The Futa Experiment

The Futa Experiment


Version: v0.66c

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Name: The Futa Experiment

Version: v0.66c

Updated: 2024-04-26 09:21:04

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Anal Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, female domination, Female protagonist, futa, Groping, Male Protagonist, Milf, Mind Control, Multiple Protagonist, Netorare, Oral Sex, Sandbox, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism


The Futa Experiment: A Descent into Euphoric Depravity

The flickering neon sign above the dilapidated motel cast a sickly green glow on the flyer clutched in my hand. “Seeking Strong Volunteers! High Pay! Excellent Benefits!” It was a lifeline, a glimmer of hope amidst the crushing despair that had become our reality. Job prospects were nonexistent, and the meager savings we had scraped together were dwindling faster than a politician’s morals.

The ad itself was cryptic, mentioning a “cutting-edge research facility” located somewhere on the outskirts of the city. Details were scarce, but desperation fueled my curiosity. I knew I had to take a chance, and after a tense discussion, I convinced Sarah, my ever-supportive girlfriend, to accompany me.

The journey to the facility was a blur of dust-choked roads and desolate landscapes. The imposing steel and glass complex that greeted us seemed at odds with its desolate surroundings. Inside, a pristine lobby staffed by immaculately dressed women ushered us through a battery of tests and interviews. Finally, we were led to a conference room where a charismatic yet unsettlingly youthful Dr. Anya Petrova awaited us.

Dr. Petrova’s explanation was as shocking as it was intriguing. The Torian Corporation, the shadowy entity funding the research, was attempting to create a new human race – one imbued with superior strength, intellect, and, most curiously, a unique biological modification. These individuals, exclusively female and possessing both male and female genitalia, were what Dr. Petrova termed “Futas.”

The crux of the experiment, however, lay in a peculiar side effect. The Futas’ sexual fluids were laced with a potent, psychoactive compound that induced euphoria and a fervent desire for further exposure. Dr. Petrova, with a disconcertingly seductive smile, explained this was where we came in. Our job, as “compatibility specialists,” would be to ensure the Futas’ emotional and physical well-being – a euphemism for becoming their dedicated sexual partners, I quickly realized.

The ethical implications were a tangled mess. Were we becoming lab rats ourselves, pawns in a twisted scientific game? Yet, the promise of financial security and the allure of a life unlike anything we’d ever imagined was undeniably tempting. Sarah, ever the pragmatist, saw it as a means to an end. We could endure a few years of… unconventional labor, secure our future, and then walk away.

But the allure of the Futas themselves was another factor entirely. The facility housed a stunning array of women, their bodies sculpted to perfection, their gazes both alluring and strangely predatory. The knowledge that their touch could send me spiraling into a blissful oblivion was both terrifying and exhilarating.

The Futa Experiment promises a thrilling descent into a world of scientific taboo, erotic indulgence, and the blurring of moral boundaries. Do we succumb to the addictive pleasure offered by the Futas and risk becoming mere thralls to their biology? Or can we navigate this twisted utopia, secure our freedom, and perhaps even find a love that transcends the boundaries of human sexuality? The choice is yours.


Fixed crash with phone stats
GF sneaking out to see Tina crash fixed + increased chance of event occuring
Error when not assigning his/her name
Samantha work events for player not triggering
Cass and Anita stats not triggering properly when
Fixed error when girls and GF are fooling around in the gym
Fixed bug where with Tina and GF in the bathroom are talking
Fixed Bug where Samantha hypnosis in the bathroom may play both scenes
Some minor errors that may occur when entering the bathroom with one other girl
minor bug when having a threesome with Anita and your girlfriend
Removed addiction screen option

Girlfriend sneaking out to see Tina at night.
Tina masturbating with a toy in her room.
Tina walking in on you watching GF, sex scene.
Reworked Anita x PLayer scene, new animation and extra text.
Montanna may ask player for a handjob in her office
Montanna may ask player for a blowjob in her office
Montanna may ask player for sex in her office
Samantha hypnotises GF for a BJ in the bathroom if she says no
Reworked Tina x GF scene, new animation and text. (basically a new scene.)

You will now receive a notification that you have received a new work text message. You will then get the choice to open the phone.
Decreased number of messages received for work jobs
You will now not receive messages, one after the other
Relationship and lust screens are now back
Fixed error when receiving a message in the gym
Fixed some of GF’s messages asking for advice about her relationship with Cass giving the wrong response
Fixed some messages from GF about Tina showing as the wrong sender
Fixed Tina not appearing in her room
Fixed Samantha not appearing in her room
Fixed Samantha and GF’s infinite loop error


When passing the weekly vote you will now recieve the antidote, you will not recieve one if you fail.
New Content
Darcy main story complete. If her lust is at 100 at the end of the day this may trigger her event…You will not miss this, skipping is disabled and some big red flashing lights
Darcy catching you in the cafe 1 new sex scene Darcy x Player + additional scene if you try to escape, but are caught
Catch Darcy masturbating in the shower – Darcy x Player BJ scene in bathroom
Darcy sneaking into your room at night, she may douse you, your partner or both of you with cum. This is if you sleep with the door unlocked while her event has triggered.
Darcy catching you in Doctors office Darcy x Player sex
Anita catches you and Darcy…she may join in, if she is very horny
Darcy catches you in her office Darcy x Player + small additional scene in Darcy office if she catches you trying to escape
Darcy catches Player in her room, small additional scene if caught trying to escape Darcy x Player
Darcy catches Player in the GYM Darcy x Player

Changed how some scenes are called so you should no longer get a persistant error, this was fairly common
Reworked requirements for sex actions so it should be more gradual
Image should now show of GF peaking on Darcy in the shower
Fixed Cass intro
Fixed bug of girls not going to gym when GF is not in the facility
fixed incorrect image of cum showing in Cass’ room
Incorrect stat used when Anita and GF kiss in doctors office
Montanna’s work icon not appearing
Fixed Cass and Gf HJ scene in lift
When viewing meanwhile scene, you will no longer appear in the bathroom
Fixed error in Hallway which resulted in a bug where you wouldn’t see the GF x Cass HJ scene

Small tweaks
You can now wait in Montannas office
You can now wait in Anita Room
You can now wait in Cass’s Room
You can now wait in Darcy’s Room
You can now wait in Montanna’s Room
You can now wait in Samanthas Room
You can now wait in Tinas Room
You can now lock or unlock your door from the beginning. Keep it locked if you don’t want uninvited guests
Spelling and grammar in intro

Updated content
New HJ animation for the player and Anita in exam room
New pics in intro

– Montanna NTS invite scenes 1 BJ and 1 Anal scene, two variations if seen again
– Samantha NTS invite scene – She may hypnotise the player or girlfriend to trigger the event 1 HJ scene, this is repeatable with variations.
– Tina NTS invite scene 1 HJ scene and 1 sex scene, this is repeatable with variations.
– Cass- invite to dinner – If just the two of you there is a missionary scene in bed. If with GF there is a HJ scene for both the player and GF

– Error when GF is giving the player a blowjob in the bedroom
– Fixed Anita Dinner event replaying each night

Minor changes
– Anita having sex with GF in Player room now repeatable
– Cass GF missionary scene in Player room now repeatable
– Darcy Titjob and riding scene in Player room now repeatable
– smoothed the animation of the Player receiving a BJ in the bedroom from GF



v0.36a + c


v0.3 + Bug Fix
Rebalancing several mechanics Complete
Rework UI 50% Complete
Add music
Bathroom scenes.
All characters showering and interactions (Can clean cum off skin) 75% images complete
Clean in Bathroom Complete 10/06/2023
Bathroom scenes

Anita scenes:
Sex with PL Complete 08/06/2023
Cunnilingus with GF Complete 10/06/2023

Handjob in shower with PL Complete 11/06/2023
Handjob in shower with GF Complete 11/06/2023

Catch her masturbating. Can ride her PL, Male characters can also be top Complete 14/06/2023
GF and Darcy Titjob scene Complete 14/06/2023

Punishment for cleaning poorly to PL (Sex) Complete 15/06/2023
Punishment for cleaning poorly to GF (Sex) Complete 15/06/2023

Demand BJ PL
Convince PL to allow GF to perform Felatio

Sex with PL
Sex with GF

(There will be a number of smaller scenes added as well as these)
(GF is Girlfriend}
(PC is you)
Aiming for release is 16th June. If the above is completed by then will rework several scenes and add in additional scenes to Montanna’s office.


Initial Release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Developer: Torian Blog – Patreon – Subscribestar

Hello everyone and welcome.
This is a semi-demo/alpha. There is a lot more content than a normal demo or 0.1 and I have been working on it for about 4-5 months, I have included a cheat option in the Player room, using this will mean getting to some of the scenes faster if you choose to allow your girlfriend to stay. (Not recommended unless you just want to see scenes faster). I have playtested quite a lot and hoping that there shouldn’t be too many bugs left, but there is about 13k lines of code in total…so might have missed some.

It is an unconventional VN. It is non-linear and has a gameplay loop. You must do tasks for the girls, as their lust increases they may ask for sexual favours. You must keep the majority of the girls happy as once per week they will decide if they want you to stay.

If you choose to allow your girlfriend to stay she will also be working and will grow closer with the girls. It is not instant and will take time as they slowly try to convince her. You will have the option to allow the girls to sleep with her, which will increase the chances of sexual encounters.

The game contains a number of still scenes and semi-animated scenes. Around 50-60 scenes in total.
Just under 30k words (29,978)
Futa on Female
Futa on Male (Optional)
NTR (Optional)
NTS (Optional)


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