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Welcome to Transpire, a +18 visual novel that dives deep into the journey of self-discovery and transformation.
Set in a modern world filled with complex relationships and societal norms, the game follows the story
of a guy who makes the decision to embrace his true identity by transitioning to the opposite gender.
Apart from his family, nobody knows about his decision, leading “her” into a new life filled with
social challenges and complications.



  • 1 new location (club)
  • New quests (Mark, Ellie, Alice)
  • 4 new animated scenes (Mark, gym, club)
  • New stat: Drunkness
  • Added cheats (check preferences)
  • 1 new job introduced (massage parlor)
  • Many bugs fixed


  • 1 new location (church)
  • New quests (school, home)
  • 4 new animated scenes (home, church, park bathrooms)
  • 1 new job added (online model)
  • An interactive PC
  • Spy camera system
  • New stat: Corruption
  • Added a daytime scene on the bus
  • Now you’ll have 20 minutes to attend the school lesson.
  • Now you can have lunch at school
  • Main font changed
  • Improved HUD


  • Bug where strength and intelligence would suddenly decrease
  • Bugs related to studying at school
  • Skipping time issues
  • Numerous visual bugs
  • Spelling errors corrected

v0.0.1 (First release)

  • Prologue added (110 images)
  • 2 main quests (school) added
  • 6 main locations added (Home, school, gym, mall, hospital, park)
  • 1 job added (gym)
  • 8 sex scenes added
  • Makeup added (eyes, lips, cheeks, nails)
  • Hairstyles added (4 front + 3 back)
  • Cosmetic surgery added (eyes color, breast size, skin color)
  • Clothing and accessories added

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: Flynn – Patreon –

The game is still in development!
With each new update, the story will progress and new features will be added.
If you’d like to contribute or support the project, feel free to check out my links. Your help will make a huge difference!!


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