beautiful!


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