The Halo Project

The Halo Project


Version: v0.1a

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Game Info

Name: The Halo Project

Version: v0.1a

Updated: 2024-05-09 13:37:03

Language: English

Engine: Unity

Platform: Android, Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 3DCG, Animated, BDSM, Corruption, Harem, Male Protagonist, Mind Control, Oral Sex, Rape, RPG, Sandbox, sci-fi, Tech Control, Vaginal Sex


An adult game about enslaving girls using sci-fi devices
The Halo Project an exciting new interdimensional game that would allow players to experience the thrill of the hunt in an artificial dimension known as “Dimension Z-189”. You are the tester of said game, and your role is to hunt down the targets, enslaving them and add to your ever growing roster.
Each targets reward you with perks when your grip of their will grow stronger. Force your targets to work for you by harvesting their pleasure and feed it to the machine that is breaking their mind, growing this never ending loop of pleasure and corruption.
With each target relationship with one another, utilize that to your advantage. Find your way to topple the dominoes. One by one, they will obey.​


0.1a(Hotfix + Optimization)

  • Added framerate cap in settings (thanks RosenKing)
  • Optimize character models
  • Sprite compression
  • Fix error when loading in classroom
  • Fix Ava intro

0.1 (Hunt Begins)

  • fix android startup issues
  • fix saving issues
  • fix character invalid spawn location bug
  • Added event system
  • Added objective system
  • Added gates for locations and characters
  • Added effect for time skipping
  • Rework content system
  • Added handjob
  • Added sex scenes for level 1
  • Added Strip command
  • Removed Antonia for rework

0.06 Changelog

  • fix suspicion state persist even when player have left location
  • Added day night cycle representation
  • Added handjob scene
  • Now able to strip targets (WIP)

0.05b Changelog

  • Fixed target and player rotation bug
  • Fixed sometimes player spawn out of the map
  • Fixed inventory item UI duplicated upon opening inventory

0.05a Changelog

  • Fix Target floating
  • Fix player rotates when following target
  • Fix Target rotates when following player
  • Fix able to load game when in dialog
  • Fix UI in 21:9 aspect ratio
  • Fix bed not replenishing stamina
  • Fix stamina HUD show wrong stamina
  • Fix able to smuggle units to other location via save and load

0.05 Changelog

  • Added small intro events for targets
  • Now able to follow a target by clicking on them
  • Added shop
  • Added inventory
  • Added stamina
  • Changed halo’s battery UI
  • Added possiblity to work (WIP)
  • Added suspicion reason (WIP)
  • Added School offices
  • Added a office to cafe
  • Reenable clinic
  • Targets now follow a routine point
  • Added doors
  • Doctor and Headmaster return


  • Increased time scale by 300%
  • Added upgrades, capacity and overclocked
  • Fixed bed not progressing day when reached Sunday
  • Fixed game time not updated when sleeping
  • Suspicion now affected by game time
  • Quit now returns to main menu
  • Targets now leaves at 7pm instead of 1pm.
  • Target now still spawned even on weekends
  • Ava now spawned at Cafe on weekends


  • fix halo charging break when using on target multiple times
  • fix unable to exit when Halo is charging
  • fix targetHUD’s xp bar and arousal bar text not updating
  • Increased charge rate by 300%


  • Added perk that enable Halo to move target from location to location
  • Added a simple intro for new game
  • Moved upgrade to computer
  • Added arousal point for target
  • Added orgasm for target
  • Removed clinic and Antonia for rework
  • Updated save system

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: hushhushgames – – Discord

Game still in early stages. Thanks for your interest.


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