Underground: a Hot Story

Lewd Tracker

Version: v0.03.1

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Game Info

Name: Underground: a Hot Story

Version: v0.03.1

Updated: 2024-04-23 18:48:17

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: adventure, Corruption, Cosplay, Groping, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Point & Click, Stripping, Trainer


Underground: A Hot Story – Where Lust Fuels Survival in a Depraved Future

“Underground: A Hot Story” by Lewd Tracker isn’t your typical post-apocalyptic adventure. Sure, it paints a grim picture of a world ravaged by an unknown force, forcing humanity to seek refuge in the depths of the earth. But beneath the surface of this desolate reality lies a simmering current of hot desire and a narrative that explores the complex interplay between survival and primal urges.

You take on the role of a miner, one of the few brave souls venturing out into the perilous remnants of the surface world. But your latest descent takes an unexpected turn when you encounter a mysterious woman amidst the ruins. This encounter sets you on a path of underground exploration that’s as thrilling as it is titillating. Who is this woman? What secrets does she hold? And how will her presence alter the course of your survival mission?

“Underground: A Hot Story” takes a corruption-focused approach to character development. As your journey progresses, you’ll have the choice to succumb to the temptations this new companion presents. The decisions you make regarding your relationship with her will influence the narrative, leading you down a path of corruption as you explore the depths of your own desires and hers.

The game boasts a unique feature – outfit customization. The clothing choices you make for both yourself and your companion don’t just affect the visual appeal, they also impact the gameplay. Certain outfits will trigger different reactions from NPCs, altering the difficulty of puzzles, combat encounters, and even the dialogue options available to you. Will you prioritize practicality, choosing outfits that offer protection in the harsh underground environment? Or will you succumb to a more seductive strategy, using your clothing to ignite desire and manipulate those around you?

“Underground: A Hot Story” isn’t just about navigating a desolate world and solving puzzles. It’s about confronting the raw urges that arise in the face of extinction. Will you prioritize survival at all costs, pushing aside your desires for the sake of safety? Or will you embrace your hot connection with your mysterious companion, exploring the depths of your shared desire even as the world crumbles around you?

Ready to delve into the darkness of the human psyche in a world on the brink? Step into the shoes of the miner, forge a connection with the enigmatic woman, and discover how your choices will shape your survival – and your deepest desires – in “Underground: A Hot Story.”


Added: Two new outfits
Small bug-fix

Added: A new scene

Added: 2 New Characters
Added: 4 New Outfits
Added: 9 New Rooms
Added: Continuation of the story
Added: Wardrobe in Main menu
Added: Gallery in Main menu
Added: “Cheat” codes in Main menu
Added: Conversation System
Added: Stats Screen
Update: Inventory (room interactions with items now highlight)
Update: Inventory (Item description)
Rework: Buy/Sell System

ReWork: Character Mary (+184 images)
ReWork: Character Prota (+14 images)
ReWork: Inventory System
ReWork: Story
Added: 2 rooms

Demo Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

The game has a system implemented in which the player can activate or deactivate different “kinks”,
ensuring that they do not encounter one that does not appeal to them
These kinks are decided on Patreon

There are several types:

Just… Kinks:
BDSM (planned), Feet, Choking… These are intended to be part of individual scenes, or a series of scenes, without an impact on the story or the characters, beyond deepening their relationship

Experience modifiers:
NTR (planned) is a perfect example, in this case the personal scenes with the female protagonist would be simplified if not nullified, and the scenes with her and other characters would be focused on the fact that the protagonist is not there. The role of the protagonist would be strictly that of a spectator (oversimplified explanation)

Appearance Modifiers:
Furry (planned), in this case, the skins of all (biological) characters would be changed to that of a furry, including the h-scenes

Futa (planned), in this case, the skin of the female protagonist would be a futanari (big or small depends on the player), the scenes would change to have “anal”, where before there was “vaginal”


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