The Goblin Tale

The Goblin Tale


Version: v0.13 Public

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Game Info

Name: The Goblin Tale

Version: v0.13 Public

Updated: 2024-04-25 11:21:50

Language: English, Russian

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 2DCG, 3DCG, Animated, Blowjob, Corruption, drugs, Graphic Violence, Groping, Handjob, monster, Monster Girl, No sexual content, Sandbox, slave, Spanking, Vaginal Sex, Virgin


The Goblin Tale: A Scruffy Nobody’s Rise to Erotic Grandeur

SC‘s “The Goblin Tale” throws you headfirst into the unwashed underbelly of a fantasy world, where survival hinges on cunning, wit, and maybe a little bit of…well, goblin charm. You aren’t your typical valiant knight or stoic mage. You’re a lowly goblin, ostracized by other races and barely tolerated by your own tribe. But beneath that scruffy exterior lies a heart surprisingly full of ambition (and a surprising fondness for shiny things).

The Goblin Tale” isn’t your average survival game. Sure, you’ll need to scrounge for scraps, avoid hulking ogres, and outsmart crafty kobolds. But here’s the twist: this goblin isn’t content with just surviving. He craves power, respect, and maybe even a little bit of…companionship. And in the diverse, and often surprisingly open-minded world of “The Goblin Tale,” these desires can be surprisingly attainable.

Your journey begins at the fringes of a goblin camp. Here you’ll encounter Griselda, a battle-hardened goblin warrior with a surprisingly soft spot for the underdog (or maybe someone who can appreciate your nimble fingers when it comes to…lockpicking). There’s also Anya, a mischievous imp with a devilish smile and a penchant for causing chaos. These unlikely companions offer more than just an extra pair of hands (or claws): they offer a chance for connection, a chance to rise above your lowly goblin status.

The key to “The Goblin Tale” lies in exploiting your unique strengths as a goblin. You may be small and weak, but you’re also cunning, nimble, and surprisingly persuasive. You can use your charm (or lack thereof) to manipulate others, be it a lovestruck orc chieftain or a lonely human barkeep. The possibilities for…liaisons are as diverse as the world you inhabit.

The Goblin Tale” celebrates a delightfully liberal approach to relationships. Whether you crave a fierce warrior woman like Griselda or a mischievous imp like Anya, the game allows you to explore a variety of erotic possibilities. This inclusivity allows you to craft a truly unique narrative, shaping your rise from a lowly goblin to a…well, something far more interesting.

Are you ready to embark on a journey where survival meets seduction? Dive into “The Goblin Tale” and explore the seedier side of fantasy. Exploit your goblin cunning, forge surprising connections, and discover the erotic underbelly that awaits in this “Goblin Tale.”


— Introduce supporting character “The King” aka MC’s father.
— Add event dance performance at goblin village center(with animation).

— Introduce supporting character “Odelyn” the goblin female.
— Added more animation.
— Continued the previous story.

— Added more animation.
— Continued the previous story.

— Fixed little glitch.
— Added more animation.
— Continued the previous story.

— Optimizing game system(Don’t use the old saved, It won’t work).
— Fixed little glitch.
— Added more animation.
— Continued the previous story.

— Added little story of the place where humans live.
— Added sex scene for Lushi in the kitchen.
— Added more animation.
— Continued the previous story.

— Bug Fixed
— Continued the story for an extended version.
— Continued the previous story.

v0.6 + Hotfix
— Update a few old images that are required for the story in versions 0.6 and above.
— Fixed the wrong BGM in the hideout rooms.
— Added a little event in the kitchen.
— Added the next level of corruption for the prisoner.
— Continued the previous story.

— Fixed bug for players who start the game from the beginning.
— Added Skip grinding button(training and work) at Anya’s Village.
— Fixed glitch.

— Fixed glitch.
— Continued the previous story.
— Added new story for Lushi & Sex content.

— Bugfixed.
— Implemented Autosave.
— Continued the previous story.

— Continued the previous story.
— Added New characters.
— Added New story for extended version.
— Added New mini game.
— Added more sexual content (with animation).

— Added Interaction with prisoners (The General)
— Added Sex Content (early state).
— Added New Character

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