Terminal Desires

Terminal Desires


Version: v0.10 Beta 2

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Game Info

Name: Terminal Desires

Version: v0.10 Beta 2

Updated: 2024-05-11 17:16:06

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2dgame, 3DCG, adventure, combat, Female protagonist, Impregnation, Monsters, Oral, Vaginal, Very Big dicks, Very Big tits, Zombie bestiality


Terminal Desires: A Zombie Apocalypse Where Lust Meets Survival

Brace yourself for “Terminal Desires,” an RPG Maker MV experience that throws you into a zombie apocalypse unlike any other. Here, skimpy outfits and voluptuous figures are the norm, creating a world where survival and desire become inextricably linked. You take on the role of Officer Tiffany Neil, a tough-as-nails cop with a killer instinct and a body that could stop traffic (even in a zombie apocalypse).

The idyllic town of Ashton Lake sends out a distress signal, shattering the fragile peace of a world overrun by the undead. Partnered with a gruff veteran cop or a green-but-eager rookie (your choice!), Tiffany sets off to investigate. “Terminal Desires” isn’t just about blasting your way through hordes of brain-hungry zombies. This is a town shrouded in secrets, and the survivors you encounter harbor their own… terminal desires.

The choices you make define Tiffany’s journey. Will she succumb to the primal urge for pleasure in a world teetering on the brink of collapse? A hunky bartender with a mysterious past offers solace, but at what cost? A group of survivalist women, clad in barely-there leather gear, propose a seductive alliance. Each encounter presents a crossroads – a chance to indulge in a fleeting moment of pleasure or prioritize the mission and uncover the truth behind Ashton Lake’s plight.

Combat in “Terminal Desires” takes on a whole new meaning. Dodging decaying claws becomes a game of cat and mouse, a provocative dance between survival and vulnerability. Weapons are plentiful, but so are opportunities for a more… carnal form of defense. Will Tiffany use her impressive physique to disarm enemies or exploit their base urges for a strategic advantage?

“Terminal Desires” isn’t just about survival; it’s about confronting your own primal instincts and the choices you make in the face of the apocalypse. Will Tiffany remain a beacon of order in a chaotic world, or will she succumb to the alluring whispers of terminal desires? The fate of Ashton Lake, and perhaps even the world, rests on your decisions.

Ready to delve into a world where zombies roam and desires run wild? Strap on your holster, tighten your (skimpy) uniform, and step into the shoes of Officer Tiffany Neil in “Terminal Desires.” Uncover the secrets of Ashton Lake, face the undead hordes, and explore the depths of your own desires in this unique blend of eroticism, RPG exploration, and zombie apocalypse mayhem!


v0.10 Beta 2

* Added the remaining half of the Story Sex Scene: “Karl breeds Iris”.
– 29 new renders.
– If you have already completed the quest in your save, simply view the scene from the Gallery. As the game data has already been recorded in your save, there’s no need to restart.

^The remaining/incomplete Iris content will be added in the next build (v0.10 BETA 3 – ETA: Late May 2024)

* Added Character Bios to the “Lore” submenu for: Robert, George, Dr. Milburn & Hitomi.
* Added all missing Skill Rank Bonuses & related features. Additions of note include:
– Breeding:
[Rank 3] > Remove END Pregnancy Penalty from Combat Resists.

– Cooking:
[Rank 2] > A chance of cooking ‘Rare’ versions of any Food/Drink item at Cooking Stations.
[Rank 4] > Ability to create Food Packages at Safezone Fridges.

– Crafting:
[Rank 4] > Ability to craft Defusal Kits to disarm & collect explosive mines with at least Rank 2 Surviving.

– Learning:
[Rank 3] > Access to the “Clever Girl[II]” Perk UPGRADE. (175% Level EXP)
[Rank 4] > Access to the “Clever Girl[III]” Perk UPGRADE. (200% Level EXP)

– Persuading:
> +10% Shop discount, perk Rank, starting from Rank 2.
> Gain Persuading Skill EXP from buying/selling items.

– Policing:
[Rank 2] > Access to the “Brutality” Perk. (+5% damage)
[Rank 3] > Access to the “Overfunded” Perk. (Immediately gain: $3K, 9mm Round x30, Shotgun Shell x12, 1 Stun Gun & 1 Frag Grenade)
[Rank 4] > Access to the “Search Warrant” Perk. (Immediately gain: a Crowbar(10 Uses) & an Unbreakable Lockpick)

– Surviving:
> Bonus length to “Stealth Mode” before suffering side effects starting from Rank 3.
> Gain Surviving Skill EXP from successfully disengaging stealth mode before side effects appear.
[Rank 2 & 4] > Lockpicks gain 1 extra use before breaking.
[Rank 3] > Crowbars gain 1 extra use before breaking.
[Rank 4] > Access to the “Booty Hunter[II]” Perk UPGRADE. (100% chance of finding 1 additional random item while looting containers)

– Whoring:
> Gain Whoring Skill EXP from using Sex Moves or submitting voluntarily in combat(before being overpowered).
> The “Sexual Education” Perk. (20% Combat Sex EXP) now requires Whoring Rank 2. [You won’t lose it, if you already have it in your save.]
[Rank 3] > Access to the “Sexual Education[II]” Perk UPGRADE. (50% Combat Sex EXP)
[Rank 4] > Access to the “Sexual Education[III]” Perk UPGRADE. (80% Combat Sex EXP)

– Additionally, some existing Skill EXP sources had their gains decreased for balancing.

^Select “View Skills” via the “Progression” submenu (‘P’) for full details on each Skill. More Skill features & Rank Bonuses will be added in future versions.
* Fixed a potential softlock during the first loop of the “Karl breeds Iris” scene where the loop never ends.
* Fixed a bug where Tiffany would get stuck on the 1 tile bridges that can be built in “East Sewer” with Rank 3 Crafting.
* Fixed a bug where Hitomi could get impregnated by Terry despite consuming food/drink laced with “Unconceivable”.
* Fixed a bug where Iris’ Pharmacy sprite would disappear if Hitomi moved from the Pharmacy’s Basement to the Main Floor.
* Fixed a visual bug where Jebadiah’s sprite could clip through walls & objects when entering his house.
* Fixed additional minor visual & map bugs.


– You may have to whitelist “Game.exe” if your security software falsely quarantines it, preventing the game from launching.
– You may encounter a crash with no error message during a story scene that features a boss fight. This appears to be due to the handling of music tracks for boss fights.
^ You may be able to fix these crashes by going to your PC’s Sound Settings -> Output Device Properties -> Additional Device properties -> Advanced -> And then selecting a 16 bit 48000Hz Default Format.
– Only if you made a save file in the original BETA 1 upload: Loading that save file may give a repeating “Loading Error” message prompting the player to “Retry”.
^ This can be fixed by overwriting the save the file while receiving the error message, then -> closing the game, then -> relaunching the game and loading that overwritten save file.
^ You will then be able to resume playing that save file without the repeating error message.
– Changing the “Text Speed” option from the default value of 10, will cause issues with the timing of certain voice lines that are set to auto-progress their associated dialogue boxes. In particular, the “instant” value will likely cause these voice lines to be cut off before the line has finished playing.
– The “PROGRESS” statistic may not correctly add up to 100% even after completing every current piece of content possible.
– The Zombies from the club section on “Casino – Floor 1″(Day 2) will not pause their movement while the player navigates the in-game(map-based) menus; e.g. the progression submenus.
– Zombies may climb on top of the “Casino – Basement 3” shipping crates on Day 2, after Tiffany herself climbs up.
– When “Autosave on Map Load” is enabled, the act of loading any save file will often cause a new Autosave to be made in one of the 3 designated slots. This could cause an autosave you wished to keep to be overwritten, so remember to occasionally make manual saves. Pressing ‘2’ Will allow you to create a named save, which is useful for reminding yourself which part of the game that save was up to.
– The “HP Bug”, where Tiffany’s Health is not at Max HP despite taking no damage, may be back due to the new Level-Up features that have yet to be taken into consideration.
– When first entering the Casino, Terry’s Flashlight beam has a tendency to lag behind his current position when he starts to move.
– The 9mm Idle “Shocked Expression” Dialogue CG is missing 5 variants for Tiffany’s Day 3 bodies. The unarmed variants are currently in use as placeholder.

v0.10 Beta 1a Hotfix

  • Added the 1st half(Blowjob) of a new Story Sex Scene: “Karl breeds Iris”.
    • The scene is triggered after bringing Iris some food for her Quest. Or you can view it in the Gallery.
    • The 2nd half will be added in the next build (v0.10 BETA 2 – ETA April 2024), along with the other missing Iris Scenes.
  • I also fixed the following Issues:
    • Softlock when using a First Aid Kit on Iris’ leg when standing to the right of her.
    • Iris’ 2D sprite not appearing on the map during her defeat scene.
    • Instance of Two Debras appearing Before the Jebadiah Scene.
    • Instance of Two Jebadiahs appearing After Debra Scene.
    • Decimal values being used for Hunger & Thirst.
    • An out-of-bounds tile in “Water Management – South”.
    • Respecberry Cocktail item description cut-off.
    • Potential fix for the crash listed in “Known Issues”.

– Only if you made a save file in the original BETA 1 upload: Loading that save file may give a repeating “Loading Error” message prompting the player to “Retry”.

  • This can be fixed by overwriting the save the file while receiving the error message, then -> closing the game, then -> relaunching the game and loading that overwritten save file.
  • You will then be able to resume playing that save file without the repeating error message.

– There is a potential softlock during the first loop of the “Karl breeds Iris” scene where the loop never ends. (FIXED FOR NEXT BUILD)

  • You should be able to break the infinite loop by skipping the rest of the scene by holding ‘X’.

Installation Guide

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Developer Notes

Developer/Publisher: Jimjim Patreon – Blogspot

To get the Vanessa Impregnation Quest:

  • 1. Side with Dr. Milburn on Day 1.
  • 2. Complete “Vanessa’s House” Quest.
  • 3. Talk to Dr. Milburn in the basement.

To get the Jasper Quest:

  • 1. Find Jasper in the South Western Alley (Next to Robert’s Shed.):
  • 2. In order to trigger Hitomi’s scene, she must be free & you must Complete “Hitomi’s House” Quest. Do this preferably before the start of Jasper’s quest, but at least before you enter the corner store in the east side of town.
  • 3. Complete Jasper’s quest to get Tiffany’s Scene.

To find the Sewer Zombies:

  • There’s a boarded up building in the east part of town, east of Hitomi’s house.


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