The Donk Date

The Donk Date

Lynn's Lab

Version: v0.13.0

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The Donk Date: Where Unexpected Encounters Spark Forbidden Desires

Forget the predictable narratives of body horror. Lynn’s Lab’s The Donk Date throws you into the life of an unnamed protagonist, a young woman navigating the complexities of dating and self-discovery. But this isn’t your average meet-cute story. A strange encounter sets off a transformation unlike any other – a slow, sensual metamorphosis that blurs the lines between human and animal. The donk, a creature both playful and undeniably erotic, begins to stir within you.

A Date Gone Wild: Unveiling Your Inner Beast:

The Donk Date isn’t just about awkward silences and bad pick-up lines. The game delves into the exhilarating terror of unexpected transformation. Imagine swiping right on a seemingly normal date, only to have your body begin tingling, your senses heightening, and a yearning for something primal blossom within you. Will you embrace the change, exploring the newfound sensitivity of your developing donkey form? Perhaps you’ll find yourself drawn to the powerful physique of your date, now a tantalizing prospect as your own body becomes more equine.

Beyond the Mane Stream: Exploring Forbidden Pleasures:

The Donk Date celebrates the diverse spectrum of human (and soon-to-be-donk) sexuality. As your transformation progresses, you unlock a whole new world of erotic possibilities. Will you succumb to the playful nips of a fellow donk enthusiast, relishing the tactile experience through your developing fur? Or will you explore the power dynamics of your changing form, finding a dominant pleasure in your newfound strength and growing hooves? The game offers a variety of characters, each with their own unique desires and fetishes, waiting to be explored as your inner donk awakens.

Choices that Shape Your Transformation (and Your Pleasure):

The Donk Date isn’t just a passive observation of your metamorphosis. Your choices, both in dialogue and during encounters, influence the course of your transformation and the outcome of your date. Will you embrace the animalistic side, seeking carnal pleasure with your newfound form? Or will you resist the change, desperately searching for a way to reverse the process and return to your human body? Each decision carries weight, shaping not only your physical form but also the intensity and nature of your erotic experiences.

Embrace the Donk Within or Fight the Inevitable?

The Donk Date offers a refreshingly unique take on body horror, weaving erotic elements into the narrative. It’s a story of self-discovery, unexpected desires, and the thrilling, terrifying journey of becoming something completely new. Will you surrender to the primal urges of your inner donk, exploring a world of forbidden pleasures? Or will you fight the transformation, clinging to your humanity even as your body betrays you? Step into the world of The Donk Date and discover a world where a single date can spark a transformation that challenges your desires and redefines your understanding of pleasure.



  • first nude images in dream sequence
  • hoof/feet TF added
  • you can now unmount the battery
  • improved some UI elements


  • a pre release so that you don’t have to wait too long
  • barefoot pictures added
  • bugfixes


  • implemented the generator
  • new images added
  • some other small changes, sounds, images added


  • generator added
  • minigame added
  • some new sexy pictures of Cora and her first transformation in the dream


  • achievement fixed
  • new achievement added
  • various content fixes/add-ons
  • further content for dream scene
  • android build added


  • extended the dream part
  • more game mechanics
  • added some riddles


  • better LockCode management (will not break Save-Games anymore
  • a lot of engine work (hopefully no one will notice)
  • autosave function added
  • Car-checkup scene expanded


  • fixed some achievements, some scenes and rollback


  • lock code added (sorry guys)
  • achievements added
  • game hints added (enable in settings)
  • some images changes/fixes
  • new chapter/path added (early stage)


  • no code-check for web version


  • bugfixes
  • minor content changes / some new images


  • fixed a path in the late livingroom


  • major content update
  • added some voice items
  • various internal changes


  • fixed a path / dead end fix


  • Typo and grammar fixes.
  • Character portraits added.
  • Various path fixes.
  • Option to enable/disable voices.
  • Major internal game engine changes.


  • Char-display added
  • more voices added
  • story chapter 1 finished
  • AI- voice added as narrator

I’m sorry for some wrong missing voices, these will be updated soon, my voice-actor got a cold 🙁 – I wish her all the best.


  • Load/Save should be fixed (no more loops).
  • Some ending fixes at the bar.
  • Fixed some images.


  • Preload splash changed.
  • Minor text changes.
  • Preload of images/sound added.


  • Bar and alley content done.
  • Minor fixes.
  • No voice update so far.


  • Bar should be 100% done.
  • First minor TF images included.
  • Missing voice. Voice/Text differences.


  • Most parts of the bar implemented.


  • Background sounds added, About page implemented, Voice added. First parts of the bar added.


  • First public version. Not fully voiced. Ends at the first chapter.

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1. Extract and run.


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