The Magissy: Reloaded

The Magissy: Reloaded

Bit Fat Games

Version: v0.4.2

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Game Info

Name: The Magissy: Reloaded

Version: v0.4.2

Updated: 2024-04-22 15:23:12

Sexual Orientation: Furry Games

Language: English

Engine: Unreal Engine

Platform: Windows

Genre: 3d game, adventure, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Furry, Lesbian, Male Protagonist, monster, Oral Sex, RPG, Sandbox, Vaginal Sex


The Magissy: Reloaded – Where Adventure Meets Alluring Companions

Bit Fat Games’ “The Magissy: Reloaded” isn’t your typical fantasy RPG. Sure, it offers the familiar thrill of exploration, combat, and the pursuit of a legendary artifact. But beneath the fantastical trappings of a world brimming with magic and mythical creatures lies a world rich with diverse companions, thrilling conquests, and the freedom to explore your desires in a way that is both liberating and delightfully erotic.

You, the charismatic adventurer, are not just driven by the allure of the mysterious crystal. “The Magissy: Reloaded” throws you into a world where the lines between adventure and intimacy blur deliciously. Every encounter, every victory, presents an opportunity for connection. Will you charm the blacksmith’s daughter with tales of your exploits, or ignite a spark with a captivating thief caught red-handed? The choice is yours, and the options are as varied as your imagination.

The game excels in its cast of companions. Forget the damsel-in-distress trope. The women you encounter in “The Magissy: Reloaded” are as diverse and powerful as they are alluring. From the fiery warrior woman to the seductive sorceress, each companion offers a unique personality, a captivating backstory, and the potential for a passionate connection.

The “Magissy” in the title takes on a deeper meaning within the context of the game’s erotic elements. These companions aren’t simply passive participants in your adventures. They are active agents, capable of expressing their own desires and engaging in thrillingly intimate encounters. The game allows you to explore these connections in a way that is both consensual and deeply satisfying.

The quest for the crystal becomes a catalyst for self-discovery and erotic exploration. As you navigate the treacherous floating island of Albae, with its fantastical creatures and hidden dangers, your relationships with your companions deepen. Will you forge a deep emotional bond with a single companion, or explore the sensual possibilities of a polyamorous arrangement? “The Magissy: Reloaded” empowers you to define your own romantic and erotic journey.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in “The Magissy: Reloaded.” Assemble a team of captivating companions, conquer fearsome foes, and explore the depths of your own desires in a world where every encounter holds the potential for thrilling conquest and erotic fulfillment.



– Added new feature where, during random conversations, subtitles for each NPC appear instead of just one, enhancing player engagement
– Added new animations for NPCs, enhancing the visual and interactive aspects of the game
– Added a new courtesan NPC to the local tavern
– Added dialogues between the courtesan and both female and male protagonists
– Added voiceovers for dialogues with the courtesan
– Added 2 new cinematic sex scenes with the courtesan and male protagonist
– Improved city dynamics by reducing the population but allowing NPCs to walk on their own schedule, creating a more realistic environment
– Improved town life realism by enabling some residents to visit the tavern, adding depth to the game’s social environment
– Fixed the issue where an NPC would stand up to perform a task and simultaneously engage in a conversation, ensuring more natural NPC behavior

– Added the character Vix to the city
– Added 2 new engaging dialogues with Vix to enhance player-character interaction
– Added a new NPC named “Smuggler” to the city, enriching the game’s narrative depth
– Added a new gameplay quest titled “Shadows and Elixirs,”
– Added 2 new cinematic sex scenes between the male protagonist and Vix
– Added a new system for random NPC conversations to make the world feel more alive
– Added 5 new random conversations involving guards in Wolkenburg to enhance their interactivity
– Added 10 new random conversations between guards and citizens in Wolkenburg to further develop the city’s social fabric
– Added 5 variations of Guard NPC to diversify the game’s security force characters
– Added 5 variations of Citizen NPC to enrich the diversity among the city’s inhabitants
– Added voiceovers to every dialogue in the game, significantly augmenting the overall auditory experience

– Unveiled the vast city of Wolkenburg for exploration
– Added a new portal with access to Wolkenburg after defeating Selena
– Enriched the NPC dialogue with a variety of new phrases
– Introduced Dean into Harem Mode for a new dynamic
– Included Magnus and his intense scenes to the content collection
– Infused new voiceover talent for Selena, adding depth to her character
– Amplified the male protagonist’s interactions with Selena with a new voiceover
– Enhanced Selena’s dialogue for a richer story experience
– Overhauled the save system for enhanced reliability
– Fixed the loading system for uninterrupted gameplay

– Added 2 new cinematic sex scenes between the female protagonist and Magnus
– Added 1 new cinematic sex scene between the male protagonist and Magnus
– Added new quest: “The Gambled Ring”
– Added new notes throughout the game
– Added voiceover for the notes
– All dialogues in the new quest “The Gambled Ring” now have voiceovers
– Minor fixes

– Added New Gameplay Note System
– Added New voiceover of the male protagonist in dialogues with Viola
– Added New voiceover of the male protagonist in dialogues with Zoe
– Added New voiceover of the female protagonist in dialogues with Viola
– Added New voiceover of the female protagonist in dialogues with Zoe
– New voiceovers for Viola and Zoe in the mercenaries quest
– Enhanced Viola and Zoe dialogues for better clarity and storytelling
– Optimized video card performance
– Minor bug fixes

– Added New voiceover for the male protagonist in dialogue with Dorian
– Added New voiceover for the male protagonist in dialogue with Ricardo
– Added New voiceover for the male protagonist in dialogue with Magnus
– Added New voiceover for the male protagonist in dialogue with Mera
– Added New voiceover for the female protagonist in dialogue with Mera
– Added extensive lines and voiceovers for village men
– Added extensive lines and voiceovers for village women
– Added extensive lines and voiceovers for nomads
– Added new gameplay quest “Embers of Allegiance”
– Completely revamped dialogue with Mera
– Minor fixes

– Added a new voiceover for Zack
– Added more gameplay to the Glory Hole
– New gameplay with Magnus in the Harem
– Added Voiceover for the male protagonist in dialogues with Magnus
– Improved Dialogue between Magnus and the male main character
– Improved dialogues with Zack
– Minor fixes

– Added a new voiceover for Magnus
– Added a new voiceover for Ricardo
– Added a new voiceover for Dorian
– Added a new voiceover for male protagonist in dialogue with Ricardo
– Added a new voiceover for male protagonist in dialogue with Dorian
– Added a new enemy NPC
– Added new gameplay quest for Magnus
– Added a new crafting item
– Improved dialogue between the protagonist and Dorian
– Improved dialogue between the protagonist and Magnus
– Minor fixes

– Added Exciting New Gameplay: Ricardo joins the Harem mode, introducing fresh gameplay experiences
– Added Ricardo scenes to the collection
– Improved scene with Selena by replacing it with three new cinematic scenes
– Replaced the scene with Selena in the collection with a new one
– Improved the balance of damage
– Fixed the issue of incorrect health regeneration for certain consumable items

– Introduced a new character, Ricardo, enhancing the game’s narrative depth.
– Integrated 3 new sex gameplay interactions for male protagonist & Ricardo.
– Integrated 3 new sex gameplay interactions for female protagonist & Ricardo.
– Added sounds to the scene between Ricardo and the protagonist
– Added some animations to the dialogues between Ricardo and the protagonist
– Fixed incorrect display of quest markers on the global map

– Added new gameplay feature: female main character’s interaction with gloryhole
– Added double-click functionality for using items in the inventory
– Added a wider variety of items sold by Magnus
– Improved dialogues with necessary highlighting
– Fixed camera rotation issues in dialogues
– Fixed overlapping between gloryhole and menu interfaces

– Added 2 new sex animations
– Added a new glory hole system (currently in early development and male main character only)
– Resolved the bug that prevented the proper use of consumable items on the 1 and 2 keys
– Resolved the issue of getting stuck in the dialogue with Magnus
– Fixed a critical bug in the dialogue with Irimel that occurred after the cutscene
– Fixed the incorrect display of the crafting/shop window when selected in dialogue
– Fixed the incorrect idle animations for NPCs
– Stabilized FPS for smoother gameplay
– Made minor improvements to enhance overall gameplay experience

– The game now loads faster
– FPS has increased
– Memory usage has decreased
– Freezes are less common
– The overall gameplay experience has been enhanced
– Many bugs have been fixed

– Added Craft (Pre-Alpha)
– Added female voice for player character when interacting with the boss door
– Added hints in missing dialogs
– Changed the loot in the world a little bit
– Fixed sounds of cats (are quieter now)

– Added animations between Male MC and Female MC in Harem Mode
– Added lesbian animations in Harem Mode (except Zemma)
– Added blood on impact
– Added an option to disable active quest tracking
– Fixed a bug with issuing Vix and Zak quests in the Magnus dialogue
– A new active quest is now correctly placed after finishing currently active quest
– No longer displays an empty active quest container
– Fixed the FOV camera in the Harem Mode
– Villagers no longer stand still

– Save system has been reworked and improved
– Added new teleport point in cheat panel
– Added ability to control the slider to buy/sell items with arrows
– Added a picturenotification of unused perks points
– Reworked cameras movement in Viola’s sex scenes
– Changed the list of goods at the merchant in the village
– Finally a bug with cameras during sex scenes is fixed
– Now during the sale items, merchants get gold correctly
– Vix now runs faster to the house after completing the quest with the amulet
– Vix is no longer stuck after the dialogue with the girl in the ruined settlement
– Fixed inputs after death
– Fixed rotation of the main character in sex scenes
– Fixed rotation of the protagonist during cutscenes
– And other minor fixes and improvements

– Fixed saves memory leak
– Added impact sounds for dummies
– Added sound effect for books of experience and books disappear after reading

– Added new idle poses for some female NPC’s
– Added new dialogue NPC in fire mages camp
– Added quest state icons on NPC’s
– Added Auto Save System – [Experimental]
– Added possibility to consume items from inventory ui
– Improved game package size
– Recoded Intro Movies, so it should’nt lag on startup
– Some performance improvements
– Fixed Dorian eyes visibility when he disappears
– Fixed Viola sex camera bug
– Fixed movement bug after dialogue with Vix and Iremel
– Fixed looting and fighting while dying
– Disabled VR Plugin
– Fixed Vix running into dialogue camera
– Fixed dialogue commands in harem mode
– Fixed female player model npc physics in harem mode
– and other important improvements

-Added new NPC Irimel
-Added new NPC to the camp of fire mages
-Added new location “Ruined settlement
-Added Cutscene system (still in early stages)
-Changed lighting in the world
-Enemy NPCs now react correctly to the character
-Fixed critical bug with getting stuck in dialogues
-Fixed bug with incorrect exit from the dialogue of the girl in the forest on the mercenaries’ quest
-Fixed the wrong completing of the first mercenaries’ task
-Fixed a lot of technical bugs

-Added Zoe sex cinematic (2 scenes)
-Added new NPC in Fire Mages’ camp
-Added a new quest in Fire Mage’s camp
-Improved quest tracking (now the tracker makes the path after holding down the “Q” key)
-Minor bug fixes

-Added button to open the quest log (button “J”)
-Added button combination “Alt + B” for forced teleportation to spawn (temporary solution for getting stuck)
-Now you can make a quest active by double-clicking on it in the quest log
-Added pathfinding to quest checkpoints
-Added a new mercenary quest
-Cabbage now restores Hp
-Girl in the second quest with mercenaries is now correctly spawned
-Fixed an issue with the girl’s dialogue from the second mercenary quest
Modified version changes:
-includes part of hotfix for save games memory leak from 0.2.8b
-includes recoded movies folder from 0.2.8b

– added a new character – Mera
– added new quest “The Mercenaries of Alba part 2”
– added new location “Mera’s camp”
– added music theme when entering in battle
– added a trading marker above of merchants
– fixed ragdoll for the female playable character
– fixed Selena’s fireball hits on the female playable character

– Added new quest with Viola
– Added new NPC – Mercenary captain
– Improved mercenary camp
– Added 2 cinematics with Viola
– Added two events with Viola to the “collection”
– Minor bug fixes

– Added a new character Dorian (dialogue is temporarily voiced for now)
– Added camera rotation during cinematics
– Added Zemma in Harem Mode
– Added Female Protagonist in Harem Mod
– Added 3 new poses in Harem Mode between Male Protagonist and Zemma
– Added 2 new poses in Harem Mode between Female Protagonist and Viola
– Entering combat mode no longer takes you out of sprint mode
– Removed breast censor for Citizen patrons
– Added new voiceover for the Female Protagonist
– Added new voiceover for goblins

⁃ Added 2 sex cinematics for female protagonist & Viola
– Added hint for skipping phrases in dialogs
– Added button to the steam page inside of main menu and pause menu
⁃ Added merchant in the village
– Fixed wolfs rotation
– Fixed minor bugs in dialogues
– Stamina is now spent during a damage blocking stance
– Stamina is now spent 4 times more while running
– Enemies are rebalanced and more dangerous than before

– Added Female protagonist
– Added Female protagonist voice over
– Added Female protagonist cloth set
– Added character selector after pressing “New Game” button
– Added quest tracker
– Added boobs physics in sex events
– Added free camera rotation by pressing “Q” button
– Fixed incorrect rotation in “Harem Mode”
– Quest tracking now works correctly after pressing the “Continue” button
– Nomads no longer slip into their camp
– Vix is now correctly giving out gloves for the female protagonist
– Breast physics now works correctly (but not yet for everyone)
– Fixed Selena’s and Vix’s nipples
– Fixed Selena and Vix battle rotation
– Fixed navigation on bridge near Din’s tent
– Fixed falling under the floor in the “Harem Mode”

-Added Lyrn map to the “Map” subsection of the inventory
-Added hint system in dialogs
-Added animated loading screen
-Added “Beginning of the journey” quest
-Added a gold notification at the beginning of the game
-Updated “Harem Mode” location

– Added location “Harem”
– Added “Collection” system
– Added notification about level advancement
– Added notification about girl’s progress
– Added character biography to the collection
– Increased the distance of rendering characters
– Fixed the level display in the trade window.
– Fixed bug with camera after sex in collection
– After losing a fight with Selena, the character can again enter her domain
– Fixed rotation of the character when replaying cinematics
– Fixed a bug when first starting a scene with Vix after completing a quest “Looking for Vix’s amulet”

– Added Perks system
– Added level and experience system
– Added Books of experience
– Added more grass for the quest “Help Vixs with flowers gathering”
– Fixed black screen after dialogue with Magnus
– Magnus gives out Zaсk’s quest correctly
– Increased the drawing range of the NPС
– Added a notification about a full inventory when trying to pick up a new item
– Added an experience progress bar
– Added new npc “kitten”
– Added new enemy npc “raptor”
– Added sfx for experience books
– Items in chests no longer disappear if the character’s inventory is full.
– Fixed an issue with the jacket for the “Lost nomad” quest
– Fixed the camera fading bug in Selena’s sex event

– Added option of spawning NPC in the cheat panel
– Added “Mercenary Camp” location
– Added “Village” location
– Added Trading system (available by Magnus after first 2 quests)
– Added Character Zoe (resident of the village)
– Added 3 cinematics for Zoe
– Added Voice Over for Zoe
– Added Quest “Toss a coin”
– Added hotkeys to collect loot from containers.
– updated Magnus’s Forge
– updated Vix’s Cinematics
– updated Vix`s house
– Added more trade phrases in Magnus dialogue
– Added “close” button in inventory & trade menu
– Improved optimization
– Fixed flickers in sex system
– Fixed bug with retaking Zemma’s quest after finishing
– Fixed interacting with a shelf behind a closed door in Zoe’s house
– Fixed quest start/finish notification
– Fixed mouse rotation in Selena’s scene
– Fixed camera position in Viola’s cinematic

– Added a new character Zemma
– Added new quest “Find a scepter for Zemma”
– Added new creature – Troll
– Added Troll’s cave
– Added missing sword swing sounds to combos
– Added a new voice over for the character Zemma
– Added 3 new cinematic scenes for Zemma
– Added skipping dialog phrases by pressing the “space” button
– Added new sword
– Fixed missing compass after closing cheat panel
– Fixed hero’s crouching in combat mode
– Fixed an issue with losing control of the character after pressing the “Continue” button

– Improved performance on new game start
– Female textures update
– Fixed critical bug with Viola
– Fixed “spinner” after death
– Minor improvements

– New NPC – Viola
– Voice over for character Viola
– 3 new cinematic scenes for Viola
– 8 New cinematic scenes for Vix
– Starter set for Paladin’s tier and above
– Cheat panel for the Lord’s tier
– God Mode option for the Noble’s tier and above
– 1 health potion on new game start
– added golden coins depending on your Patreon tier
– Sex system improved to cinematics
– Textures in the groin area have been improved
– Redesigned the start location for better navigation
– Minor improvements to optimize gameplay
– Vix and Selena’s nipples are no longer flat
– Footsteps have become quieter
– More markers on the compass in the “Help Vixs with flowers gathering” quest
– It is easier to get out from the end of the cave in the quest “Mining iron ore”
– There are more health potions in the loot

Release of The Magissy: Reloaded
– Combat system
– Enemies
– The Island Of Albae
– Dialogue system
– Quest system
– Sex system
– Lots of items
– Inventory system
– Many NPCs
– Quests
– Much more

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