Total Seduction 2

Total Seduction 2

Mike Velesk

Version: v0.9

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Game Info

Name: Total Seduction 2

Version: v0.9

Updated: 2024-05-14 18:21:20

Language: English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish

Engine: Other

Platform: Windows

Genre: 3d game, Anal Sex, Animated, Corruption, Cosplay, Exhibitionism, Group Sex, internal view, Male Protagonist, Milf, Oral Sex, prostitution, RPG, Sandbox, Vaginal Sex, Virgin


Total Seduction 2: A Chemical Cocktail of Power and Desire

Mike Velesk’s “Total Seduction 2” isn’t your average eroge. It throws you into a world where science and seduction collide in a potent mix. You take on the role of an ambitious young intern thrust into the heart of a cutting-edge research facility. Your task? Field testing a revolutionary device called the Chemical Augmentation Device, or CHAD.

CHAD is no ordinary gadget. This subdermal implant acts as a personal bio-hacking device, pumping a vast array of chemicals, hormones, and pheromones directly into your system. Imagine amplifying your charisma with a pheromone cocktail, or enhancing your physical prowess with a surge of adrenaline – all at the touch of a button. But CHAD’s true power lies in its Artificial Intelligence. As you explore your newfound abilities, CHAD learns and adapts, concocting ever more complex chemical cocktails, granting you near-superhuman capabilities.

Total Seduction 2 isn’t just about the thrill of power, however. It delves into the profound impact these enhancements have on your relationships. The game’s open world allows you to freely explore the vibrant city, a sprawling metropolis teeming with captivating characters, each with their own desires and vulnerabilities. Will you use your enhanced charisma to seduce a high-powered CEO or a seductive bartender? Perhaps you’ll manipulate emotions with pheromones, igniting passionate encounters or forging deeper, more meaningful connections.

The narrative takes a unique twist as CHAD develops its own sentience. Does it become a loyal companion, guiding you through the complexities of human interaction and the intoxicating world of seduction? Or will its AI take a more perverse turn, pushing you towards increasingly risky and taboo desires? Total Seduction 2 explores the ethical complexities of bio-enhancement and the seductive power it holds. Can you navigate the intoxicating world of chemical augmentation while maintaining control of your desires? Will you use your power to manipulate or to create genuine connections?

Unleash your inner seducer with Total Seduction 2! Will you succumb to the power of CHAD or forge your own path? Dive in and discover the intoxicating possibilities.



  • Strip bar added to the Red light district. You can find strippers here (occasionally, also exotic dancers). If you morph into female/futa, you can work here
  • Sexpert attribute added for a player. It can unlock bonus scenes when high enough. You can ask various characters (AmandaMarionNoelle and Rita int this version) for advice to increase this attribute. They will give you lessons in a form of short mini-games, that you must complete to gain the bonus. Also, other characters have unique scenes, that can be unlocked by sexpert.
  • Dalia‘s seduction quest started. Due to avoiding spoilers, I will just mentioned, that you must first progress Zana’s to level 2, before her quest can start.
  • Stamina reworked – it will not increase much faster with exercise (before +3 with sneakers, now +20 with sneakers), but if you don’t exercise for some time, it will slowly fall. Intelligence is also increase faster, to remove grind.
  • Various bug fixes.


  • Belinda‘s seduction quest continues – after you obtain a skimpy outfit for her, she is willing to explore her exhibitionist fetish with you. If you progress with Taylor to level 8, she will also notice and wants to take part in it.
  • Start of the seduction quest for Zara. After you have intelligence of at least 50, she ask you for a private tutoring. You can than visit her at her house at the hospital district. As for now, this quest is rather short.
  • Morph: Female and Morph: Futa skills are now implemented. You can use them to morph into female/futa during night. As a female/futa, you can visit Rita to perform some tests. You can also change your hair style at the new salon at city center and buy clothes at the mall’s boutique. In front of the boutique, you can try to seduce men. Except Rita’s this is the only scene, you can do as female/futa, but is is huge – including 70 different positions/options. Some of these options depend on the personality of your partner and your unlocked skills.


  • Marion‘s seduction quest finished. When completed, it will unlock a lot of scenes, including a possibility to organize a sex ed class. However, for this class, you will need a volunteer partner, who must be already fully seduced. In this version, Taylor and Noelle can act as your partner for the class.
  • Belinda‘s (Taylor’s mother) seduction quest started. You will uncover her deepest desires, as well as her wild past.
  • Hospital added to the game. First floor is a maternity ward, where you can send pregnant women for a delivery. They will stay there for two days.
  • Noelle’s pregnancy added. It also involves a short quest, when Noelle will temporary move in into your room.
  • A new randomized NPC – an Influencer added. Influencer is a single mom with high self esteem and low on money. Her quest ends with a dinner date, that can end up in multiple different endings, depending on how much wine she drinks.


  • New skill – “Morph: big dick”. It will unlock new scenes with several character, namely AmandaLilaTaylorNoelle and Ruby. Some scenes from this skill have a progress – they are different when you repeat them and function like a mini quests.
  • Ms. Mullins got another progress level in her personal seduction quest. You can now fully submit to her or dominate her. This choice will determine, what type of interactions and scene you will have with her.
  • Teacher Marion got her seduction quest started. You can now ask her for private tutoring, starting the quest.
  • New location added – City block. It contains several flat apartments and houses where some characters live – Marion, Luna, Ruby, Noelle, Angela and Ms. Mullins.
  • Several bug fixes and improvements. Diary added to instantly access a profile of any woman, you have started a quest with. Diary can be accessed through a book at your room and a mobile phone.


  • New character: Ruby – Luna‘s mom and a professional masseuse. You will meet Ruby after progressing with Luna’s seduction quest. After some convincing, she will accept you as a client for massages. Ruby is very liberal and free spirited, thus will be pretty easy to seduced.
  • New character: Ms. Mullins – a school principal. If you are very late for classes, your teacher will send you for punishment to Ms. Mullins. It would seem, the new school principal is very found of punishing misbehaving students. Punishments will grow in severity to the point, when they become a regular after-school activity.
  • First half of Luna’s seduction quest. This is also a part of the main quest, so the story of the game progresses with it.
  • Pregnancy added for AmandaLila and Taylor. After reaching final seduction level, you can discuss contraception with them. If you disable it, they will become pregnant. Pregnancy will also change their behavior and add more scenes.


  • Lila’s seduction quest finished. Quest contains 4 more progress stages, with a lot of new scenes. Some scenes are mutually exclusive – you can see only 1 out of three possible variation during one play-through.
  • Noelle’s seduction quest finished. It includes helping Noelle to start her new webcam business and coaching her to get better results. Together with Lila’s quest, there has been more than 50 new scenes added.
  • Some updates and changes to platform, including the ability to change main character’s name in the gallery viewer.
  • Fixes and more optimizations to TS2 as well as other games on platform. Correct timing for inquisition hearings added for WOL. Energy regeneration corrected for LOH.


  • Taylor’s seduction quest completed. You can now reach full progress with Taylor and unlock all scenes (21 scenes added for Taylor). You can find job for Taylor as a maid in a hotel. In the future, there may be more jobs available to choose from.
  • First part of Lila’s seduction quest added. Lila has a unique stat “Mood” and you have to keep it high to progress with her quest.
  • A minor character added – receptionist Kayla at the hotel. She has a short seduction quest and you can rent a room at the hotel from her. You will need the room rented for Taylor’s quest as well as some quests for random generated NPCs. You can also bring hookers into the room.
  • Play style optimized and grind reduced in the game. You now loose less energy during day and scenes cost less energy as well. Player gains new levels faster.
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations. For example, animations now have better interpolations between positions, especially during conversations.


  • Open world expanded with new locations and random generated NPCs. City center with mall and caffee added.
  • There are 7 new random NPCs types -5x housewives, a realtor and a p*n star. Each type has it’s own unique seduction quest and scenes.
  • Alotgether, 28 new scenes were added to the game and they can be unlocked in the gallery
  • More details of their seduction quests can be found here TS2 Random NPCs.
  • Various bug fixes, including fixes in other games (gallery problems in Ludus Masters…)


  • A demo version of the game, however it already has a lot of content. Full seduction quest line for Amanda and partial quests for Taylor, Noelle and Rita. In this version, the game has around 40 sex scenes in the gallery.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: Mike Velesk – Patreon – SubscribeStar – Website – Wiki


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