Trials of Lust

Trials of Lust

BrOkEn eNgLiSh

Version: v0.75

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Game Info

Name: Trials of Lust

Version: v0.75

Updated: 2024-05-13 16:31:46

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2DCG, 2dgame, adventure, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Cheating, internal view, Male Protagonist, Netorare, Oral Sex, Tit fuck, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism


How Bob ended up with your Wife.​


Added “Item Collector”
It’s kind of unfinish, it will be finish in next update.

Addeed dialogue record
Player can press “shift” to use it during dialogue, or press “C” when not during dialogue.

Added press “ctrl” to fast forward during dialogue.

NTR ending
There’ll be 5 sex scenes in ntr ending and lots of “not sex but sexual content”, such as lewd talk

Dancer outfit
Adding dancer outfit which you will automatically get from at XXth day with a different kind of scene tied to her love to MC, and you ask her to dance for you in order to recover your MP.

Love route shower scene
Add handjob shower sex scene when you shower with her at Maximum MP.

Alchemy system remake
There’re lots of blueprints and materials being added into the game, blueprints can be gotten by events or research (research system are not started yet)
Materials can be found by exploring the ruins.

Explore system remake
Now there are five type of environments after you teleport, every type of environment has it’s own type of materials, and some environments might have bad affect for MC.
Gathering materials and changing maps will consume HP(stamina), and when player’s stamina is too low, you can’t to continue explore or gather.

Some systems will be remade and adjusted Neko’s already starts to work on it, but because it’s only half month passed, so there won’t be huge different for it.
Therefore this version still have some unbalanced systems, which will be fixed in the future updates.

Wife’s new behavior
She will be like Bob, have her own behavior during morning, right now they’re: showering, resting, praying, cooking. The interactions are only the most basic content, there might be more in the future update, such as relevant erotic scenes for love or NTR route.

Ending will be triggered at the 40th day(might change in the future) the research points will slightly affect it, there are these endings:
Normal bad ending, Corruption higher than 80, or didn’t activate other ending.
Love route ending, Corruption less than 80, and love to MC higher then 800.
NTR ending, Corruption less 80, and love to Bob higher than 800.
(NTR ending isn’t finished yet, there’s only prologue for now.)


Some of new content like Bob system are just basic structure,
it will be more content in the future.

Also, contents for now might change in the future,
like changing the sequence of events,
or changing system variables…etc.

1.Bob’s system
Bob will be recover,
and can move around after the 14th day.

He can just have friendly chat with your wife,
or sexually harass her,
and if wife’s Affection to Bob is high enough,
she might accept it, even make out with him.

2.Research system basic structure
Due to the ending not being finished,
it doesn’t have real meaning for now.

But you can trigger small events like daily event
if you have enough of research points,
there’re only two small events for now.

3.X-ray system
Player need to use the alchemy to make the X-ray Crystal,
but you need to upgrade it to use it in NTR route.

4.More peeking Scenes
Add two new blowjob contents
(trigger when Affection reach 675 and 750)
also change some system

Now even the wife’s HP lower then 5,
if her Affection to Bob didn’t reach 500,
there’s only licking instead of fucking

5.More events triggered by the number of days
The 10th day will trigger the collapse event,
it only have NTR content,
to avoid it, you need to make quest item to solve it.

The 24th day will trigger the escape event,
which have content for both route.

6.Erotic Status Info
It’s just the showcase,
due to the second page and the ending not being finished yet,
so the system such as Affection isn’t complete,
that’s why player can find the cheat item at the Alchemy.

7.”Naked Apron” Costume finish for now
It will be triggered on the 38th day

I was thinking make it a bigger erotic event,
but realize the logic of it is kind of bad,
so I change it into cute pictures daily event.

8.Love route blowjob and titfuck
Add these two need scenes,
which you can find them by talking to your wife during day time,
then choose the Initiate Intimacy option.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Developer: Broken English Patreon – Fanbox – Pixiv – Twitter – Ci-en


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