The Haunting Nightmare

The Haunting Nightmare

Dofla Studio

Version: v0.3.1a

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Game Info

Name: The Haunting Nightmare

Version: v0.3.1a

Updated: 2024-04-24 10:13:57

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Blackmail, Cheating, combat, drugs, Handjob, Milf, Oral Sex, Sandbox, Sleep Sex, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex


The Haunting Nightmare: Where Erotic Dreams Collide with Deadly Night Terrors

Dofla Studio’s “The Haunting Nightmare” isn’t your typical horror game. It delves into the terrifying realm of psychological trauma, where nightmares become a matter of life and death, and the line between fantasy and reality blurs with a potent erotic charge.

You, the protagonist, are plagued by a mysterious illness. Severe trauma has manifested in a series of vivid, unsettling nightmares that feel disturbingly real. But these aren’t your average bad dreams. Each horrifying scenario holds the potential to claim your life within a few short months.

The only solace you find is in a diverse support group of fellow sufferers. Drawn together by their shared predicament, this group becomes a haven of understanding and, perhaps surprisingly, exploration. As you delve deeper into your own psyche to confront the source of your trauma, the support group becomes a platform for a unique type of therapy – one that embraces the potent connection between fear and arousal.

“The Haunting Nightmare” isn’t shy about its erotic elements. In this context, exploring your darkest desires becomes a vital tool for unlocking the secrets buried deep within your subconscious. Through guided sessions and group exercises, you confront your fears not just through introspection, but also through physical intimacy with trusted companions. The line between coping mechanism and raw exploration of taboo desires becomes tantalizingly blurred.

But the erotic isn’t just a means to an end. Within the shared vulnerability and intimacy, a powerful sense of connection forms. The support group becomes a chosen family, each member battling their own demons while offering solace and strength to the others. As you delve deeper into “The Haunting Nightmare,” you’ll not only confront the source of your nightmares, but also discover a surprising capacity for love, acceptance, and even pleasure within the darkest corners of your psyche.

Are you ready to face your darkest fears and unlock the erotic potential within your nightmares? “The Haunting Nightmare” awaits.


[New content]
-Day6’s main storyline
-Jessica’s event #2
-3 secret photos
-250+ new images
-4 animations
-Replaced ‘personality’ with ‘mental state’. ‘Personality’ is inaccurate because the MC’s choices don’t alter their ‘goodness’ or ‘badness’, but rather the level of tranquility within.
-The Laura event added a close-up shot of vaginal intercourse.
-Added a reminder before the card battle, reminding players to save their progress.
-Revised the flow of some content for better coherence, and corrected several grammar errors.

[New content]
– Laura’s night event #2
– 80+ images
– 2 secret photos
– 8 animations

[New content]
– Added Boxing Gym event: Starting from Day 5, MC can go to Dessy to improve strength or speed, which will be faster than normal training at home (but requires money).
– Added Kim’s Bar event: Now you can help her solve her debt problem, and after successfully resolving it, she will increase your salary.
– Fixed the issue of crashing after Day 5.
– Optimized the game flow, allowing most scenes to be skipped instead of being mandatory to watch.

– Day5’s main story.
– Luna’s evening romantic event #2.
– Reworking of Laura’s story with new plot and images.
– Re-adjustment of Jessica’s story. (No NTR anymore)
– 300+ images
– 4 new scenes
– 8 animations

– Add “Story Mode” which will skip all mini-games.
– Add computer store function.
– Add optional tutorial when entering Free Roam mode for the first time.
– Made minor adjustments to the text of Jess’s story.
– In normal game mode, the success rate of some strategies has been changed to percentages

– Linear mode for the main storyline, and sandbox mode for the side quests
(The game’s free time is limited! As the time pass, you will go to the ending no matter what. That means you can only do limited number of things and must skip others in the sandbox mode. So no need to worry about wasting time on repetitive plotlines. this mechanism is only for you to choose the girls you like and develop your relationships with them. )
– Card battles(skippable)
– 1000+ images
– 20+ sex animations
– 15+ characters to interact
– 20+ bgm

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes


Starting from version 0.2.0a, there is no NTR content in the game anymore.


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