The Last Hero's Darkest Quest

The Last Hero’s Darkest Quest


Version: v0.0.5

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Game Info

Name: The Last Hero’s Darkest Quest

Version: v0.0.5

Updated: 2024-04-24 08:48:07

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 3DCG, Big Tits, Bukkake, Cheating, Corruption, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Female protagonist, humiliation, Male Protagonist, Milf, Monster Girl, NTR (Unavoidable), Oral Sex, Sexual harassment, slave, Spanking, Virgin


The Last Hero’s Darkest Quest: An Unholy Alliance Against a Chaotic Desire

The last rays of a dying sun cast an ominous glow on the desolate plains. You are Shin, the reluctant hero summoned to a world teetering on the brink of oblivion. But unlike the prophesied savior, you weren’t alone in this desperate plea. Three other heroes arrived before you, each a beacon of hope quickly extinguished by the encroaching darkness. “The Last Hero’s Darkest Quest” by ISecretDream throws you into a world where the line between salvation and damnation blurs, and where the key to survival lies in embracing your darkest desires.

“The Last Hero’s Darkest Quest” isn’t your typical isekai adventure. Forget the predictable hero’s journey and the damsel-in-distress trope. Here, your companions are anything but ordinary. There’s your alluring stepmother, her unwavering loyalty masking a simmering resentment for the life you stole. Your rebellious younger sisters, their youthful defiance fueled by a secret desire for forbidden knowledge. And then there are the other summoned heroes – a jaded warrior seeking solace in oblivion, a cunning sorceress driven by an insatiable hunger for power, and a seemingly pious priest harboring a forbidden attraction to his fellow heroes.

The world you find yourself in pulsates with a dark energy, a chaotic force that fuels the demonic armies threatening to engulf everything in their path. This energy, however, holds an unexpected power – the power to amplify desire, to twist it into a weapon of immense potential. Here’s where your choices come into play. Will you embrace this dark energy, forging an unholy alliance with your companions to unlock their deepest desires and channel them into a force powerful enough to repel the demonic hordes? Or will you cling to conventional heroism, ultimately succumbing to the chaos that threatens to consume you all?

The Last Hero’s Darkest Quest presents a unique blend of strategy, exploration, and erotic encounters. As you navigate this perilous world, you’ll confront not just demonic hordes but also your own vulnerabilities and the hidden desires of those around you. A passionate encounter with your stepmother could unlock a dormant reservoir of power, but at the cost of blurring the lines of family loyalty. A heated exchange with the jaded warrior could lead to a surprising revelation, his cynicism evaporating in the face of your unwavering determination. Even a seemingly innocent conversation with the priest could morph into a night of forbidden exploration, his piety shattered by the intensity of your connection.

“The Last Hero’s Darkest Quest” challenges you to think outside the box. The fate of this world doesn’t rest solely on brute force, but on the courage to confront your darkness and wield it as a weapon. Will you succumb to the allure of power and forge a path paved with forbidden desires? Or will you find a way to harness this power for good, leading your companions – even the most unlikely ones – towards a common purpose? Step into Shin’s shoes, embrace the darkest corners of your desires, and rewrite the destiny of a world on the brink.


– 3 new enemies
– 3 new character models (3 female)
– 3 large maps (Lightmill, beastroot frorest, mistwood)
– npc dialog in Lightmill, beastroot frorest, mistwood
– 22 H events
– 249 Cg
– 17 memory rooms
– bug fix

– 2 new enemies
– 3 new character models (2 female, 1 male)
– 2 large maps (timberwing port, alora beach)
– npc dialog in timberwing
– 4 non H events
– 10 H events in timberwing ( 4 defeated evests, 2 bad end)
– 3 working events in roveden
– 121 Cg
– 12 memory rooms

npc dialog in Roveden 70%
(Not the roveden success percentage for the town, roveden will be updated with every update)

– 170 cg.
– 11 memory rooms
– 4 events (non H)
– 3 events working in heren road
– 3 events Hypnosis
– 3 random events in Roveden
– 6 events daily life
– 2 side events

– 184 cg
– 16 scenes in memory room
– For this version, there will be only the main quest. and work events at Heren road
– Bug Fix

v0.0.1 Play Time 1 – 2 hours
– Initial Release
– CG 133

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.


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