The Warrior Of Sepia Hue, Aisha

The Warrior Of Sepia Hue, Aisha


Version: Final

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In the kingdom of Kaidel, the desert’s realm, there dwelt the warrior Aisha. Her noble spirit and dedication to martial training earned her the support of many citizens. Similarly, her handmaiden, Fara, strived daily to maintain her purity, and together they lived fulfilled lives.
One fateful day, they became entangled in an incident within the castle walls and were suspected of regicide. Despite proclaiming their innocence, they found themselves imprisoned, deprived of their freedom. As they languished in the filthy, maggot-infested dungeon, their minds began to falter.
Deceived by the honeyed words of the nobleman Khalifa, they unwittingly entered into a contract as sexual slaves.
For Aisha and Fara, who had signed the contract of sexual slavery, awaited days of hell, torn between their roles as warriors and slaves.​

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Umm, This one is fucked up even though it’s not on par with Euphoria but still it have a lot of gore , So think carefully before you play.
The Menu and UI is not translated as there are no tool available to do so.
Support the original creator if you can.
I am not sure that if anyone will like this so I’ll not ask for like on this one.
Report any bug or issue if you find .

Thats all,
Again this one is fucked up .


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