The Fall Kingdom

The Fall Kingdom

Snaylex Studio's

Version: v0.4 Alpha

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Our two heroes embark on a journey to live unique experiences becoming adventurers
to achieve glory and fortune for his people mired in poverty, for this they travel to a kingdom far from home,
where they have forged great legends of the age of the gods, however they arrive at the worst possible time.
Since the kingdom, monsters and demons are preparing to go to war and unfortunately for our young adventurers, they will be involved in the war.
What awaits our protagonists?
Will they become great heroes and save the kingdom?
Or maybe…
Will they ally with the demons to conquer the kingdom?​


v0.4 Alpha

Two new characters
5 new maps
3 new enemies with different abilities
New support items for combat
Incorporation of new special items
Different routes between characters
Optimization in the main zone of the kingdom
New visual effects
New soundtracks
The AP acquisition after a battle has been corrected
The romance system has been implemented, menu available in the next update
New Stats menu (Only female character for now)
New Stats implemented
More than 85 new CGs
More than 15 new animations
Variations in some animations depending on the stats
More than 55,100 new lines of text
New Memory Room

Bugs Fixed
The bug in the Pantsu mission was fixed when you decided to fight the goblins, and they went into the lake, making it impossible to complete the mission.
The black screen after seeing the dream with the father and the nuns has been fixed.
The issue where the images weren’t removed in the camp when you used Max and told Eli they could start a fire has been fixed.
The issue where the screen remained black after completing the merchant’s mission has been fixed.
The error outside the inn, where the window would teleport you elsewhere, making it impossible to continue playing, has been fixed.
The acquisition of abilities has been corrected.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: Snaylex Studio’s Patreon Twitter

Fourth game update, sorry for the delay. I had several issues, but finally, the new version is ready. I hope you enjoy it.
Hope you have fun testing the game and if you have any advice, comments or if you find any bug please let me know so I can fix it as soon as possible


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