TG Emblem

TG Emblem

Yurale TG

Version: v0.731

4.1/5 - (29 votes)


Ilmeros, a mysterious man with the power over lust and desire, uses his yin magic to fight against the invasion of the Florencian Kingdom by their neighbors the Melkian Kingdom. In the process he discovers a deep plot behind the history of the world and his own strange abilities. All while transforming both his unwary companions and enemies into his loyal and sexy female pawns.‚Äč



  • Fix for unmovable units at the edges of maps
  • Fix to remove content barrier


  • 1 New Chapter, 2 New Characters, More Scenes
  • Added lust indicators when using lust actions
  • Added turn/gold/bonus counters to battle map
  • Updated Illustration for Nolan
  • Changes to map/triggers in Ch. 18 to make it less confusing to finish


  • Name Change feature related fixes, mostly between chapter 11-14

Added proper way to name change at any point in pocket realm by talking to the maid

3 New TG Characters
2 New Chapters
3 Lust 20 Scenes for Alice, Norn, Naela
New UI

– Fixed Missions so that they don’t delete all skills,
– Sending ppl out on missions now resets properly as well allowing you to send ppl on missions again properly
– Lust bonus event messages now have a delay to prevent clicking over them
– Hit N’Run skill fixed, bow striker fixed, deathblow fixed, pain (reflect) fixed

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

This is an erotic game about making a Harem of TG Girls by transforming men into women through magic and then conquering the world. As from the Title (TG Emblem) this game is based off of the Fire Emblem Series and is built using SRPG Studio. In the game you gain companions and eventually turn them into girls in order to satisfy your every desire. Using a Lust mechanic you first taint your companions with Lust and Desire. Then you transform them into a girl and guide them into enjoying their new self. Once that happens you can then bind them into your army forever.

Battles are skippable using a purchasable “Nuke” item available in the shop. Every companion has a set of events as well as illustrations showing their transformation from a man to a girl and then to a fully fledged femininity-loving woman. In addition there are conversations written between every character before and after the transformation.


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